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Found 34 results

  1. Please find below download link to INE CCIE v5 Advanced Technologies Videos. [Hidden Content] Kind Regards, JS
  2. CCNP Security Technology Workbooks Link [Hidden Content] Use hide tags. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces)
  3. In terms of official material, only the official certification guide SISAS 300-208 has been released. All other OCG's were canceled. Studying for an exam has never been harder. The student guides have been shared on this forum, but not all of them. There is still a missing one from SITCS that has never been seen in the wild. Here is a collection of all known written study material for the CCNP Security exams. I am confident that combining all this content together along with the old and new sets of INE videos might just be enough to give you a passing score. This has never been aggregated somewhere else before. So when you see it somewhere else, know it came from here. SENSS - 300-206 (Previous exam was FIREWALL 642-618) BluePrint Student Guide 1 Student Guide 2 Cisco Live Study Guide FIREWALL Official Certification Guide FIREWALL Quick Reference Guide [Hidden Content] SITCS - 300-207 (Previous exam with IPS 642-627) BluePrint Cisco Live Study Guide Official Certiciation Guide 642-627 Quick Reference Guide 642-27 Student Guide 1 Student Guide 2 Student Guide Lab Guide (FL) IPS 6.0 Student Guide 1 (Two Generations back) IPS 6.0 Student Guide 2 (Two Generations back) [Hidden Content] SISAS - 300-208 (Previous exam was SECURE 642-637) <---Quick Reference Guide Needed to make this complete BluePrint Student Guide Cisco Live Study Guide Official Certification Guide 300-208 Official Certification Guide 642-637 [Hidden Content] SIMOS - 300-209 (Previous exam was VPN 642-648) BluePrint Student Guide Cisco Live Study Guide 2013 Cisco Live Study Guide 2014 CCIE Security Version 4 Lab Manual (Subtitled SIMOS) Official Certification Guide 642-647 Official Certification Guide 642-648 (Yes, there were two versions released within 6 months of each other) Quick Reference Guide 642-648 [Hidden Content] Cisco ASA All-In-One Volumes 1, 2, 3 <--Volume Four with Firepower Services released but has not been shared [Hidden Content] Cisco ASA Firewal Fundamentals, Cisco VPN Configuration Guide Full Examples, Practical VPN Configuration Tutorial (Harris Andrea) [Hidden Content] Bonus Files CCIE Security 3.0 Practice Labs CCIE Security 4.0 Practice Labs Cisco Networks Engineers Handbook of Routing, Switching, and Security with IOS, NX-OS, and ASA [Hidden Content] This is two ONE!!!! books away from completeness: ASA All-in-One version 4 642-637 SECURE Quick Reference Please do not spam my post with "Mega or torrent please" If you want to download fast, use jdownloader. Update:09-27-16::----> Email Securitywith Cisco IronPort Cisco ISE for BYOD and Secure Unified Access [Hidden Content] Cisco Next-Generation Security Solutions: All-in-one Cisco ASA Firepower Services, NGIPS, and AMP [Hidden Content] Cisco Network Admission Control, Volume I: NAC Framework Architecture and Design Cisco Network Admission Control, Volume II: NAC Deployment and Troubleshooting Cisco Firewalls: Concepts, Design, and Deployment for Cisco Stateful Firewall Solutions End-to-End Network Security Defense-in-Depth [Hidden Content] 12/31/2016 - UPDATES Updated dead links and added some mirrors. Updated Dead Links SENSS [Hidden Content] Updated Dead Links SITCS [Hidden Content] Updated Dead Links SISAS [Hidden Content] Updated Dead Links Extras [Hidden Content] Updated Dead Links SIMOS [Hidden Content] New Content [Hidden Content] BYOD - Live Lessons [Hidden Content]
  4. Copyright 2020 Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8" Pages: 904 Edition: 1st Book ISBN-10: 0-13-597197-7 ISBN-13: 978-0-13-597197-0 The CCNP Security Core SCOR 300-701 Official Cert Guide serves as comprehensive guide for individuals who are pursuing the Cisco CCNP Security certification. This book helps any network professionals that want to learn the skills required to develop a security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks, and mitigate security threats. Complete and easy to understand, it explains key concepts and techniques through real-life examples. This book will be valuable to any individual that wants to learn about modern cybersecurity concepts and frameworks. EPUB [hide][Hidden Content]] PDF [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Hello friends hope you all are doing good.. All new CISCO 2020 Materials DO NOT POST DOWNLOAD LINK WITH REQUEST FOR ACCESS Hope you like the content. Thank You.
  6. Please, can anyone share the CCNP Security Training videos on Cisco Learning Network? [Hidden Content]
  7. Dear All Security lover, today i gonna, one of the most important ise- with all of people, I hope you like it. enjoy. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. CCNP Security Technology Course: 300-208 SISAS Join our expert instructor, Cristian Matei, with real-world extensive experience for a comprehensive CCNP Security Certification Video Series. The current CCNP Security blueprint is divided into four different exams which need to be passed to get CCNP Security certified. There is a huge gap of Security professionals on the market, so Cisco’s current CCNP Security blueprint was built to train engineers on emerging technologies and make them ready for challenging real-life environments. This course will be focusing on the SISAS exam which assesses knowledge of Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) architecture, solution, and components as an overall network threat mitigation and endpoint control solutions. It also includes the fundamental concepts of bring your own device (BYOD) using posture and profiling services of ISE. This course will help candidates obtain a deeper understanding of Identity Services Engine architecture and functionalities, which will tremendously help them both for the certification exam and also for real-life deployments. Course Duration: 23hrs 25min Course Introduction CCNP Security Course Outline 21min Certification 28min Exam Preparation 23min Study Group 11min Lab Topology & Equipment 20min Total Duration: 1hrs 45min AAA Framework AAA Protocols 24min RADIUS 9min TACACS+ 13min Cisco's Authentication Servers 15min ISE Overview 20min Total Duration: 1hrs 23min Authentication & Authorization ISE Management 22min ISE Authentication Policies :: Part 1 12min ISE Authentication Policies :: Part 2 11min MAB Verification & Troubleshooting 13min MAB & 802.1x Common Authorizations 6min MAB & EAP Common Authorizations 10min Authorization Verification Troubleshooting 12min ACL Authorization :: dACL 30min ACL Authorization :: Filter-ID ACL 12min ACL Authorization :: Per-User ACL 31min Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) 28min Common EAP Tunneled Methods 25min Common EAP Non-Tunneled Methods 7min 802.1x Configuration Steps 13min Deploying EAP :: Part 1 18min Deploying EAP :: Part 2 22min EAP-FASTv1 Implementation 9min ISE Identity Sources 21min Authentication Against AD 22min AD Integration 22min ISE Application Server 22min Identity Prefix & Suffix Strip 22min User & Machine Authorization Policies :: Part 1 22min User & Machine Authorization Policies :: Part 2 27min Deploying EAP TLS 18min Issuing Certificates on ISE 17min Enrolling Users on a Certificate 15min User Authentication using EAP TLS 23min Importing CA Certificates 28min EAP-FASTv2 Chaining :: Part 1 23min EAP-FASTv2 Chaining :: Part 2 24min EAP-FASTv2 Chaining :: Part 3 15min Total Duration: 10hrs 14min Phased Deployment Default Supplicant Network Access 21min Layer 3 Authentication 17min Central Web Authentication Workflow 22min Phase 1 Configuration 23min Phase 2 Configuration 22min Total Duration: 1hrs 47min Layer 3 Authentication ISE Guest Services 12min Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 13min Wi-Fi Deployments 21min Portal Policy 19min EAP-FASTv2 Chaining :: Part 4 22min EAP-FASTv2 Chaining :: Part 5 22min EndPoint Profiling 29min Profiling Policies 23min ISE Authorization Flow with Profiling 12min Profiling Configuration :: Part 1 13min Profiling Configuration :: Part 2 27min Profiling Configuration :: Part 3 26min Device Sensor Overview 30min Posture Assessment Overview 21min Posture Services 24min Posture Configuration :: Part 1 20min Posture Configuration :: Part 2 22min Posture Configuration :: Part 3 24min Posture Configuration :: Part 4 18min Layer 2 Encryption (MACSec) 19min Security Group Tags (SGT) 29min MACSec Implementation :: Part 1 22min MACSec Implementation :: Part 2 14min Total Duration: 8hrs 14min [Hidden Content]
  9. Hi Every one enjoy.. [hide][Hidden Content]] this is the pdf not the VCE.. sorry for mentioning as VCE on the topic. Tried to edit it.. but couldn't
  10. does any one has CCNP security new study guides.? Please share. Thanks in advance..
  11. Cisco Certified Network Professional Security (CCNP Security) certification program is aligned specifically to the job role of the Cisco Network Security Engineer responsible for Security in Routers, Switches, Networking devices and appliances, as well as choosing, deploying, supporting and troubleshooting Firewalls, VPNS, and IDS/IPS solutions for their networking environments. Exams & Recommended Training Required Exam(s) Recommended Training 300-208 SISAS Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions (SISAS) 300-206 SENSS Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions (SENSS) 300-209 SIMOS Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions (SIMOS) 300-207 SITCS Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions (SITCS) Do anyone have proper DOCX and exam preparation materials? Please share...
  12. Hi, I have to generate CSR (certificate signing request ) on Cisco 1921 router. I have generated 1024 bit key. Please let me know, where 1024 bit key will be stored? & how to export that key in text file??? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, Any one interested in group to nail down new CCNP Security? If yes we can make a plan and start the journey. Thanks,
  14. Dear All, This one is my very little effort for this great community. Please accept my apology for the ECHO problem in the video, but I hope it would still be helpful for you. [Hidden Content]
  15. As everyone knows by now, the exam 642-617 becomes 642-618. Is there anyone preparing for this exam yet?
  16. Hi Guys, Is there anyone going for 642-648 VPN v2.0 exam?
  17. Hi Team, My CCNA Security Certificaiton is going to expire. Somebody please provide me the latest dumps of 300-206. Thanks in advance.
  18. Please find below link to download CCNP Security 300-208 SISAS Videos. [Hidden Content] Thanks, JS
  19. Anyone can share copy of CBTNuggets - CCNP Security VPN v2.0? I already checked past posts but links are dead already. CCNA Security 210-260 references its study materials to other previous cbt nuggets videos for security including this one, hoping someone can share a download link or torrent. Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi , I want to renew my CCNP Sec and anyone exam will be helpful , if you guys can share anyone of them which is latest and tested. 300-208 SISAS OR 300-206 SENSS OR 300-210 SITCS Thanks in Advance.
  21. Hi, If anybody is having this course, please share [Hidden Content]
  22. [Hidden Content] use this torrnet [hide][Hidden Content]] and please seed and upload it in other hosts The CCNP Security Video Bundle includes the following video courses. Exam 642-637 - Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches (SECURE) v1.0 Exam 642-618 - Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall Solutions (FIREWALL) v2.0 Exam 642-648 - Deploying Cisco ASA VPN Solutions (VPN) v2.0 Exam 642-627 - Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) v7.0 *************************************************************************************************************************************** 642-637 Secure v1.0 - Securing Networks with Cisco Routers & Switches :: Runtime: 19h 27m Course Introduction Network Foundation Protection Switch Data Plane Controls :: Part 1 Switch Data Plane Controls :: Part 2 Switch Data Plane Controls :: Part 3 Switch Data Plane Controls :: Part 4 Switch Data Plane Controls :: Part 5 IBNS Overview and 802.1x :: Part 1 IBNS Overview and 802.1x :: Part 2 Routed Data Plane Controls :: Part 1 Routed Data Plane Controls :: Part 2 Routed Data Plane Controls :: Part 3 Control Plane Controls :: Part 1 Control Plane Controls :: Part 2 Route Filtering Management Plane Controls :: Part 1 Management Plane Controls :: Part 2 Network Address Translation Zone-Based Firewalls :: Part 1 Zone-Based Firewalls :: Part 2 Zone-Based Firewalls :: Part 3 IOS IPS IOS VPN VTI-Based VPN with PKI DMVPN GET VPN VPN-HA RA VPN On Cisco IOS 642-618 Firewall v2.0 - Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall Solutions :: Runtime: 17h 06m Introduction to ASA's ASA Appliances Basic Device Configuration :: Part 1 Basic Device Configuration :: Part 2 Basic Device Configuration :: Part 3 Testing and Troubleshooting :: Part 1 Testing and Troubleshooting :: Part 2 Network Address Translation ACL's Public Servers and Global ACL Routing MPF and Advanced Inspection :: Part 1 MPF and Advanced Inspection :: Part 2 Botnet Filtering Traffic Shaping and Policing Priority Queueing Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting :: Part 1 Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting :: Part 2 Firewall Redundancy Failover :: Part 1 Failover :: Part 2 Multiple Context Mode Transparent Firewall <a name="o-648"> 642-648 VPN v2.0 - Deploying Cisco ASA VPN Solutions :: Runtime: 13h 13m ASA VPN Overview PKI Architecture General VPN Configurations Basic Clientless SSL VPN Advanced Clientless SSL VPN :: Part 1 Advanced Clientless SSL VPN :: Part 2 Full Tunnel SSL VPN with AnyConnect 3.0 Advanced Full Tunnel Configurations (ACLs) Advanced Full Tunnel Configurations (DTLS, DART, Multiple Authentications, XML Profiles and scriping) Advanced Full Tunnel Configurations (TND, Customization) Advanced Full Tunnel Configurations (SBL) SCEP Proxy Endpoint Assement and DAP :: Part 1 Endpoint Assement and DAP :: Part 2 DAP Site-to-Site VPN with IKEv1 and Pre-shared Keys Site-to-Site VPN with IKEv1 and Digital Certificates VPN Load Balancing Remote Access VPN with IKEv2 642-627 IPS v7.0 - Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System :: Runtime: 11h 10m Course Introduction Introduction to IPS Concepts, Hardware, and Software Basic IPS Setup :: Switch Configuration and CLI Initialization IDM Tour and User Accounts :: Part 1 IDM Tour and User Accounts :: Part 2 IPS Software Managing Cisco IPS IPS Signature Engines Working with Signatures :: Part 1 Working with Signatures :: Part 2 Working with Signatures :: Part 3 IPS Tuning :: Part 1 IPS Tuning :: Part 2 Configuring IPS Virtual Sensors High Availability IME Overview Additional IPS Topic
  23. Does anyone have the new ccnp security trainings from cbt nuggets for share?
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