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Found 40 results

  1. The following are included in the linked archive: CSR1000v 16.2.2 (csr1000v-universalk9.16.2.2-ext.qcow2) CSR1000v 3.17 (csr1000v-universalk9.03.17.00.S.156-1.S-ext.qcow2) XRv 6.0.1 (iosxrv-k9-demo-6.0.1.qcow2) OS XRv 9000 6.0.1 (xrv9k-fullk9-x.qcow2-6.0.1) ASAv 9.5.2 (asav952-204.qcow2) IOSv 15.6(2)T (vios-adventerprisek9-m.vmdk.SPA.156-2.T) IOSvL2 15.2(4055)E (vios_l2-adventerprisek9-m.vmdk.SSA.152-4.0.55.E) NX-OSv 7.3.0 (titanium-final.7.3.0.D1.1.qcow2) All downloaded from Cisco's VIRL downloads. Link and Password: [Hidden Content]
  2. Hi there! Please share Cisco ACI 4.1(1i) OVA files. [Hidden Content] acisim-4.1-1i_part1.ova acisim-4.1-1i_part2.ova acisim-4.1-1i_part3.ova acisim-4.1-1i_part4.ova Thanks, seba333
  3. Hi, I need following .ova and .py files on current or old version: Description : VMware CloudCenter Worker VM Virtual Appliance Release : 4.9(1) Release Date : 16-Jul-2018 FileName : vmware-cc-centos6-worker1-release-4.9.1-20180710.0.ova Description : VMware CloudCenter Manager Virtual Appliance Release : 4.9(1) Release Date : 16-Jul-2018 FileName : vmware-cc-centos7-ccm_sa-release-4.9.1-20180710.0.ova Description : VMware CloudCenter Orchestrator Virtual Appliance Release : 4.9(1) Release Date : 16-Jul-2018 FileName : vmware-cc-centos7-cco-release-4.9.1-20180710.0.ova Description : VMware CloudCenter Log Collector Virtual Appliance Release : 4.9(1) Release Date : 16-Jul-2018 FileName : vmware-cc-centos7-logcollector-release-4.9.1-20180710.0.ova Description : VMware CloudCenter Database Virtual Appliance Release : 4.9(1) Release Date : 16-Jul-2018 FileName : vmware-cc-centos7-postgres-release-4.9.1-20180710.0.ova Description : VMware CloudCenter Message Bus Virtual Appliance Release : 4.9(1) Release Date : 16-Jul-2018 FileName : vmware-cc-centos7-rabbit-release-4.9.1-20180710.0.ova Description : VMware CloudCenter Repo Virtual Appliance Release : 4.9(1) Release Date : 16-Jul-2018 FileName : vmware-cc-centos7-repo-release-4.9.1-20180710.0.ova Description : VMware CloudCenter Network Validation script Release : 4.9(1) Release Date : 16-Jul-2018 FileName : vmware-cc-network_validator.py
  4. Hi, I just started preparing CCIE SP, is there any active study groups? Join me if there any group exists Regards, Venkat
  5. Hello everyone, I would like to find out from those here that actually have done either CCNA and/or CCNP in R&S, what is the recommended study route to get one through the entire current (up to date) exams self paced with labs? And is there any material on here already that you can point me to? Furthermore, is the RedHat (RHCSA) / RedHat (RHCE) still relevant and worth it to attain as well? Any advice would be great, thanks. P.S. I know the question about RedHat is (probably) for the linux forum but thought it still may hold relevance as far as networking is concerned.
  6. Hello everyone, can anyone tell me which certification is better cisco or juniper one
  7. Hi I am Network Engineer with experence had to take a Break of 2 years from my field due to some Personal/Business commitments . i am Planning to come back and feel lost would like how start leaning and get back to the new Technologies . Any help and gudance is APpreciated . Thanks
  8. Hi Folks, Can anybody share the INE cisco sdn apic [Hidden Content] cheers youjust
  9. Hi there, I am preparing to go to the new exam from CISCO 210-065. Has somebody any valid dumps, books or something which could help me? There is nothing on the CISCO-Webpage... [Hidden Content] Many thanks! John
  10. Due to lack of online storage space i have uploaded all videos in nitroflare . Please don't ask for torrent Thanks to all contributor of this forum. [Hidden Content]
  11. Hi All, Okay, right off the bat I know I am reaching here.. But incase, there is a good hearted Samaritan who can fetch this series of videos for us. It will be very much appreciated. [Hidden Content]# Get to know Cisco ACI with our instructor, Jason Lunde, CCIE #29431 in both Data Center and Routing and Switching. In this initial series we will not overwhelm you with information, but rather strive get you accustomed to ACI, how it operates, and how to actually do the work within the APIC GUI! This is about 9 hours worth of ACI goodness! If you are preparing for the DC v2 exam, this will be the perfect series to obtain the information that you will need to know in order to be successful in the lab examination (within the scope of ACI). Current Playlist Includes: 1- Introduction to Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure 2- Describing the ACI Fabric 3- DEMO - Bootstrapping the APIC 4- DEMO - The Fabric Discover Process 5- Tenants and Contexts and Bridge Domains (Oh My!) 6- DEMO - Creating a Tenant 7- DEMO - Creating a Bridge Domain and Context 8- OOB and In-Band Management with ACI 9- DEMO - Configuring OOB Management Policies 10- Forwarding with the ACI Fabric 11- ACI Interface and Management Policies 12- DEMO - Configuring Interface Policies 13- Switch and Interface Profiles in ACI 14- DEMO - Configuring Switch Profiles 15- DEMO - Configuring Interface Profiles 16- Interface Policy Groups in ACI 17- DEMO - Configuring Interface Policy Groups 18- VLAN Pools in ACI 19- DEMO - Configuring VLAN Pools 20- Domains in Cisco ACI 21- Attachable Access Entity Profile (Try saying that 3x fast!) 22- DEMO - Configuring Domains and AAEP's 23- Endpoints, Endpoint Groups, and Appilcation Profiles 24- Contracts, Subjects, and Filters 25- Integration of Bare-Metal Hosts (BMH's) with ACI 26- DEMO - Configuring bare-metal hosts in a single EPG, in the same subnet 27- DEMO - Configuring bare-metal hosts in a single EPG, in the different subnets 28- DEMO - Configuring bare-metal hosts in two separate EPG's 29- Integrating ACI with the Virtual World 30- DEMO - Configuring and Verifying VMM integration with vCenter 31- DEMO - Advanced Contract Configuration 32- Connecting ACI to an External Layer-3 Domain 33- DEMO - Configuring an External Routed domain with OSPF 34- DEMO - Configuring an External Routed Domain with EIGRP 35- Transit Routing with ACI 36- DEMO - Configuring Transit Routing with ACI 37- vPC integration with ACI Leaf Switches 38- DEMO - Configuring vPC within ACI 39- Connecting to an External Layer 2 Domain 40- DEMO - Configuring and External Bridged Domain with ACI Gratefully, RR
  12. I am starting my career in networking and Cisco .. So please give me your useful advise that .. 1-what is the better option to start with? CCENT or CCNA (want go for CCNA security) 2-I want to do self study because i can't afford tuition classes so please advise me where i can get that related study material. thanks...
  13. By popular demand, I've created the INE CCNA R&S -High Quality Torrent, shared by me, enjoy [Hidden Content] I've uploaded on Mediafire, enjoy INE CCNA R&S video 5 Mediafire link [hide][Hidden Content]] INE CCNA R&S video 18 Mediafire link [hide][Hidden Content]] INE CCNA R&S video 49 Mediafire link [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. Please provide these videos [Hidden Content]
  15. Does anyone have this file to share? Thanks in advance =)
  16. I'm planning on getting my CCNA Cert Exam as soon as possible... Can you give me all the materials or anything that can help me passed the exam? Thanks Guys! Hoping for your answers. God bless!!!
  17. Can somebody share this book with its original version, please? Regards
  18. Dear CCIE experts, Please solve the below challenge: [Hidden Content] How to make DMVPN work when vrf is applied? Warm wishes, Lakshan Note: Let me know if you cannot solve it
  19. here is the torrent for the CCNA SPNGN 2 (640-878) from CBT Nuggets, Hidden Content magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f5091dffc20ba746fd856f7fa025a8822bfcf4b2&dn=CBT+Nuggets+-+CCNA+Service+Provider+SPNGN2+640-878&tr=udp%3A//tracker.openbittorrent.com%3A80&tr=udp%3A//tracker.publicbt.com%3A80&tr=udp%3A//tracker.istole.it%3A6969&tr=udp%3A//tracker-ccc.de%3A6969&tr=udp%3A//open.demonii.com%3A1337 enjoy . [Hidden Content] Cisco CCNA 640-878 SPNGN2 <p> Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 2 COURSE DURATION: 12:01:34 Welcome to SPNGN2: Cisco Certification and Getting the Most from this Course(00:14:22) If you need a little "spunk" to get going with this course, this Nugget is for YOU! Jeremy discusses the CCNA Service Provider certifications, talks about the "CBT Nuggets way" of training, and how you're able to get the most from this course. IP NGN: Service Provider Architecture (00:20:36) WATCH THIS FIRST! In this Nugget, Jeremy focuses on the "Service Provider Big Picture," providing an overview of service provider to customer connectivity and interconnects. In addition, you'll understand what differentiates an IP Next Generation Network (NGN) Service Provider from a traditional service provider. This Nugget is a foundation stepping stone to the remainder of the course. IP NGN: The Core Protocols of the Service Provider (00:26:16) Think of this as the "sneak peek" of the entire course. Based on a panel discussion with one of the largest service providers in the US west coast region, Jeremy has compiled a Most Valuable Protocol (MVP) listing of key technologies and provides an overview of each in this Nugget. Topics include IP connectivity, internal ISP routing (OSPF, IS-IS), external ISP routing (BGP), MPLS, and mBGP. IP NGN: The Service Provider Router Dream Machines (00:19:10) Moving into the service provider environment introduces you to completely new lines of carrier-grade equipment. This Nugget introduces you to the course and gives you some visuals and specification on the types of equipment you can expect to see. Included here is the ASR 1000, 9000, XR 12000, and CRS series of equipment. VLAN: What is a VLAN? (00:24:24) In Jeremy's Network Survival Guide, VLANs make the No. 2 most valuable technology! In this Nugget, you'll learn the core concepts of VLANs, see multiple practical examples of VLANs-in-action, and see the concepts behind the complex QinQ (802.1ad) double-tagging method used in many service providers today! VLAN: Layer 2 Configuration (00:25:14) VLANs, in and of themselves, are a fairly simple concept and configuration. It's all the other VLAN-integrated network technology (STP, routing, tagging, etc.) that makes them seem complex. Because of that, Jeremy has broken down the VLAN configuration into multiple Nuggets, and this one focuses on VLAN creation, switchport configuration, trunking configuration, and even a full GNS3 topology build complete with EtherSwitch modules and Virtual PC Simulators (VPCS)! VLAN: Layer 3 Configuration - Router on a Stick (00:27:08) This is more than a normal Nugget... it's an adventure in routing! By time you're through here, you'll be running to configure VLANs, client PCs, sub-interfaces, and isolated management VLANs, all while singing "All By Myself" (yes, you have to watch this Nugget to understand). VLAN: Layer 3 Configuration - L3 Switching (00:18:38) While the "Router on a Stick (ROAS)" works fantastically well for smaller environments, L3 switching has become the standard for high-speed routing everywhere else. In this Nugget, Jeremy transitions your ROAS skills into a full L3 Switching configuration. STP: Spanning Tree Revisited (00:25:39) Consider this Nugget your "cram session review" of Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), originally covered in our Cisco ICND2 series as well as SPNGN1. Here, Jeremy discusses the core functionality of STP, how STP finds the best path around the network, and the flavors of STP (STP, PVST, RPVST/RSTP, MSTP). STP: Configuring RSTP and MSTP (00:27:09) The title of this Nugget says it all. You will watch and learn as Jeremy walks through the configuration of Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) and Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) and verifies the configuration. Metro Ethernet: Introducing the ME 3400 Switch (00:13:01) As service providers trench up miles of street to run fiber optic cables, they reach customer-saturated locations such as shared office space, strip malls, and condominiums. To bring these customers into the fold, the Cisco ME 3400 series switch delivers! In this Nugget, Jeremy breaks down the placement, functions, and port types of the Metro Ethernet series of switch. Metro Ethernet: Understanding and Configuring Cisco REP (00:24:12) As the speed of communication increases the tolerance for failure seems to decrease! The once "rapid" failover of Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) is no longer desirable. The remedy? Cisco's Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP)! This Nugget walks through the concepts and configuration of Cisco REP in a service provider environment. Metro Ethernet: Understanding and Configuring 802.1ad (QinQ) (00:11:51) Just when you get ONE VLAN tag down, another appears! It's QinQ! The ability to "double-tag" VLAN information on packets, typically used in a service provider environment. This Nugget breaks down the QinQ concepts, best practices, and configuration. OSPF: Welcome to the World's Most Popular Routing Protocol (00:33:22) Learning RIP may be where you begin, but learning OSPF is what you want. This routing protocol rules the enterprise environment, as well as being heavily utilized to operate the internal core of a service provider network. In this Nugget, Jeremy discusses the place of OSPF (customer or service provider), the OSPF neighborhood, and OSPF metric adjustments. OSPF: Basic OSPF Configuration (00:40:16) Walk step by step with Jeremy through a configuration of SIX different routers (running IOS and IOS-XR) for OSPF using a variety of different methods (pick your favorite)! You'll also see OSPF MD5 authentication and verification done right before your eyes. IS-IS: The Routing Protocol You Never Knew (00:24:50) If you've never heard of the IS-IS routing protocol, this Nugget is for you! IS-IS (which is the routing protocol for OSI) was originally mandated by the US government to exist in every ISP. While many ISPs have moved away from IS-IS, it has many significant advantages over OSPF that are worth considering! This Nugget covers the concepts and design behind IS-IS along with a detailed comparison of OSPF vs. IS-IS. IS-IS: Configuration (00:37:32) It's time to configure the "weird one:" the IS-IS routing protocol! This Nugget lives virtually entirely in the live interface configuring IS-IS routers, NSAP addresses, circuit-types, metrics, summary-addresses, and more! BGP: Core Routing Protocol Concepts (00:29:41) In the customer realm, BGP is a "high-level" routing protocol known and needed by few. In the Service Provider arena, it's FUNDAMENTAL. In this Nugget, Jeremy illustrates the place and usage of BGP in the Service Provider environment, covers key BGP facts, and discusses Multiprotocol BGP (mBGP or MP-BGP). BGP: The Simple Metric (00:25:23) You'll quickly find with BGP that there's nothing simple about the metric at all! Nonetheless, Jeremy does a masterful job in this Nugget guiding you through the important route attributes YOU NEED TO KNOW for BGP (Origin, AS-Path, Weight, Local Preference, and more!), along with the BGP route selection process. BGP: Basic BGP Configuration (00:50:34) BGP is awesome and (as you might expect) tremendously huge! In this Nugget, Jeremy attempts the impossible: to demonstrate base BGP configuration (including forming neighbor relationships, mBGP address-families, advertising networks, route-maps, route-policies, and more) on IOS and IOS-XR all in a single Nugget. Yes, as you might expect, you'll want to save a little extra time to view this gem! FHRP: Understanding HSRP, VRRP, and GLBP (00:26:38) Can you love it when things break? Jeremy thinks so... as long as you design it well! In this Nugget, you will explore First Hop Redundancy Protocols (FHRPs) and discover their purpose, the three different flavors (HSRP, VRRP, GLBP), and walk through a configuration on IOS and IOS-XR. Services: MPLS Technology Overview and Core Concepts (00:33:05) What service provider course would be complete without a discussion about MPLS? Label switching has become a standard issue technology in nearly every service provider in the world. In this Nugget, you will learn the functions of MPLS, the architecture of MPLS packets, and walk through a configuration and verification of MPLS on IOS and IOS-XR. Services: Understanding Access Control Lists (ACLs) (00:17:03) Access Control Lists (ACLs) are such a big topic, we decided to bridge it over three individual Nuggets. In this introduction to ACLs, Jeremy describes the many uses of ACLs (they're not just for access control), the foundation rules, and the common types (standard and extended) of ACLs. Services: Configuring Standard Access Lists (00:39:20) It's a video game adventure of sorts. (just watch and you'll understand). In this Nugget, Jeremy walks through three live scenarios of Standard ACL configuration on IOS and IOS-XR routers! Services: Configuring Extended Access Lists (00:43:10) The name describes it all! Just like the Standard ACL Nugget, you will walk through three Extended ACL implementation scenarios on IOS and IOS-XR. Services: The Road to IPv6 (00:28:41) Yes indeed, the IPv4 IP address shortage is REAL! With the rapid Internet growth occurring around the world, there will soon be severe limitations on public IPv4 addresses. As the world changes to IPv6, there will be a "middle ground" of transition mechanisms needed. In this Nugget, you'll learn about NAT444, NAT64, DNS64, 6to4, GRE, 6rd tunneling, Dual-stack, and DS-Lite. IOS Maintenance: Handling IOS XR Software (00:14:19) This final Nugget of the course focuses on IOS XR service and maintenance. By time you're done, you'll understand the difference between the three flavors of IOS (IOS, IOS-XE, and IOS-XR), the IOS-XR software release cycle, the upgrade process for PIE software packages, and disaster recovery using Turboboot. Jeremy Cioara CBT Nuggets Trainer Certifications: Cisco CCNA, CCDA, CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, CCNP, CCSP, CCVP, CCDP, CCIE R&S; Amazon Web Services CSA; Microsoft MCP, MCSE, Novell CNA, CNE; CompTIA A+, Network+, iNet+ Area Of Expertise: Cisco network administration and development. Author or coauthor of numerous books, including: CCNA Voice 640-461 Official Cert Guide; CCNA Voice Official Exam Certification Guide (640-460 IIUC); CCENT Exam Prep (Exam 640-822); CCNA Exam Cram (Exam 640-802) 3rd Edition; and CCNA Voice 640-461 Official Cert Guide. <a name="subscriptionFeatures" style="box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: inherit; font-size: inherit; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: inherit; line-height: inherit; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(234, 145, 3); background-image: initial; background-position: initial; background-repeat: initial;"> 7-day free trial. START NOW Course Features Speed Control Play videos at a faster or slower pace. Bookmarks Pick up where you left off watching a video. Notes Jot down information to refer back to at a later time. Share [Hidden Content]
  20. Please where can I find switch images that work with gns3 alpha???
  21. Can someone with active CBT access, shares these video to us, [Hidden Content] Professional Course: Building a Network Design that Works
  22. INE - CCNP Routing and Switching Video Course Collection (2013, ENG) Size: 25.67 GB Learn from the leaders in network training with over 46 hours of downloadable, in-depth instruction! Our CCNP video course is simply the best available training, covering the 642-902 ROUTE, 642-813 SWITCH, and 642-832 TSHOOT exams. You may view this course on your computer or any MP4-compatible mobile device. INE - CCNP Routing and Switching Video Course Collection (2013, ENG) CONTENTS: Download Links NO PASSWORD --- Recovery Record included! [Hidden Content]
  23. Alright... so now I finally passed the CCNA Security Exam. 959 / 1000. So I am quite satisfied with it. Took a bit more studying than I thought. Common Security Threats 100% Security and Cisco Routers 80% AAA on Cisco Devices 100% IOS ACLs 100% Secure Network Management and Reporting 100% Common Layer 2 Attacks 100% Cisco Firewall technologies 89% Cisco IPS 100% VPN Technologies 100% Basically the only material I used was: CCNA Security Official Cert Guide and 640-554-IINS - CCNA Implementing for Cisco OS Network Security Exam (IINS) – Exam Prep App from AppStore By Visar Jusufi Now we're moving on to CCSA and CCSE. BR, Anshu
  24. I had several scheduling conflicts that made me reschedule 3 times already. I finally took both exams ICND1 & ICND2 within 2 weeks! The last two weeks I was concerned because I have not had a chance to study most of June and July. All of the really little details were getting fuzzy. I crammed the last two weeks and managed to refresh enough of the data. Time: 4 months (yes I know that's a long time) Sources: - Cisco Net Academy, - Wendell Odem ICND1 & 2, - CBT Nuggets, - Home lab 3 routers 4 switches, - Packet Tracer and of course - 100-101 - CCNA Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices 1 (ICND1) – Exam Prep by Visar Jusufi App from AppStore - 200-101 - CCNA Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices 2 (ICND2) – Exam Prep by Visar Jusufi App from AppStore My basic order of study was to take the classes. Repeat the labs at home. Watch the CBT Nuggets series. Repeat some labs. Read Odems book. Also exam prep’s I did use daily and twice a day. I built a silly packet tracer file and just kept adding every feature I could think of. This was helpful for checking show commands. I never did get an IOU file for the new GNS3 beta or I would have used that. Thank you all for the help! Leonardo
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