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Found 300 results

  1. INE - Designing an SD-Access Solution The Cisco DNA Architecture allows Network Administrators to focus on the Business Intent instead of manual and repetitive configuration. Careful designing and planning an SD-Access is the first step towards a successful implementation. In this module, you will learn about the physical, network, controller, management and partner layers of the DNA Architecture. Learn what it requires and the best practices for the Network Underlay. Understand the importance of the LISP protocol in SD-Access and the different campus Fabric Components. Differentiate the different Node Types and their purpose in SD-Access. Review what are some site design strategy for the SD-Access Fabric Architecture: what are the Fabric Deployment models and the Site References. Deep dive into the Control, Data and Policy Plane of SD-Access and the protocols that make this solution operate. Find out how does Micro and Macro segmentation works, the importance of Virtual Networks (VN) and Scalable Group Tags (SGTs). Finally, review of does Wireless technologies and devices fit into the Cisco DNA Solution. [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Hello, I am sharing today with you what i call the Ultimate Hack Pack, definitely not my own uploads, this was send to me and I though of sharing it. In this pack you`re going to find different CEHv9-10 Tools & Accounts for Pentesting as well as a lot of awesome tools. Regarding the Trainings it is a full collection from INE,Pact,Pentester Academy,CBT Nuggets,SecurityTube etc (Training Examples OSCP-PWKv2020-CEHv10-CISSP-ESCAv10-CSAT - CAPTD -CSMD - CSCD -CTIR - CWAD - Network Pentesting/App Pentesting/Web PentestingAndroid Pentesting) & much much more Link as below: [hide][Hidden Content]] Hope you enjoy it & Happy Learning and Practicing, Yours, iamCrypto0
  3. Enjoy. [Hidden Content] P.S I could experience some issues with my seed box so please be patient
  4. Full course version. [Hidden Content] ------------------------------ # Hide Tag while posting download links Make use of Hide Tag while posting download links. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces). ------------------------------
  5. INE - Service Provider Core Configuration Service Provider Core Configuration by Travis Bonfigli In this course, the learner will be exposed to the configuration tasks required in the Service Provider (SP) core network. This course also includes a mini-IS-IS boot camp and the semantics of both IS-IS and OSPF are covered. [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Some Misc CCIE Collections.. Hope you like the Content. [Hidden Content] Thank you.
  7. INE - MPLS Quality of Service (2020) CISCO MPLS Quality of Service This section covers Quality of Service and its interaction with MPLS VPNs, including Uniform vs. Pipe Mode configurations. [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. INE - DMVPN (2020) DMVPN stands for Dynamic Multipoint VPN and it is an effective solution for dynamic secure overlay networks. In short, DMVPN is combination of the following technologies: 1) Multipoint GRE (mGRE) 2) Next-Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP) 4) Dynamic Routing Protocol (EIGRP, RIP, OSPF, BGP) 3) Dynamic IPsec encryption 5) Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) Assuming that reader has a general understanding of what DMVPN is and a solid understanding of IPsec/CEF, we are going to describe the role and function of each component in details. In this post we are going to illustrate two major phases of DMVPN evolution: 1) Phase 1 – Hub and Spoke (mGRE hub, p2p GRE spokes) 2) Phase 2 – Hub and Spoke with Spoke-to-Spoke tunnels (mGRE everywhere) As for DMVPN Phase 3 – “Scalable Infrastructure”, a separate post is required to cover the subject. This is due to the significant changes made to NHRP resolution logic (NHRP redirects and shortcuts), which are better being illustrated when a reader has good understanding of first two phases. However, some hints about Phase 3 will be also provided in this post. [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. INE - CCNP Routing & Switching v2 Bootcamp (Compressed/MKV) Instructor: Keith Bogart, CCIE #4923 Format: MKV Size: 2.0GB The CCNP R&S online bootcamp assumes that learners have already completed INE’s CCNP Routing-and-Switching video series. The bootcamp will consist of verbal explanations of the operations of networking protocols and their interactions through the use of lab demonstrations. Lab topologies will be designed, explaining the objective for each design, and then built from scratch by the instructor. During the process, the instructor will intentionally demonstrate the effects of misconfigurations and hardware failures. More Info: [Hidden Content] Table of Contents: 0.Course Introduction.mkv 1.Core vs. Non-Core -- Understanding interface outputs.mkv 2.Switch - Initial Preparation & Configuration.mkv 3.Inter-Switch Links Preparation & Configuration -- Part 1.mkv 4.Inter-Switch Links Preparation & Configuration -- Part 2.mkv 5.Inter-Switch Links Preparation & Configuration -- Part 3.mkv 6.Spanning-Tree -- Part 1.mkv 7.Spanning-Tree -- Part 2.mkv 8.Spanning-Tree Enhancements.mkv 9.Switch Packet Capture.mkv 10.Switching Security Overview -- Part 1.mkv 11.Switching Security Overview -- Part 2.mkv 12.Switching Security Overview -- Part 3.mkv 13.Switching Security Overview -- Part 4.mkv 14.Switching Security (IP Spoofing Protection).mkv 15.Switching Security (ARP Spoofing Protection).mkv 16.Switching Security (Private VLANs).mkv 17.Switching Security (VLAN Access-Lists).mkv 18Switching Security (Storm Control).mkv 19.First Hop Redundancy Protocols (HSRP) -- Part 1.mkv 20.First Hop Redundancy Protocols (HSRP) -- Part 2.mkv 21.First Hop Redundancy Protocols (VRRP).mkv 22.First Hop Redundancy Protocols (GLBP).mkv 23.EIGRP (Preliminary Configuration) -- Part 1.mkv 24.EIGRP (Preliminary Configuration) -- Part 2.mkv 25.EIGRP (Summarization).mkv 26.EIGRP (Load-Balancing).mkv 27.EIGRP (Filtering).mkv 28.EIGRP (Limiting Query Propagation).mkv 29.OSPF (Preliminary Configuration) -- Part 1.mkv 30.OSPF (Preliminary Configuration) -- Part 2.mkv 31.OSPF (Path Manipulation) -- Part 1.mkv 32.OSPF (Path Manipulation) -- Part 2.mkv 33.OSPF (Summarization).mkv 34.OSPF (Filtering).mkv 35.OSPF (Default Routes).mkv 36.OSPF (Area Types).mkv 37.BGP (Preliminary Configuration).mkv 38.BGP (iBGP Configuration).mkv 39.BGP (IPv4 Prefix Generation).mkv 40.BGP (IPv6 Peers & Networks) -- Part 1.mkv 41.BGP (IPv6 Peers & Networks) -- Part 1.mkv 42.BGP (IPv6 Peers & Networks) -- Part 3.mkv 43.BGP (Path Attributes) -- Part 1.mkv 44.BGP (Path Attributes) -- Part 2.mkv 45.BGP (Path Attributes) -- Part 3.mkv 46.BGP (Filtering).mkv 47.IGP Redistribution -- Part 1.mkv 48.IGP Redistribution -- Part 2.mkv 49.VRF-Lite.mkv 50.uRPF.mkv Course Duration: 17hrs 28min [Hidden Content]
  10. INE - Network Security Automation (2020) Network Security Automation This course focuses on the implementation of Security automated solutions. APIs of certain security appliances are also discussed, including their capabilities, characteristics, and components. Course:- Course Introduction Firepower APIs ISE & pxGrid APIs Umbrella APIs Content Security APIs Threat Grid APIs FMC API - Introduction FMC API - Automating Authentication FMC API - Manipulating Objects FMC API - Manipulating Policies Umbrella Enforcement API Umbrella Investigate API Course Conclusion [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. INE - Inter-AS Scenarios (2020) Inter-AS Scenarios In this course, the learner will be introduced to the configuration and deployment semantics behind Inter-AS scenarios. This course will compare and contrast the different Inter-AS scenarios, fully configure all of the different options to include Options A, Option B-1, B2, and B-3, Option C, and Option D (commonly referred to as Option AB). All course simulations are done using Cisco's Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) software and all configurations areas available in both text files and the original VIRL .virl format. [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. Torrent below is a current snapshot of available INE's Datacenter v3.0 course. These are not included(because course incomplete): Data Center Fabric Connectivity :: Inter Fabric connectivity Data Center Compute :: Hyperflex Data Center Storage Protocols and Features :: RoCE v2 over IP Networks Data Center Automation and Orchestration :: Data Center Tasks Using Scripts (Python and Ansible) Data Center Automation and Orchestration :: Data Center Automation and Orchestration Using Tools Instructor: Brian McGahan Duration:82h 49m Size: 38.8 GB [Hidden Content]
  13. Hello, Can someone please share the new videos from INE? Beers on me. Thank you
  14. INE – Layer 2 Security for CCNAs English | Size: 360.79 MB Category: Cisco | Networking | Security Layer 2 Security for CCNAs by Piotr Kaluzny [INE] This course discusses some of the common Layer 2 network attacks along with mitigation techniques available on Cisco IOS. The topics covered by this course are tested on the current CCNA R&S and Security exams. Download Link [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. CCIE Data Center v2 :: Cisco Programmable Fabric with VXLAN Course Overview Introduction 14min VXLAN Overview 15min VXLAN Terminology 9min VXLAN Encapsulation 14min Basic VXLAN Workflow 8min Total Duration: 1hrs 2min BGP EVPN VXLAN w/ BGP EVPN Control Plane Example :: Part 1 31min VXLAN w/ BGP EVPN Control Plane Example :: Part 2 19min Total Duration: 50min Underlay Routing VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) :: Part 1 23min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) :: Part 2 26min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) :: Part 3 26min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ IS-IS :: Part 1 23min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ IS-IS :: Part 2 23min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ IS-IS :: Part 3 21min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ IS-IS :: Part 4 11min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) :: Part 1 29min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) :: Part 2 27min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) :: Part 3 23min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) :: Part 1 28min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) :: Part 2 24min Total Duration: 4hrs 48min Overlay Routing VXLAN Overlay Routing w/ BGP L2VPN EVPN Control Plane :: Part 1 21min VXLAN Overlay Routing w/ BGP L2VPN EVPN Control Plane :: Part 2 19min VXLAN Overlay Routing w/ BGP L2VPN EVPN Control Plane :: Part 3 26min VXLAN Overlay w/ BGP L2VPN EVPN :: Part 1 29min VXLAN Overlay w/ BGP L2VPN EVPN :: Part 2 30min VXLAN Overlay w/ BGP L2VPN EVPN :: Part 3 9min Total Duration: 2hrs 17min Anycast vPC VXLAN w/ Anycast vPC :: Part 1 27min VXLAN w/ Anycast vPC :: Part 2 27min Total Duration: 55min duration 9hrs link to download [Hidden Content]
  16. JUST UPLOAD INE ENARSI 300-410 COURSE [hide][Hidden Content]]
  17. # INE CCNA 200-301 Path - CCNA 200-301 Course Learning Path [2020] - [full content] / [Mega] Duration: 99h 22m 11s Activities: 8 Sections, 42 Courses, 398 videos Content: 684 items / 260 directories / 424 files Video quality: 1280 x 720 (720p) Size: 20.18 GB # Prerequisite: Enable long file name support and Long File Paths in Windows 10. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] # Info: For any details check the spoilers below! # Download: Download all the 7-Zip files (7z.001 to 7z.018) before extracting the content of the compressed archives. Parts 01 - 09 [Hidden Content]
  18. INE - Data Center Quality of Service (2020) This series focuses on Data Center QoS, such as Data Center Bridging Exchange (DCBX), QoS on Nexus 5000 & UCS, and Control Plane Policing just to name a few. [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  19. Check this one. For those who are in need of INE CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. [Hidden Content] Let me know if the link is hidden or not.
  20. INE - Network Virtualization With VMware NSX INSTRUCTOR: Rick Crisci VCAP5-DCA,VCAP5-DCD, VCI, VCP4, VCP5, VCP5-Desktop, VCP5-Cloud, VCP6-NV, CCNA Data Center Course Description This course provides a complete explanation of network virtualization. Beginners will love the simple explanation of network concepts such as ARP, MTU, switching, and routing fundamentals. From there we will learn about virtual switches available with vSphere. NSX Switching, routing, and security lessons will follow. Course Outline: Course Course Introduction Course Introduction vSphere Virtual Networking Virtual Networking vSphere Standard Switches vSphere Distributed Switches Virtual Switch Features NSX Fundamentals Introduction to NSX VXLAN and VTEPs VTEPs and NIC Teaming NSX Switching Logical Switch Fundamentals Transport Zones NSX Controller Cluster :: Part 1 NSX Controller Cluster :: Part 2 NSX Controller Cluster Slicing Replication Modes Impact of VXLAN on the Physical Network NSX Routing Distributed Logical Router Quality of Service L2 Bridging Static vs. Dynamic Routing NSX Edge Dynamic Routing ECMP NSX Edge HA Cluster Deployment Options Edge Services L2VPN IPSEC VPN SSL VPN Plus NSX Edge NAT NSX Edge Load Balancing Security NSX Firewall Services Service Composer Service Composer and Third Party Solutions Cross-vCenter NSX Cross-vCenter NSX Fundamentals Cross-vCenter NSX Architecture [Hidden Content]
  21. Get a comprehensive introduction to Software Defined Networking (SDN) with this cost-saving training bundle. This video course bundle includes thorough introductions to SDN, the OpenFlow standard, the OpenStack platform, and Open vSwitch (OVS). Our training bundles, viewable on your computer or any MP4-compatible mobile device, offer instant access to complete training that includes hours of quality lectures and real-world examples. Introduction to SDN & OpenFlow CourseIntroduction to OpenStack Course Introduction to Open vSwitch Course Here is the magnet link for the torrent,its the uncompresed version at ~20 GB. [Hidden Content]
  22. Guys, Any links for INE CCIE DCv3? I cannot find anything on the forum. Also nothing for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0? Thank you.
  23. [Hidden Content] Nexus Fabric Extenders (FEX) Join the world’s most highly respected and experienced team of CCIE instructors for the most comprehensive Data Center v2 video training. This online course is taught by Brian McGahan, CCIEx4 #8593 (Routing & Switching, Data Center, Security, Service Provider), CCDE #2013::13 (Design). Follow along as Brian explains and demonstrates the technologies related to Cisco’s Nexus Switching - Fabric Extenders (FEX), and how it fits into Cisco’s modern Data Center v2 design. This course is part of the CCIE Data Center v2 Bundle. Course Duration: 1hrs 40min Brian McGahan Instructor: Brian McGahan CCIEx4 #8593, CCDE #2013::13 Course Fabric Extenders [ FEX] Nexus 2000 FEX Overview 11min FEX Configuration, FEX and STP 5min Total Duration: 17min Cisco Integrated Management Controller Using the Cisco Integrated Management Controller [CIMC] 10min Total Duration: 10min FEX Configuration Configuring Fabric Extenders 29min Total Duration: 29min vPC and FEX Design Variations Host vPC & Fabric vPC 19min Enhanced vPC 24min Total Duration: 43min End of Course Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | © 2017 INE Inc. All Rights Reserved
  24. INE - Practical Python Cisco Network Automation (2020) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  25. By popular demand, here is the INE CCIE collaboration torrent, please note that videos 63 and 67 are missing as these kept failing when i had my active subscription, now i no longer have that subscription so maybe someone else can sign up? anywys enjoy [Hidden Content] all here is the link to video 67, enjoy [hide][Hidden Content]] here is the decrypt key lMk8BtIZgzaC-_pvFxxKhhE40_5B3oMHIzDlQDYK4gE all here is the link to video 77, enjoy [hide][Hidden Content]] here is the decrypt key G_f0OtIg0CYpqcR-9q35mqcayHjRmcIduwsMyb-zyVI all here is the link to video 78, enjoy [hide][Hidden Content]] here is the decrypt key B4nFwNAWEPimRWpPBBOyXWsIE-oK7_EV_5xuPPH1K08 all here is the link to video 79, enjoy [hide][Hidden Content]] here is the decrypt key g-c_scAbJ_U_p23DuGEk0w56JleCc8AuGz5oJczfw-M all here is the link to video 80, enjoy [hide][Hidden Content]] here is the decrypt key iucWdUQAzzH6NKnKV-52R-lwqQnmSj4j-CjvO5os9pk all here is the link to video 81, enjoy Hidden Content [hide][Hidden Content]] here is the decrypt key 2CvQcfylqGEMWYsbOijqhfb0QlBo2gDlxBbjcs43irY all here is the link to video 82, enjoy [hide][Hidden Content]] here is the decrypt key ipf3uG0WKPAxhWA4aNLHckUjILelFHXQXSibgubNnAk all here is the link to video 83, enjoy [hide][Hidden Content]] here is the decrypt key wlag1r4XMJkZNCV6JVXPwitqTwZPdCabSY4789EvIvw all here is the link to video 84, enjoy [hide][Hidden Content]] here is the decrypt key B571A2oSt15Vga54PE3TZjiA-fmulsoctEjVLvNEwDo all here is the link to video 85, enjoy [hide][Hidden Content]] here is the decrypt key UHQCqDkUajdyfjr9-qqpPHv9UEYpT5Z4_CucEWrPRcg all here is the link to video 86, enjoy [hide][Hidden Content]] here is the decrypt key AN2_ApTbVOf5ooi6G7TYVuOuajrmnrp2uH8EuTuX8l0 all here is the link to video 87, enjoy [hde][Hidden Content]] here is the decrypt key RchirAQL9TmJrCUkHXIn6IPdcuhn33MpohGOzjK_De4
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