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Found 105 results

  1. Hi i have "x86_64bi_linux-adventerprise-ms.154-2.S.bin" image it supports Loop-Free Alternate Fast Reroute , but because it doesnot have K9, it doesnot support Crypto command. Can you guys share this image with K9 ? Thanks
  2. I love how lightweight IOU images are, and then seem to cover most of my needs except with SDN. I wonder if we will ever see IOU images released with vEdge or Cisco DNA code; alternatively, IOU versions of NX-OS. Have there been any interesting developments in the IOU space over the past 2 years? Are there new images worth getting?
  3. [Hidden Content] Make use of hide tag while posting download links. Read board rules. Usage: [ hide] link [ /hide] (without spaces)
  4. Please share new 2018 Compiled IOL/IOU images.
  5. Please share i86bi-linux-l2-adventerprisek9-m-15.2.bin image
  6. Hi, I am not getting any IP address which i should jump onto to load IOU lab files. I have reseted the VMware many times but no luck. Can anyone help me to find a fix.
  7. Hi Are there any stable IOU images that have been compiled in 2016 ? if yes please share Thanks so much
  8. Which is the best IOS L2/L3 for INE iou labs.
  9. Guys who has all images valid for GNS and unetlab?
  10. makmende001

    IOU on Ubuntu

    HI guys, I want to learn how to run IOU on Ubuntu. If someone can point me to the right resource or can give me general how to information it would be great.
  11. Hi Guys, I am struggling in trying to setup the IOU topology with XR routers. Can you please help me with this . I am unable to load the consoles . I have also tried the setup with gns3 topology provided by Sanjana and tried to use XR routers in GNS3 but the Xr routers aren't pinging each other even with the cdp neighbors visible. Another thing I want to confirm is that the diagram in sanjana lab is having different placement of routers in GNS3 compared to lab 2 diagram . Will this impact at all.
  12. Hello All, Some Features are not working on IOU. In that case how we can practise the full labs and pass the tickets on IOU? I mean though 90 % commands are working but If I am practising like a real lab where I have to complete all the section within 8 hours, I cant complete the lab coz of those features which r not working. Like L2 qos, or HSRP. Any solution?
  13. Hello Friends, Can any one kindly share INE Advance technology workbook Labs IOU for each section such as LAN Switching,Routing etc. Thanks In advance.
  14. i86bi-linux-l2-adventerprisek9- [Hidden Content]
  15. IOU is up and running fine by following the instruction. After I started all the routers and switches, I noticed that they are not picking up the configuration from the files "nvram_0000x". All the device came up with the default config. I've made sure all the config files have been granted all permission (777). I also tried open the config files by vi, and deleted the junk characters the begging and the end of the file. Still no luck. Can you advise what could have gone wrong? And what is the right way to import/export configs like Dynamips?
  16. Hi, Can anybody give me a complete reference of how to use IOU? I.E., things like how to create frame-relay, creating ypur own topology etc..
  17. Has anyone ever taken the time to load the PCL .vmdk into a VMWare box so it's usable (and used it)? If not, how can I obtain the LIVE CD with PCL configs? I have the startup configs and the IOU and VMWare from PCL, but a large gap exists between having it and it running!
  18. Hi [Hidden Content] Do not post useless "thank you" post. If you want to see the content of the hidden links Please use the "Thanks" button as shown in the announcements [Hidden Content] Posting an answer will NOT reveal the hidden content. All following useless "thank you" will be removed and will recieve a formal warning. [CrackerJoe69] [Hidden Content] pass: [Hidden Content] I just can not find :
  19. Dear All members and dreamers about CCIE R&S here is wht i reached after two days of digging deeper in IOU directories and files structure to be able to extract and restore my configs easily when I turn off the VMware Tiny Core Linux image... the story and soultion is very easy if we understood the nature of the process about where are configuration files go and how initial configs which are ready made can be restored...so we can do the same for our Configs if we create a procedure to backup them to the Local Machine ( your PC in this Case ) and another procedure to restore them at any time and at this point force the Tiny Core Image to start with restored Configs rather than another Initial Configs.......so I created some files based on simple commands like copy , change directory , tftp... .I was zero experience with Linux...But Google is great!! so.. the files are as follows: "backup_ls" : backup last session to local Machine. "podstart_ine_lss" : which starts the session with last saved session configuration you were on. "podstop_wsc" : stops the POD and save configurations. "SaveConfigs" : saves configuration at any time you need without stopping the POD. "menu" : the tweaked Menu file by Asasel.."many thanks to him"...in this menu file you will find the new options to save configs....to restore last session configs ... Note: all this is done only to INE section!!!!! you can tweak the commands to fit another books IPE, Narbik..whatever... the files are easy to understand and easy to modify... final Note : you will find IP in the menu, backupls and podstart_ine_lss and files..change it to your IP of your PC. Tools needed : "EditRocket" : great code text editor ...in case you need to modify and tweak. "tftpd32" : free tftp server, you need to run this software to make you able to tftp to and from your IOU. these tools are easy to find on Internet!! How to : 1- when you load the VMware Image and reach the Menu you should "quit" by typing "q" or "Q" 2- write these commands ( will do this very time you run the TINy Core Linux ): sudo -s cd /home/tc tftp -g -l menu "your PC IP" Note: make sure that you run the tftpd32 and you specified the directory which will be used to host all files above + the configurations files. now excute the new menu by writing menu then press enter. in case you face "permission deny proplem" !! excute this command first chmod 751 menu then excute menu again you will find menu like this : ------------------------------------------------------------- Main Menu ------------------------------------------------------------- [1] How to connect to the POD [2] How to connect to the wayward IPexpert's POD [3] Load Narbik's POD [4] Load Cisco's 360 POD [5] INE submenu [6] IPexpert submenu [7] Save Configs [8] Unload the POD [9] Save Configs & Unload the POD [10] Check POD Status [Q] Enter "Q" or "q" to exit to Shell Enter your menu choice [1-10]: - you can start you INE session at any section noramally. - practice what you need and to save go to the main menu to save whenever you need but make sure you apply the " wr " command to your devices first..this is a must to do!! INEI menu will be like this : ------------------------------------------------------------- Internetworkexpert WB1 ------------------------------------------------------------- [01] Load the basic initial IP adressing configuration [02] Load the initial OER configuration [03] Load the full Layer2 configuration [04] Load the initial RIP configuration configuration [05] Load the initial EIGRP configuration [06] Load the basic EIGRP configuration [07] Load the initial OSPF configuration [08] Load the full OSPF configuration [09] Load the initial BGP configuration [10] Load the basic BGP configuration [11] Load the initial Multicast configuration [12] Load the Inter Domain Multicast configuration [13] Load the initial IPv6 configuration [14] Load the initial QoS configuration [15] Load the initial Security configuration [16] Load the initial System Management configuration [17] Load the IP Services configuration [18] Load the initial MPLS configuration [19] Load the POD with blank configuration [20] Load Last Saved Session [21] Go back to the main menu Enter your menu choice [01-21]: Note: the new menu file when excuted will change the IP of you Tiny Core linux to certain IP " you should edit your menu fiel to specify this "IP"....this is done once!!!!!! for you menu file why this IP is hard coded????? and you should also specify IP for you local machine!!, because menu file when is excuted will tftp your local machine automatically and fetch all other files so it needs to know the IP of you local machine!! and why also the IP for th POD is hard coded ...to make all entries for your devices in SecureRT just once with this IP!!! and load all devices by just " load alldevices in Securecrt.." Note: finally...when you apply save option..make sure to have a look at the files on your PC and make sure they are transferred correctly ( just look at the size of teh files ) in case not!! ..just repeat until you make sure all files are transferred correctly... files are attached and all you need is to edit menu file and change the IP as commented in the files.. here I attached a video to illustrate the process...the video recorded using webex...the player is attached too the video file : [Hidden Content] the script files : [hide][Hidden Content]] finally...I hope that I did something that helped you.. finally for Mods...please help me with "follow" option..does not work with me...!! ) CertCollection-IOU menu tweaked.zip
  20. In my simple topology [1:1/1 2:1/0], two routers can connect to eachother via serial interfaces without any issue. However when I tried move IP to sub interface at both the ends. Interfaces are remaining up and up state and can't ping to eachother. Though CDP can see to eachother but no luck with ping. Just wondering if anyone here experienced same sort of issue. Thank you.!
  21. Hi I'm connecting two routers using a serial link (R1 s0/0 to R2 s0/0) I have configured and ip address on both ends and activated the interfaces using no shutdown but the link dows not come up Serial0/0 is up, line protocol is down I have manually specified a clock rate but no luck. I'm using the i86bi_linux-adventerprisek9-ms.152-2.15.T image Are there some additional steps in configuration I'm missing or it may be a bug is this image? P.S Tested in GNS3 and it works fine. Kind regards.
  22. Do not post useless "thank you" post. If you want to see the content of the hidden links Please use the "Thanks" button as shown in the announcements [Hidden Content] Posting an answer will NOT reveal the hidden content. All following useless "thank you" will be removed. [Hidden Content] linux & unix version very latest 100% bug free guarante...please check it out.. ver info i86bi_linux-adventerprisek9-ms.152-2 unix-adventerprisek9_sna-ms.152-2 Compiled Mon 23-Jan-12
  23. Dear All, I have a question over here while practicing the CCIE Routing and Switching Lab. Which IOU provides the most comprehensive lab practice feature while preparing for the CCIE R&S lab. I am in process of preparation so in desperate need of that as GNS doesnt provide all the features of switching and some other topics also cannot be covered on that. Kindly share some link to download or the moderator can guide me to the relevant thread. Prompt replies would be appreciated. Thanks and Regards
  24. Dear Certcollection people, At first I would like to say BIG thanks for guys who helped me create this TS challenge proposal using WEB IOU. This update include all what I can collect here, even IP SLA, NAT, BGP updates in MLPS, and many more in MSDP. WEB IOU special thanks goes to Andrea - dainok, WEB-IOU software is created by him. I creating labs on this incredible tool. Very important thing, USE Google chrome for access to WEB interface. Some bugs reported for IE and not fixed. You can access devices using old method, CRT or putty telnet to your vm IP port 2001 for R1,, your ip port 2002 for R2.... If you still have not WEB-IOU, then go to Ready to GO vm machine [Hidden Content] PLEASE, READ THIS BEFORE TO AVOID UNECESSARY QUESTIONS!!! !!! After import of LAB verify what IOS is loaded for your routers and apply config pack !!! Guys THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT !!!! MPLS lab - Routers: R22 and R27 - L3 15.2.3, all other routers L3 15.0, all switches L2 15.1 MSDP lab - Router: R29 - L3 15.2.3, all other routers L3 15.0, all switches L2 15.1 MSDPv2 lab - Router: R29 - L3 15.2.3, all other routers L3 15.0, all switches L2 15.1 TS503 lab - Routers: R21 - R26 and R28 - L3 12.4.TPG, all other routers L3 15.0, all switches L2 15.1 TS504 lab - Routers: R21 - R26 and R28 - L3 12.4.TPG, all other routers L3 15.0, all switches L2 15.1 MPLS and MSDPv1 If you want import newest LAB, I recommend delete previous TS lab, preconfigs and all files linked MPLS and MSDP. Otherwise you will get TS duplicates with same names. [Hidden Content] This is targeted for people who want to be a CCIE, but not for dump passers. Therefore you will not find full answers for each ticket here. All are 100 times discussed in forum, and you should solve. I CONFIRM that all tickets are solvable and if something won’t work, that’s mean you aren’t fond everything faults. I added for you in description how many faults are in ticketsJ It can be up to 15 or more in one. Challenge, eh? I repeating that this is for guys who really wants to be a CCIE. If you can solve my any lab MPLS or MSDP in 2 hours. You are ready to go. In section „ Description” you will find all ticket questions”, also picture are added for particular tickets. Dont ask correct full TS answer list I will not provide. Discussions are welcome. Rikitee, Agila, lincc wil help you. Please give a feedback, how is feeling...here [Hidden Content] Regards, UldisD Do not post useless "thank you" post. If you want to see the content of the hidden links Please use the "Thanks" button as shown in the announcements [Hidden Content] Posting an answer will NOT reveal the hidden content. All following useless "thank you" will be removed.
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