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Found 58 results

  1. Complete OSPF for Juniper JNCIS JNCIP [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Hi I have 100% discount voucher which I want to sell, please let me know if anyone interested? Regards
  3. INE - Network Technologies IPv6 Knowing and understanding IPv6 is no longer optional for any IT Professional. Regardless of your background, our brand new IPv6 Course is meant to teach you fundamental and advanced concepts and features of the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). After completing this course, you will obtain a thorough understanding of the fundamental and advanced aspects of IPv6. You will learn about IPv6 Addressing, Subnetting, Extension Headers, Fragmentation, ICMPv6, Neighbor Discovery, Address Allocation, DHCPv6, and Security. DOWNLOAD LINK [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Hello guys, Does anyone have JNCIP-SP and JNCIE-SP Lab workbooks? If so, please kindly share. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, Does anyone have JNCDA Study Guide PDF? I already searched old posts but links are dead. Please provide if someone have it. Thanks a lot
  6. Hi Team, Does anyone have Juniper Networks Routers: The Complete Reference written by Jeff doyle ? please share the link Thanks MOVED TOPIC Topic is moved to proper section. REQ prefix added Kindly open topic in appropriate section with suitable prefix.
  7. Day One: Understanding OpenContrail Architecture Juniper This Day One book reprints one of the key documents for OpenContrail, the overview of its architecture. Network engineers can now understand how to leverage these emerging technologies, and developers can begin creating flexible network applications. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. Hello guys, Does anyone have JNCIA-DevOps course from CBT Nuggets and Introduction to Junos Automation and DevOps (IJAUT) course from Juniper on demand training? If so , please share. Thank you very much.
  9. Hi, I am not sure how to set up JNCIE labs on a desktop PC. Are there any simulators like GNS for cisco. Or are there any IOUs that we could mount using VMs. How to build and solve the inetzero workbooks on desktop PC without using their rack rentals. Please guide me as I am fairly new to this. Thanks dnb1990
  10. Hi All I need Juniper Vouchers please contact me ASAP. Thanks Khan
  11. I have two vouchers each can be used for any JNCIP exam. I will provide them for only 300$ per voucher Paypal payment accept
  12. I have some Juniper exam vouchers eligible for taking JNCIP, and JNCIS exam. Two of them valid until DECEMBER 2017 and one valid until January 2018. I sell them for USD250 each. Please PM me if some of you interested. Below screenshots of each voucher as proof of their validity. Please make notes that Juniper increase the exam cost. Beginning January 1, 2017, the following JNCP pricing will take effect: JNCIA/JNCDA/JNCSP/Junos Troubleshooting: $200 JNCIS/JNCDS: $300 JNCIP: $400 [Hidden Content]
  13. Dears, I have prepared the below video in Arabic for the Juniper apply-groups it is important feature used at JNCIE exam at the troubleshooting sections
  14. Hi! Couldn't find any better placement for topic, so: have a task of upgrading SW on a pair of EX4500 bounded into Virtual Chassis with current SW version 11.2. Heard there could be issues and one ought do it in some specific way. Goal is to introduce as little downtime as possible as devices are in core of network. Any suggestions? PS have for example digged such limitation referring to target software release: [Hidden Content] (Virtual Chassis section)
  15. synhack


    Hi Folks, I've just passed the JNCIS-SEC and going to start the next one JNCIP-SEC. Could someone be so kind and share his experience? Are really needed the practice labs? Any additional study tips such as materials and books will be appreciated. Cheers.
  16. Hello Guys kindly find the info below, it is about all the required courses and related documents and some useful tips to prepare for JUNIPER Service Provider Certification track JNCIA-JUNOS, JNCIS-SP, JNCIP-SP 1. JNCIA-Junos - which is common for all tracks For JNCIA-Junos it is very simple exam and you just have to study the following three courses a.network fundamental this course for those who are new to networking, it is web based course about network fundamental Go to this link [Hidden Content] and search for course called ” Network Fundamental” it is free course provided by Juniper b.Introduction to the Junos OS (IJOS) You can download the course student book from [hide][Hidden Content]] c.Junos Routing Essentials (JRE) You can download the course student book from [hide] [Hidden Content]] 2. JNCIS-SP For JNCIS-SP the required courses are a.Junos Intermediate Routing (JIR) You can download the course student book from[hide] [Hidden Content]] b.Junos Service Provider Switching (JSPX) You can download the course student book from [hide][Hidden Content]] c. Junos MPLS and VPNs (JMV) – This book is common with the JNCIP-SP You can download the course student book from[hide] [Hidden Content]] 3. JNCIP-SP For JNCIP-SP the required courses are a.Advanced Junos Service Provider Routing (AJSPR) You can download the course student book from[hide] [Hidden Content]] b.Junos Class of Service (JCOS) You can download the course student book from[hide] [Hidden Content]] c.Junos Multicast Routing (JMR) You can download the course student book from[hide] [Hidden Content]] d. Junos MPLS and VPNs (JMV) – this one is the same as the one used for JNCIS-SP · Final Notes Ø For MPLS also there is a book called MPLS Enabled Applications it is FANTASTIC MPLS book [hide][Hidden Content]] Ø Also Juniper DAY ONE books are very informative [Hidden Content] Ø Juniper BOOKs not like CISCO one in most of the cases they assume you know a lot of things, so in some topics you must dig using another sources (like Cisco J) Ø Last but not least Google is your best friend J Finally hopefully the info help you and Good Luck J
  17. Hi..... i am going to start preparation for JNCIE-ENT ..... can some body suggest me which workbook is better inetzero OR proteus .... cheers.....
  18. Hello, somebody has a valid dump for JNCIA 102 exam ? Thanks
  19. Hi Team, Please Find links for AJEX & AJEXT Advanced Junos Enterprise Switching (AJEX) [Hidden Content] Regards
  20. Some emulator notes while summarizing the content o Configuring a forwarding class on a default forward class/queue combination, will rename that default forwarding class (only for 1-4 which are the default)  Removing the custom forwarding class for that default forward class / queue combination, will restore the original default forwarding class name.  After the default forward classes with linked queue has been renamed, you can have an additional, custom forwarding class pointing to the same queue. o If you create new custom forwarding classes which point to non-default (non 1-4) queues it is created directly and you can point multiple forwarding classes to the queues directly. Cheers, J.
  21. Hi, I am looking for a JNCIE-SP study partner in Dubai. Please reply if you are interested for a group study.
  22. Juniper C-SEC: Introduction to SRX Technologies Chapter 1: Course Introduction Chapter 2: Introduction to JUNOS Security Platforms Chapter 3: Zones Chapter 4: Security Policies Chapter 5: Security Policies Chapter 6: SCREEN Options Chapter 7: Network Address Translation Chapter 8: IPsec VPNs Chapter 9: Introduction to Intrusion Detection and Prevention Chapter 10: High Availability Clustering References: SRX Production Presentation Download: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  23. I have a voucher for any JNCIS , JNCIP level exam and willing to exchange it for CCNA. Anyone interested?
  24. I have 2 exam vouchers for any JNCIP level certification.100% discount.Just 200USD PM me if you interested.I'll send the detail.Only accept paypal payments.
  25. Hi all, I'm planning to recertify my Juniper JNCIP certification using the online proctored exam option they provide with Pearson Vue. However, I'm worried that something wrong happens, since they have strict rules, like for example if anybody (maybe a relative) enters your room during the exam, the exam will finish and be invalidated. Also all kind of materials are prohibited but, in my study room, where I have my laptop, there lots of books, papers, notebooks (paper ones), etc. They will ask you to show all your rom before the exam to "scan" it. Please, if you already have taken any Juniper online proctored exam, share your experience, how was it? did you feel comfortable? any issues? How to show your room if the webcam is embedded in your laptop? Thanks for any comments!
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