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Found 56 results

  1. Hello i would like to create study group of CCIE R&S Lab for NOV/DEC . Any one who already passed written can ping me . will create skypegroup and share our solutions . Currently i am in Saudi Arabia -Dammam ,anyone interested can join me for practicing .. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, Thanks to all your contribution I can confidently say I am CCIE Security CERTIFIED. This forum has been influential and part of my journey so I am here to give back to the community. Ask me any questions regarding the lab.
  3. Hello Guys , I have created a skype group for study, discussion & lab feedback. Those who appeared already or appearing soon please join the group and share your knowledge and feedback. Lets do it together Please PM me your skype id and mention your lab date/location.
  4. green788

    Lab in Beijing

    Hi Team, Can someone share experience of Lab in Beijing, Seats in Feb are still available. Hows the lab environment there and are proctors are cooperative there ? your Valuable feedback is requested as soon as possible.
  5. Does anybody know about latest addition in CCIE SP CFG questions ? These are recently activated by Cisco. Need Help
  6. Hi Guys , This topic regarding if anybody have such experiance of using cisco documents during Seclab ,How it look like ,Is it helpfull or not and so on. So if you use it before specially in security labplease share your experiance . Regards,
  7. Hello Fellas, i will have my lab exam in 10 days. please if there active skype group or anyone will have his exam within 10 days PM me. Thanks
  8. CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Lab Exam Configuration Section - H3 [v1.7.6 variant ] Complete Question-Set [9th-15th January Updated compilation] I haven't got solution/workbook, so let's practice and find appropriate solutions to this question-set with the help of already shared pre-configured lab compilations, feedbacks and other discussion threads in RS forums. Also, notify errors, as this was compiled from a nearly unreadable raw source, and may contain typo or other errors! [Hidden Content] PS: For, mavis, and other fellows who were having nightmares about watermark 'rana123' on PDF version This is text version of the same Watermarked PDF shared previously here: [Hidden Content] Happy Labbing Guys! Rana.
  9. Hi All, I just wanted a quick piece of information. Does anyone have a clue when Cisco updates the lab schedule? Is their a GMT at which the schedule for any given destination or is it random? Thank you and regards.
  10. Request for INE CCNP LAB WORKBOOK / INIT CONFIG - THANK YOU Does anyone have the newest INE CCNP LAB WORKBOOK? I am trying start over again as i let my CCNP expire. Trying to get hands on lab, I was just wondering if anyone had a copy of it. Thank you !
  11. this link is for the H2 lab . hope can help you guys . just pass the CCIE RS lab exam last month. [hide] [Hidden Content]]
  12. Hi, I would like to ask where does R12, R13 and R14 get default route so that I could ping from their connected client to clients outside ACME HUSTON? Are of my 3 routers are not getting any default route from ISP which leads to unsuccessful ping. Regards,
  13. hi guys, I want to know what is current LAB is going on in Bangalore as of 2015 , as i will be appearing in March 2015. My friend has taken CCIE exam(LAB) 1 month ago , he failed terribly. As we once read in same institution for CCNA i know him from their and cant ask him in direct.My other friends told me that he muged it all the lab but those lab didnt came. So i am very curious to know what Current lab is on going in Bangalore and will it be the same lab that will stay till Mar-April 2015. More over did CISCO introduced new lab other than these 5 labs which we already know ? . And one more thing that i heard from reliable source that lab 1-2 labs are not valid any more ? Please can some one verify ? or PM me . I am also looking for study group who are willing to to give lab in Bangalore we can study and give exam together. Tank you
  14. Guys....question about this requirement: "Ensure the EIGRP is not running on any interface that is facing another AS use any method to accomplish this" If a routing protocol has an external interface configured as passive, does that meet the above requirement? In my opinion it does, but I wanted to get another perspective. I see alot of config solutions where several network statements are used to ensure that the protocol is excluding the external interfaces. It would be much easier IMO if the protocol was configured for all interfaces, then passive statements were entered to ensure the protocol doesn't speak on them. T
  15. ccbasta

    QoS RSv5 LAB

    Hello Everybody, Can someone tell me what kind of QoS question can we have in the Exam.. I'm stuidying QoS now for the LAB, I understant the overall topics (Marking, Classification , WRED, ...) but the details are little bit complicated, I need to know so I see if I go through other topis like , in the LAB exam or I stay till I Understand very well QoS, Thank you Guys
  16. Hi All, i am planning to create a SKYPE group for CCIE DC LAB those who are seriously planning to take the lab in june/july or if you already have a skype group then refer me.
  17. Hello Colleagues, Could you be so kind to share your experience what TS topology/questions and Configuration Labs are active on this week ? Based on my assumptions/feelings they are TS3(n+) and TS4 for Troubleshooting and K3 (or EEM lab) and 4.1(K6) for Configuration tasks. Am I right ? What are the other options ? Thank you! Ricko.
  18. I'm looking for Implementing Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Solutions v2.0 (IMPS) labs guide. Any installtion guide are also welcome. can someone share it? thanks,
  19. I'm planning to go for the CCIE Security Lab within 2 months. So can somebody please anwser the following questions :- 1.) Which material is better and more accurate for the Lab... I mean CCIECERT or PASSCCIE or someother ? 2.) How many different Labs are in rotation ? also if anyone wants to join in my group to prepare for the Lab then just PM me...... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ciscoguru123 CCNA CCNP CCIP CCSP CCIE SP CCIE R&S
  20. Gents... Look at this: 1.2 – Troubleshoot Layer 2 Switching 1. Use 802.1w on all four switches 2. Ensure that spanning tree enters the forwarding state immediately only for access switchports bypassing the listening and learning states. The interfaces conneced to BB router are not the access switchports 3. Use one command to Avoid transmitting BPDUs on any access switchport on any of these ports, the ports should be shutdown immediately. 4. Ensure that all four switches are able to read to unidirectional link failure for any switch to switchport . 5. The affected port should be disabled in the event failure. Take a look at 4 & 5.... I would use udld port aggressive on each switch for the access ports, not the trunk ports between them. Does any one agree or disagree? Because it says 'link failure for any SWITCH to SWITCHPORT'.... Comments welcomed! DL
  21. Dear Gents, how is the availability of security seats in Dubai & Bangalore for next 3 month I heared that there is no available seat for next 3 month is it true??? Also, When the Sec v.4 will launched ?? Regards
  22. All, So i have been practicing various labs in the INE workbooks 1-4 and also have the ccbootcamp 5 full labs and the PCL labs and essentially i work through the labs with the intent on learning multiple ways of accomplishing the various tasks in varying ways as well as practicing speed of configurations. My Question is if everyone would share their own personal methods/approach with completing practice labs so we may conclude the most effective/efficient way of learning. Is it really all about wrote memorization and repetition? Your opinions, experience, qualms, are all most welcome.
  23. Hi Experts, For those who have attempted the lab before. My exam is within less than a week and I need to clarify few doubts. 1- Is it safe to leave the logging to the console enabled in TS & Configuration? 2- I've heard that there is BB4 switch connected to SW4. is it safe to shut down Sw4 fa0/10 interface? 3- Do they provide papers and a pen? 4- If i complete the TS part in less than 2 hours(praying for not getting TS5 ) will they allow me to start the configuration part immediately so I can benefit from extra time. Your comments are highly appreciated !
  24. Hello All, I'm really surprise to see information like this....but the truth is that Cisco is capable of such. Please PM me if you have further info about this new lab rumour so we can take it seriously. If true...we will create a new tread for it. Thank you all. RIKITEE.
  25. Hi, do you have the installation file of UCCX 7? Regards
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