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Found 18 results

  1. Planning and Managing Stakeholder Engagement (PMI - PMP) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Consolidated Passed PMPTopic DO NOT REQUEST DUMPS, WHICH VERSION, OR REPLY TO THEM HERE. SUCH POSTS WILL BE DELETED , YOU CAN FIND ALL THE DUMPS RELATED TO THIS EXAM HERE PMP Share Moderator's Note: Following details are recommended to post: 1. Material used (including which dump version you used ), examples include: Books from microsoft Press or Sybex, Videos, Classes you attended, Instructors or Mentors,mocs etc. 2. Learning Plan (your own story) 3. Suggestions for members Additionally, you may add following details to your post: 1. That you've passed (successfully or unsuccessfully) 2. Your score (example may look like this: (700/1000) 3. The time you had been given for the exam (not the time you personally took to pass it!) 4. Number of questions 5. Types of questions (sims, hot spots, drag & drops, multiple choice, single choice) 6. Your personal exam experience Your posts must not include: 1. Requests and offers of any kind 2. Unnecessary comments like: "Thanks", "Congrats", and similar 3. Quotes of other members. (We want your own story.) Violators: 1. Violations will be given warnings. 2. Three strikes and you will not be allowed to post here for 7-days. Happy Study!!!.
  3. PMP Exam Cram Session - PMBOK Guide, 6th Edition [hide][Hidden Content]] PMP Exam Prep Seminar - PMBOK Guide 6 [hide][Hidden Content]] PMP EXAM PREP-Project Management Professional FULL TRAINING [hide][Hidden Content]] Project Management Professional - The PMP in Four Weeks [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. If anyone need the study material, i can share it.
  5. Hello, can i get the latest P4S for PMP, thank you.
  6. Hi All ! Glad to inform you that I have passed the PMP exam with 5 Proficient ratings. Thanks to all those who shared their exam LL ,tips & tricks. I have documented my LL in details at blog. I hope you will find it useful. [Hidden Content] Regards
  7. Guys please share latest dump for PMP, if anyone have it ? Thanks.
  8. Xmen32

    PMP Fast Track V 8

    Hi all, I have downloaded PMP Fast Track v8, cracked it and I installed successfully, following steps posted in other forum (1.-Disconnect from internet, 2.-Install PMP Fast Track, 3.-Backup app_config.xml, 4.-Crack the application, 5.-Connect to internet, 6.-Update question database, 7.-Disconnect from internet, 8.- Copy backup app_config.xml and modify question index, license ID and installation date, 9.-Run PMP Fast Track v8 and try exams ) but I continue with "sorry, there was a problem generating the exam. your data files could be corrupted" I have also tried to backup not only app_config.xml but app_config.xml, indexes.xml, RMCPROJ.ckn, slog.txt as recommended in several forums and I am still facing the same problem. Could anyone help? Thanks you very much in advance!
  9. Hello, can someone please share with us the pass4sure for the PMP exam, i know it's better to use Rita, and fast track but it's good to have it before the exam. thank you in advance.
  10. What is PMI-001, is it same as PMI PMP exam? I can't see any reference of PMI-001 exam code on PMI site? Can someone please clarify?
  11. Looking for PMP rita mulcahy 8th edition & christopher scordo 5th edition pdf free download. send me the link to download
  12. Hi All I passed my PMP on Monday 30th Sep Feeling very happy & relieved I would like to thank everyone on this forum for helping me by providing V8 Crack Here are the points I want to share with all of you in regards to my prep for this exam LESSONS LEARNED TIPS ON PASSING THE PMP EXAM ON FIRST TRY PMP exam is one of the hardest exams I sat through. I am glad I had a strategy and a game plan otherwise it is very easy to fail this exam. Following are some of the tips that I used to pass this exam. They worked for me wonderfully and may not work for everybody. I did not attend any boot camp or paid training classes for this exam. My exam preparation consisted of the following material: -PMBOK Guide 5th Edition (Read once) -PMP Rita 8th Edition (Read thrice-twice thoroughly and skimmed through the third time) -PM Fastrack v8 (Rita) questions (All 1590 of them). PMP exam is not an exam of memorization, although there are some things that you do need to memorize. It is more of an exam on PMI’s Project Management methodology. I made sure that I read the PMBOK Guide at least once to see what it is about but the bulk of the preparation came from Rita 8th edition book. The questions I found on the actual exam were pretty close to what you will find in Rita book and Rita Fastrack. If you read the book thoroughly and with understanding at least twice and do all the questions in the Rita software then you should have no problem passing the exam. There is some memorization required. I made sure that I memorized the Knowledge area/ Process group table with all 47 processes and also replicated this table in the first 15 minutes before the exam. This will help you know where each process falls and the order and scheme of things. This will also serve as a confidence booster just before the exam. I also memorized all the Earned Value Management and all other formulas (There aren’t a lot of them). Rita’s book also lists all the formulas to memorize which is just one page towards the end of the book. Also replicate the formulas in the first 15 minutes before the exam. Do not overstudy. Just stick to Rita’s book and Fastrack and you will be ok. There is a lot of stuff out there but it will only confuse and overwhelm you. I also made notes of the concepts/ definitions/ lists that I was having trouble grasping or memorizing and kept them handy and looked at them several times every day. The notes should not be hundreds of pages (For me it was just 15 pages). Many people keep them on cards, whatever works for you. When you do the questions on Fastrack, make sure you start by each knowledge area and also review the answers and explanation of answers. Once you think you are comfortable with the material in Rita’s book, then you can take one or two full 4 hour practice tests as well. On the day of the test/ night before the test, I only looked at my 15 pages of notes for areas I was having trouble with. Also take one final look at the table and formulas. On the day of the exam, in the free 15 minutes, write down the table and the formulas. When I started the test, I had built up enough speed through practice to go through the questions fast during the first pass, without compromising the accuracy of course. Do not get stuck on one question, OTHERWISE YOU WILL FAIL THE TEST. If you spend more than one minute on a question on the first pass, you will not only start losing valuable time but the pressure will start building up. If you can’t get a question within a minute, chances are that you won’t get it in 2-3 minutes. I made sure I completed the first pass of all 200 questions quickly. In my case it took 2 and half hours. Once you complete a full first pass the pressure will ease up and you will start to feel relaxed. Of course I did not know the answers to all the 200 questions on the first pass. There were about 30 questions that I wasn’t sure about so I just selected any answer and marked them to return to later. Once I had answered all the questions in 2 and half hours, I came back and started going through the marked questions. I was relaxed and I knew that I had 1 and half hour to do 30 questions. These took longer than 1 minute a question for sure because they were harder for me, but I was still able to answer them properly in 1 hour. That left me with 30 minutes to go over all 200 questions for the last time. I started with question 1 and went through and double checked most of them. I found out that I had to correct about 5-6 of them because you are more nervous in the beginning and may select the wrong choice. Last but not least, you need at least 2 weeks of intense preparation or about 1 month of semi intense preparation to pass this course. I hope the above points will help prospective PMP candidates in preparing for their exams Remember that you have to fine tune your strategy matching your needs and understanding of the topics But rest assured if you keep it simple & systematic process of your process of study you will surely PASS Best Of Luck And Thanks again for all your help & support
  13. I would like to thank this forum and all the members for helping me achieve this. Thanks again Stephen
  14. Hi Guys, Please find the PMP Examination Content Outline as per the changes by PMI as below. Anyone given the new exam yet? Are the older CBT Videos still valid for this and what is the difference in the new exam vis-a-vis the old one. I apologize for missing the obvious however, the PMI site is at best vague and confusing. Can anyone advice on this issue? Thanks in advance [Hidden Content]
  15. I am new to PMP and I am required to give PMP exam for my job. Can any of you guys give me a heads up to where I should start. Are there any links to the material that I can download. Also it would be really helpful if you can give any information or links to the dumps or exams where I can start practicing. Thanks in advance.
  16. Respectable Colleagues, I am feeling honor to inform you through this prestigious forum about valuable study material with hope you will find it very useful in preparation of PMP. Study material of PMP [Hidden Content] Head First PMP.pdf [Hidden Content] PMP.Exam.Practice.Test.and.Study.Guide.9th.Edition.pdf [Hidden Content] PMP Formula Pocket Guide.pdf [Hidden Content] PMP Question Bank.pdf [Hidden Content] PMP-Q_A-Troytec-1000 Questions.pdf [Hidden Content] PMP Exam Prep 8th edition Rita Mulcahy.pdf [Hidden Content] PMP.Exam.Practice.Test.and.Study.Guide.9th Edition.pdf [Hidden Content] Rita Mulcahy PMP Fast Track v8.(Database+Crack) rar [Hidden Content] Kindly press “THANKS” Button inside right instead of replying as “Thanks” as per instructions of HonorableModerators.
  17. I am so much enthusiastic to read/listen/watch SANS MGT525: IT Project Managment, Effective Communication, and PMP Exam Prep material. I would love to get the stuff please.
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