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Found 106 results

  1. Hi Mates, Is there any study group currently preparing for CCIE ENCOR? and does that group have any position available? I am interested to join them. Thanks. Mod note (mavis): Contact topic starter via PM to join the "study group"
  2. Hi guys, Attached you will find the eNSP files corresponding to the HCIE R&S v3 Labs. Link with all the files: [hide][Hidden Content]] You can download the guide for the labs directly from the following link: [Hidden Content] You can download eNSP + CE, CX, NE40, USG6000V, etc from the following link: [Hidden Content] HCIE R&S V3.0 Labs pt1.rar
  3. Hi Mates, Does anyone recently pass CCIE Enterprise written exam? Please can you share experience. Thanks.
  4. Hello Does anyone here have the list of labs as up-to-date as possible? I do not ask that you transfer material that is prohibited by group rules. Only lab titles. Next month I'm flying for the exam and I'm worried that the files I have are out of date. I have CFG labs for H1, H1+ H2,H2+,H3 I have 7 TS1 labs I have 3 TS2 labs I have 8 Diag i, wach one has 3 Q in it , some of the Q show again and again int different files. Is that list normal ? Is it accurate ? Thanks people.
  5. Hi Forum members, Can someone please tell me if there is a difference in the INE video content between version 5 and version 5.1? I can't find difference anywhere. I am starting to prepare for R&S CCIE now so any help is very much appreciated. warm regards
  6. Hi Guys, I am tracing from R101 to SW1 and SW2 but in both the cases i am reaching till R11 and R13 respectively. R101#traceroute Type escape sequence to abort. Tracing the route to VRF info: (vrf in name/id, vrf out name/id) 1 2 msec 1 msec 1 msec 2 1 msec 2 msec 1 msec 3 1 msec 2 msec 3 msec 4 [MPLS: Labels 27/46 Exp 0] 2 msec 2 msec 2 msec 5 [MPLS: Label 46 Exp 0] 2 msec 2 msec 1 msec 6 2 msec 16 msec 11 msec 7 * * * 8 * Can anyone suggest why is this happening?? I tried disabling cef on both the switches but no luck.
  7. CCIE R&S Official Book2 - True pdf version [Hidden Content]
  8. cciexxl


    Hey Guys attached is a NEW TS diagram sorry for quality that all what i got
  9. My INE video collection [hide] [Hidden Content]]
  10. Hi there, I am looking for IP expert WB 1 and WB 2 iou. Any help will be really appreciated. thanks
  11. Hi All Please be informed that do not buy anything from CCIE Perfect Solution ***. They are getting all update from here and once you purchased the will suffer you like hell. They are AH scammers so please stop buying from them everything is available here and its more updated then any vendor. And they are going to shutdown buy the end of this year because they are AHs. Thanks
  12. Hello Everyone, I am looking for CCIE R&S dumps, also would like to know if someone recently passed with dumps.... any dumps is active right now ??? Thanks for your help in advance
  13. Hello mates! Is somebody doing preparation to exam right now? Lets share learning strategies and learning materials! Maybe someone can recommend some useful training and trainers indeed?
  14. Hi All My advise stop CISCO certification as they are the biggest bullshit AH and fraud vendor in the whole world. They are here just for your money. They want your money by any means and soon they are going to be Fu**ed. Please stop these bul*shit certifications and go for some professional and real vendor. Juniper is the best. Leave CISCO and start Juniper. Thanks IE Khan
  15. Here is the latest INE Workbook with bookmarks for easy navigation. [hide] [Hidden Content]]
  16. Hello dears, i am preparing for Route 300-101 soon and these all what i could find till now. i hope it can help. [Hidden Content] Thanks
  17. TS Tkt 1. Sw1 no L2 vlans was there Sw 2 only Vlan 12 was missing Sw1 Eth 1/3 was in wrong Vlan Tkt 2. R12 - all ok R 17 - with ppp chap auth command , removed. Tkt 3. /29 subnet was asked with metric as 20 R21 with ospf cost 1 and passive interface R3 was having area range Tkt 4. R13 was having delay on interface metric weights added to match the output Tkt 5. R12 - added max paths 2 there was no ip/vpn bgp neighborship between R4 n R6 R5 no ip cef and no ipv4 neighborship with R4 R21/22 added next hop self Tkt 6. R22/R25 changed route-map and advt. network on both Tkt 7. R15 with wrong crypto R18/19 with wrong nhrp maps R19 user was able to ping and tracert but unable to get the correct name resolved I corrected it on R15 but it was not reflecting..... Tkt 8. no IPv4 neighborship R3-R7 and R4-R8 default originate was missing on R7/R8 R3 / R4 there was no VRF import / export commands, had to figure out. took some time here R8 was having as-set in the bgp config R7/R8 was having route-map MED (instead of AGGR) with set metric to 100 and 101 respectively Tkt 9. R24 user was having wrong mac, changed. R24 crypto was wrong... R23 all NAT was ok R23 ppp config username was missing but still the link was up. R7/R8 removed red. bgp from OSPF Tkt 10. ip domain lookup on R21 NAS was not having IP, assigned dhcp mac, then ok. NAS - enabled ip http server and ip domain lookup NAS - ip name server DIAG 1. a. sw 3 sh vtp status and b. sw3 sh vtp password 2. a. problem at device R16 and b. increase the subnet mask of Eth0/0 of R16 3. BGP ticket a. 8 options and b. Strict Urpf dropping due to per-destination LB LAB Only Sw 1 and 4 was configured with Vlan assignment MST was asked ospf with max-metric classic eigrp 34567 in BGP - configured prefix-list DENY and assigned on R8 since default route was going to R8 R15,R16,R16,SW5,SW6 with named mode and strongest auth (anti-reply) BGP was all same the peer-group name was iBGP (small i) R20 was having some config with BGP(it was not usual), I didnt go through, removed and configured fresh BGP 45678 and 65222 with VRF Faults in LAB there was no VRF assignment on R16 and R17(or R18) DMVPN - R18 and R19 was having wrong delay and MTU configured , removed them.
  18. Hello All, I'm really surprise to see information like this....but the truth is that Cisco is capable of such. Please PM me if you have further info about this new lab rumour so we can take it seriously. If true...we will create a new tread for it. Thank you all. RIKITEE.
  19. Hi I am looking for CCIE Routing & Switching Video Learning Series by INE. If anyone can share, it would be highly appreciated.
  20. Hello Friends, need some valid link to download. CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Troubleshooting Video Course Thanks
  21. Hi folks, Does anyone have the new series CBT Nuggets-Cisco R&S Troubleshooting Mastery by Keith Barker and Anthony sequeira? [Hidden Content] Please share. Thanks
  22. Hi Experts!!!!! I am bit fed up with rack rental companies....they don't load the exact BB config for the corresponding labs....Can anyone help me through to get BB configurations for each config labs out there... Post it below that would be so helpful!!!! THanks in advance!!! :)
  23. Good Morning friends... Bit confusion in K8 for default route in ospf area 1. Can we use Default-Information Originate or no-summary to generate default route to OSPF NSSA Area 1. Case: 1 >> " area 1 nssa default-Information Originate " It will generate Default route as ( O*N2 ) & all other Inter area Route ( O IA ) ( LSA-3 ) Case: 2 >> " area 1 nssa no-Summary " It will generate default route as ( O*IA ) and no other LSA-3. I feel, in both case we will have reachability to all networks. Need experts comments pls..
  24. Hello, Please can someone provide IPexpert R&S V5 workbook and Web IOU diagrams. thanks in advance,
  25. looking for CCIE R&S Cisco 360
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