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Found 42 results

  1. First of all i would like to thank God Almighty, and the all the forum members who contribute this site. Finaly received the magic number yesterday. TS--it similar to B9/B10, Diag--IPv6 and Multicast as shared in this forum Config----exaclty like A4, I used the workbook with 1077 pages shared in this forum.Any questions while my mind is still fresh..... SP---here i come.....
  2. I have a lot of solutions on the workbooks were eigrp strongest authentication is required and the solution includes a key chain authentication mode hmac-sha-256---should this command be enough?
  3. Hi Guys, I'm planning to take CCIE but I'm not sure which one to go for it, Security or R&S. my knowldeg in Networking is mixed so no one has advantage on the other. which one is more stable in terms of Lab exam questions ? I know that R&S V4 just published so what do you think? appreciate your opinion. Regards, aalkhdar
  4. Hello guys, Can anyone share the following book? Foundations of Modern Networking: SDN, NFV, QoE, IoT, and Cloud by William Stallings Thanks
  5. kwan08

    VCP5-DCV please

    Anyone can share VCP5-DCV for Vsphere 5.5 version, please... Thanks
  6. Hi all, Can any champ on this great site upload: Pluralsight - Managing Hyper-V Using VMware's Multi-Hypervisor Manager [Hidden Content] Torrent will be better, thanks in advance guys. Cheers,
  7. Hi guys Im new to this fourms and i was prepairing for the CCIE r/s but not i was going to book the lab exam but no seat available anywhere...so i now planed to take another cisco certification untill new cisco exam comes in effect. so i just wanna know from all expert please suggest me what cisco courses are in demand in TORONTO area so I can at least get a job.....? Thanks Many
  8. hi ! if someone could search in his old collection of Rommon files for 870 series to find this file and share it : C870_RM_ALT.srec.123-8r.YI4 it would be very nice thx in advance ! CLOSED AS OUTDATED Thanks and regards
  9. Can someone please help me find the C3745_RM2.srec.123-6r rommon image? I like to upgrade the memory of my 3745 router to practice IPS, but Cisco locked this upgrade down to only people with a valid service contract and I'm having a hard time finding it on the internet. Many thanks! CLOSED AS OUTDATED Thanks and regards
  10. Hi, I am trying to find Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise or Express in version 8.5, but without luck. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, Please help me in finding the Jan update for CCIE lab R&S. Regards Neha
  12. hi first sorry for my bad english i work at a corporation.the corp has a wireless network.2 access points for each floor and than connected to a switch.internet comes from a nano station and then to a router and finally to switch so all clinets that connects to APs have internet and join the network . BUT THE PROBLEM IS: i installed Active directory on the HP server . the server has static ip address out of routers dhcp range. it works fine and have internet without any problem. but how can i joining the clients to active directory?to joining clients in AD i should set the server IP address in the default gateway and perefered dns server in each client properties and the clients lose the internet! what should i do?
  13. Hello Guys , This is Request for material to CNET Data Center Training/certification Thanks
  14. Hi Guys, Can anyone share the "Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals Video Lessons" ? Thanks
  15. Hi, in H2+ thier is a Requst to use NOT-advertise in a single command and this is done and easy. On the other hand thier a REQUEST not to use aggregate command on CEs HQ's Jacobs (R55,R56) and hier is the main point? When you did everything and finished, you think this is the perfect way and nothing more. Nooooooooooooo the prifix is arleady the DC's Jameson could reach the Backdoor route (R18,R57). But what about the CE's routers (R15,16) they got the same prefix from WAN (mpls backbone hier) throuhg ebgp. and they prefer this route because of AD = 20 and exteranl ospf 110 from R18!!! Hier we have the problem and we break the rules of Request not all routers in Jameson's DC go the R18!!!!! I have to make this exactly route as a backdoor under BGP proccess router and this is work. anyone have the better idea, " especially when we have in a real network more prefixes" to change the EBGP routes more than AD of interior routing protocol. the access-lists not scalable on this way. I have searched to change AD through route-map but i didn't finde a thing. Any idea??? Thanks.
  16. Hi, I have doubt about how to understand exactly this qustion: it says (in H2,H2+) - R15 and R16 must advertise their OSPF default route to their PE. Those tow routers have already their defalt-router for gateway internet router R17 as external prefix, they have too BGP, already enabeld on them and matual redistribtution between OSPF and BGP. Back to question? it says exactly: they must advertise thier " OSPF default route ", I think the configuration will be under OSPF router process: router os 1 default-information originate. But when the question would say: R15,R16 must advertise thier default route, hier we have many options in additon to the last one, and under BGP proccess: 1, router bgp 65002 default-information originate 2. router bgp 65002 neighbor x.x.x.x remote 65001 default-route ( and this is a perfect way for filter, we don't need any other prefix list to filter 65005 prefix) What do u think? anybody hier has arleady passed the H2 or H2+ CFG? Thanks.
  17. Hi, I have done every thing perfeclty, aggregate-address without SUMMARY and added network subenet and redistruted bgp on very router to eigrp and ospf and it is propagated successfully into every domain, I could see every subnet on SW4 and SW10. simpely i couldn't ping from SW10 to R101(had successfuly ping to an IP address and ping to all others domain) and vice vira?????? The route throuhg the MPLS is pinging prefectly without problems. NOW: wehn I redistributed the E-BGP link between Edge routers (R18, R57) into OSPF on R18: " redistributed connected ". The BGP Backdoor is working and the pinging too. But i think the Redistributing EBGP link into ospf domian is not acceptable on the exam!!!!! Any body hier has the sampe problem?? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi, Dont use "netowrk" statement under the "router ospf" configuration anywhere in the core NETWORK (AS 65001) this is a expelicty quetion to enable ospf under interface config ....> clear & coool but about other branches. all of solutoins use too ospf in interface config???? Although there is a preconfig on exam on branch Datacente (AS65002) for ospf uses network under (router ospf)??? R15#sh run | s r o router ospf 1 router-id network area 0 network area 0 network area 0 So...the big question hier is: the compiler will chek your config and has a certian policy to check your config out?? any idea? must we enable ospf under router config or interface config for other branches????? Thanks in advance
  19. Hi everyone, I have finished TS2, The good news is the bacup bath from AS65005 is perfectly working, when u r shuting the neighbor on R50 towards MPLS down, all the domain deveices go through DMVP tunnel on R51, of course taking into consedring the default-information originate with always command on R51 DMVPN and without it on R50, there is no VRF on DMVPN. The bad news is the AS 65005 itself lost the connectivity to internet in AS1999, and by the way all users too in AS 65006 don't have INERNET.?????!!!!! Everythings looks like good, the PE routers R51,60 have the default gateway from internet here R9. but they couldn't connect to net. I have searched to finde what the Problem is, but without getting a thing. to reply to this problem, would be helpful. appriciate it Thanks
  20. Greetings, have a brother some experience with developing on azure and with the Cert ? did someone pass it in the last half year and could share some facts are the case studies available ? Can we open a study group for this content. Thanks for help :yo:
  21. Hi, I am planning to give VCP510-DCV this December. Any one has any voucher that can give some good discounts. Thanks, Paseng
  22. Hi All, If anyone one want to drop in the month of Dec/Jan at any location....PLease PM me If it is dubai, much appreciated Thanks in advance!
  23. Hi there, Are there any active exam vouch code for VCAP Exams in APAC region.... Thanks!
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