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Found 14 results

  1. Hello Guys , I have created a skype group for study, discussion & lab feedback. Those who appeared already or appearing soon please join the group and share your knowledge and feedback. Lets do it together Please PM me your skype id and mention your lab date/location.
  2. Someone have security v5 learning materials?
  3. Which is the best IOS L2/L3 for INE iou labs.
  4. mkfd2424

    Book Lab/V5

    I am giving exam in some weeks time and wanted to get thoughts on this idea of double booking. I have studied hard and confident in material but even those who prepare hard fail..any given day and overconfidence very dangerous. I want to know thoughts on booking second attempt before taking first .. Will Cisco see in system and make first attempt tougher or am i paranoid? Anyone else try method of double booking exam date? Also I hear from someone that new CCIE v5 is not real yet and booking in March/April is still ok because Cisco give 6 months. Is that true? I want to book second attempt over 3 month out so when i pass on first attempt I can cancel Thank for feedback.
  5. I took the CCIE R&S V5 EXAM on June 5th at Beijing , and receive the result today . The CFG section and TS section are passed , but the Diagnostics section is failed . In fact , I didn’t met Diagnostics section on that day . After I finished the TS section ( it took me 2 and a half hour ), what showed on the webpage is that the next section is Diagnostics . Because the Diagnostics section is limited to 30 minutes , I waited a few minutes to avoid conflicting with lunch . After I confirm the lunch won’t start now , I click the START button . But what came to me is the CFG section . Because I am busy solving the question . And meanwhile , after I combine the points of TS section and CFG section together . I found it nearly 100 . So I misjudged that there’s no Diagnostics section . And I didn’t told the proctor about this situation . I don’t know it is software bug or my misoperation . I just write a feedback to CISCO and waiting for the reply . I know all the fellows are concerned about the exam . Because it is a week ago . I just could describe it in brief . The TS section is just the same format as V4 . But there are lots of new topics . What I face is 10 tickets : DHCP snooping , OSPF , EIGRP , BGP , DMVPN , MPLS , ppp ipcp , NAT ALG , MPLS leaking , and I forget the last one . I didn't met the Diagnostics section , so I don't know what it is like . The CFG section has a lot of difference compare to V4 , it is about 20 routers and 8 switches to config . And about 10 routers act as ISP that you can't login . All the routers and swiches are divided into several area , each area represents a HQ office or remote office . The offices established EBGP to ISP routers to get internet connectivity , and use the MPLS VPN and DMVPN techology to form the connectivity to each other . Just simulated the real world enterprise network . What I faced is basic L2 issues , L2 portsecurity , OSPF ,EIGRP ,BGP,OSPFV3 ,MP-BGP-IPV6,Multicast with BSR , MPLS VPN, DMVPN , SSH , ACL , BANNER , netflow . The topology of CFG section. Maybe a little different to the lab topology due to my poor memory.
  6. Hello, Can someone please upload INE CCIE V5 Advanced Technology Class somewhere ? Many thanks
  7. Ok so I wanted to share my practice lab, and how I set it up, for use with INE's Workbook. Here's the Videos I have about it on YouTube. - A video showing the Lab, and all the parts - Video showing how I set up GNS3 and my PC for communication to the physical switches. I hope this helps some people out, or maybe someone thinks my setup is cool.
  8. Hi All , There is a ticket in the TS section where we are asked to accomplish the following - The user behind R15 ( i.e. PC103 ) should be able to reach the users behind R17,R18 & R19 via the DMVPN tunnel . Related topology is attached herewith the post . R15 is the HUB while R17,R18 and R19 are spokes . The question is - Which EIGRP Process are the Spokes running ? ? ? AS145 or AS200 ? So , we will have to run EIGRP on the tunnel accordingly !
  9. So I have been looking to take advantage of any waking minute I may have for studying for the v5 lab... here is the situation: I work full time, wife works full time, and we have 5 kids (ages: 14 (g), 5 (twins b/g), 3 (g), 10months (b ) So needless to say, the most peaceful time I ever have is in the shitter... With that said, I do travel a bit, and while working on lab shit on a laptop (WebIOU, GNS3, etc) is always great, when I have the room to break out the beast I call my travel-top...It gets a bit cumbersome at times... SO I was thinking, what about that good ole fashion (other wise known as archaic) app called packet tracer?? Hmmm...a quick android search showed me that its not only still alive but also been worked on...(caveat you need to root your device, or have a Cisco netacad account) to download it of course... BUT let me say, for the basic things, it still works great, even on a tablet with a small workspace... SO...but you ask...why would I throw the V5 lab into this discussion with this little app...and to that I reply, you wouldnt! It would probably catch on fire...BUT what you can do, and what I am working on, is breaking it into pieces, that you can do a little studying here and there with>>> example: Take the Tshoot portion: It only take a few seconds to build out the physical topology of each "ticket" you can get your hands on for studying... Then each physical topology you can build out the rest of the configurations, and just leave out a "broken" part to which you can practice on ways to approach the problem faster and faster...of course, dont label the bloody files "Tshoot ticket 1 problem a" or that would give it away pretty well...but you can place a simple little "note" on the topology when it opens, for what you want to be able to accomplish by end "make sure you can ping from device a to device b" So...there is my sales pitch for the "old dawg" packet tracer! I'll throw up a couple of the files after I build them into here so if you get bored you can try looking at something different from what you have been beating your brains out day in and day out! good luck all nepa
  10. Hi, I was solving troubleshooting B6 lab and I encountered a different problem in IPv6 Objective . The Objectives states that , IPphone(R114) should be communicated with ExternalHost (R33) via Internet_Router (R32) . In the pre-configs I found that , IPphone & ExternalHost is not running any IPv6 routing protocol and both are not configured with an ipv6-address on its Ethernet interface towards R32 and R25 respectively . Using ipv6 address autoconfig both IPphone and ExtHost receive an IPv6 Address via NDP . After this , the IPphone installs a default-route via R25 as - IPphone(R114)# sh ipv6 route IPv6 Routing Table - default - 4 entries Codes: C - Connected, L - Local, S - Static, U - Per-user Static route B - BGP, HA - Home Agent, MR - Mobile Router, R - RIP H - NHRP, I1 - ISIS L1, I2 - ISIS L2, IA - ISIS interarea IS - ISIS summary, D - EIGRP, EX - EIGRP external, NM - NEMO ND - ND Default, NDp - ND Prefix, DCE - Destination, NDr - Redirect O - OSPF Intra, OI - OSPF Inter, OE1 - OSPF ext 1, OE2 - OSPF ext 2 ON1 - OSPF NSSA ext 1, ON2 - OSPF NSSA ext 2, l - LISP ND ::/0 [2/0] via FE80::A8BB:CCFF:FE00:1900, Ethernet0/0 NDp 2001:CC1E:BEEF:25::/64 [2/0] So we can say that , IPPhone(R114) can reach the ExternalHost(R33). Moreover, R25 is redistributing connected so the IPv6 address of the subnet towards IPphone is into bgp . So, Internet_Router(R32) also has a return route to the ICMP-echo requester . Now the problem - ExtHost is not running any routing protocol as well , and hence how would it advertise its Connected interfaces towards R25 without running bgp ? Is it that ExtHost(R33) and the Internet_Router(R32) are running bgp towards each other ?
  11. Does anybody have any vendor Lab IOU file for CCIE R&S V5 preparation ?
  12. hI folks, anybody going to attempt v5 written exam soon?? any updates about v5 written exam questions.please reply.. thank you
  13. Guest

    IPv6 and the new RnSv5

    Friends here is a C1$c0 pdf which will give you the A-to-Z knowledge of routing and added features on IPv6, it even has DmVPN, MPLS, VOIP, NAT-PT, etc all on IPv6. Happy learning...... Please do comment if you like it. [hide]http://www.4shared.com/office/RG2X92qLce/ipv6_Complete_Routing.html[/hide]
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