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Found 15 results

  1. Khawar-Butt-Implementing-a-Cisco-ASA-Firewall-9.X-All-in-One download only this because others may be incomplete [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Complete Ethical Hacking Bootcamp 2021 Zero to Mastery [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. iOS & Swift - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. The Complete Raspberry Pi Bootcamp [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Python Bootcamp - Mini-Course [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Udemy - Learn SQL for Beginners: The Comprehensive Hands-on Bootcamp [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. I am planning to go for a bootcamp to be conducted by the penta CCIE - "Khawar Butt". Does any body attended his bootcamp earlier. What are your suggestions, should i go for it or do just self study.
  8. INE CCNP Voice Bootcamp V8.0 (2012) English | MOV | H264 1280×720 @ 342Kbps 25fps | AAC @ 32KHz | 86 hrs 23 mins | 21.6 GB Genre: eLearning This is the full CCNP Voice bootcamp for 8.0. T Release Date – Unkown (But this is the 8.0 Version of the CCNP Voice Curriculum and is the most recent as of 2/12/2012). The CCNP Voice class is an ultimate all-in-one solution for engineers pursuing the Cisco Certified Network Professional Voice (CCNP Voice) certification. This Video-on-Demand course includes over 85 hours of instructor-led content that will fully prepare you for the latest Cisco CCNP Voice exams (642-427 TVOICE v8, 642-437 CVOICE v8, 642-447 CIPT1 v8, 642-457 CIPT2 v8, and 642-467 CAPPS v8) certification exam. View this course on your desktop computer, iPhone®, iPad® or other .mov video file format compatible devices. CCNP Voice Courses Outline :: Runtime 86 hours 23 minutes Download Links NO PASSWORD --- Recovery Record included! [Hidden Content]
  9. Hi Anybody can share these two items plz? INE CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Troubleshooting Course INE CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Preparation Bootcamp Course
  10. Hi everyone - I just thought I'd take a few moments to share my thoughts on the INE 3-Day Multicast Boot Camp. Whilst studying for my CCIE Written exam, I discovered that for some reason I just could not grasp the concept of Multicast. I read the Cisco Press CCIE Cert Guide, I watched the IPExpert and INE CCIE Written Boot Camps, but for some reason I just could not visualize, for example, how the traffic could get to the receivers when the destination address was the multicast address. I spent too much time looking at this and even when I took the exam, I did not feel confident and the only reason I scored reasonably well in this subject in the exam was more through luck than judgement. Now, I know there are many of you here that will say "Multicast is easy, what's the problem?" and whilst that may be true, please bear in mind that some people have problems with ACL's, others have issues with MPLS. We all have an area of weakness and mine is Multicast. I admit it, I just plain suck at it. That said, however, admitting doesn't solve anything, I needed to find a way to make me understand it if I am to be successful in the lab. If, like me, you are struggling with Multicast too, then you would not go far wrong if you were to watch the INE Multicast Boot Camp aka Multicast Deep Dive. Straight off, as soon as I started watching I couldn't help but think "This is exactly the same explanation at the other sources I have used...this is going to be a waste of time". Something, however, told me to stick with it and I am glad I did. The presenter, Brian McGahan is a well known presenter and has done a lot of INE's courses. It seems they choose him a lot because he's just plain good and this course is no exception, he has made the topic interesting and has presented the course with enthusiasm. The course itself starts off where all other video's and books start, but then really goes deep into what exactly is happening. For example, Brian will make full use of the whiteboard, then when configuring, start PIM debugging, then set, say PIM Dense mode and you can see the packets as they start to flow across the network, thus assisting with trying to help you visualize exactly what is going on. I do like the way the video's are separated, one video will go through the theory on a particular topic, then you can have a break before the next video details how to configure that topic and verify the configuration. Topics covered include Sparse mode, Dense mode, BSR, Auto-RP, NMBA (very interesting and thought provoking), Bi-Directional PIM, Source Specific, MSDP, Anycast, IPv6, GRE, in fact, every area of Multicast is covered as far as I could tell. One thing you will notice is that this course was recorded from a live course ran with students present. The first thing I liked was, students were asking questions and they were the sort of questions you yourself would ask, so you get a bit more clarification. The second thing I liked, or dare I say absolutely loved, was that things went wrong during the configuration sections. This meant you got to see the troubleshooting process live, not something that was prearranged. A recorded course could be paused whilst the instructor fixes the issue. Those that have followed the Advanced Technologies video's will be pleased to know that the lab Brian uses in this course is exactly the same layout. If you have a topology already created in GNS3 or have a rack, you won't need to change anything, just load the initial configuration and you will be ready to 'play along' with Brian. The total running time of the course is more than 20 hours. This amount of video may seem excessive, but I promise you, it is worth every second if you really want to master this particular subject. For me, the end result of watching this boot camp was, I feel so much more confident in Multicast now. I do understand how it works and I feel that, come lab time, I will be more prepared. I hope this review proves useful to someone and that this in some way helps guide others in their journey towards their number. Toad
  11. Hello all, I would like to attend a bootcamp with hopes that it will really help me in my journey to the lab. What do you think? Is INE worth it? Are there any other good alternatives? Thanks for any suggestions.
  12. Instructor: Brian McGahan, CCIEx3 #8593 Released: 2012 Video Format: MOV Resolution: 1280×720 File Size: 3.86 Gb The CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Troubleshooting video course download is a combination of lectures focused on a structured troubleshooting approach and advanced hands-on troubleshooting lab scenarios. The class is designed for students who want to solidify their troubleshooting skills, master a structured troubleshooting approach, and identify their weak areas. This is the only product on the market targeted exclusively at CCIE Routing & Switching troubleshooting topics. The lecture portion of the class covers topics from structured troubleshooting strategies and their application to isolating issues found at different layers of the seven-level OSI model. The lab strategy portion of the class covers such topics as what to expect the day of your lab, how to prioritize tasks, and how to manage your time. CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Troubleshooting Overview CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Troubleshooting Outline Troubleshooting Overview CCIEv4 Blueprint Troubleshooting Overview II WAN Troubleshooting Frame Relay Troubleshooting LAN Troubleshooting Part 1 LAN Troubleshooting Part 2 IPv4 Troubleshooting Overview IPv4 Troubleshooting RIP Troubleshooting EIGRP Troubleshooting Troubleshooting RIP & EIGRP Advertisement EIGRP Unequal Cost Load Balancing OSPF Troubleshooting Troubleshooting OSPF Authentication Part 1 Troubleshooting OSPF Authentication Part 2 BGP Troubleshooting Part 1 BGP Troubleshooting Part 2 BGP Troubleshooting Part 3 MPLS Troubleshooting Part 1 MPLS Troubleshooting Part 2 Multicast Troubleshooting Miscellaneous Troubleshooting [Hidden Content]
  13. Hi All, The long awaited for CCIE Written Bootcamp version 2012 by Brian Dennis McGrahan, i've started watching it so i know its legit. I hope you enjoy it [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Video File 2: [Hidden Content] Files available on the following hosters : depositfile, putlocker, turbobit, filefactory, oron, bayfiles. Befor you ask i'm sorry but i cannot make a torrent with thisit would take forever ... The slides and Transcripts are available here : www.ine.com/all-access-pass/training/playlist/ccie-rs-written-exam-course/ I guess someone who knows about subtitles could make some srt for the videos Total Duration 9h 01m 1 Introduction 0h 22m 2 VLANs,Trunking and VTP 0h 27m 3 Spanning Tree Protocol 0h 41m 4 EtherChannel 0h 08m 5 Frame Relay 0h 10m 6 IPv4 Routing Overview 0h 09m 7 RIP 0h 26m 8 EIGRP 0h 46m 9 OSPF 0h 53m 10 BGP 0h 56m 11 IPv6 0h 52m 12 MPLS 0h 48m 13 Multicast 0h 58m 14 Security 0h 26m 15 Network Services 0h 21m 16 QoS 0h 38m
  14. Hi everyone, I'm not plugging/advertising for this company, but i've found this isolthai Cisco training on the net with quite a few video feedback on their youtube channel. I'm currently preparing my Written for the end on the month and am also negociating the time off at work to get to the Sept - to Nov session of their CCIE Plus training camp. It's priced at 4500$ and the accomodation is in an appartment with the other students, and each bedroom has its own pod For me it seems serious, and i think 3 months of intesive training would help me alot toward being part of the 2% getting the lab first time Has anybody heard about this company, or even attended a course there ? Thanks
  15. Hi, I would like to share with you great Narbik Bootcamp Books Vol_I, Vol_II In this pack you will also find Boot-Camp config Init files Enjoy and forget about LockLizard ;-) [Hidden Content]
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