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Found 20 results

  1. INE - CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. CCIE Routing & Switching Version 5.0 - Layer 2 Instructed by Sikandar Gouse Moinuddin Curriculum Section 1: Introduction to CCIE Routing & Switching 1 CCIE exam information Preview 18:40 2 002 Exam Contents-Rack details Preview 13:19 Section 2: VLAN and Trunks 3 Basic LAN Switching 14:48 4 VLAN Introduction 10:34 5 Static VLAN 11:44 6 Dynamic VLAN 04:15 7 Trunking 12:02 8 LAB: Trunking 10:01 9 Extended/ Voice VLAN 11:47 10 Intervlan routing (Using separate Gateways) 11:28 11 Intervlan routing (using Router Subinterfaces) 08:42 12 Intervlan routing (Using Multi Layer Switch) 16:28 Section 3: Vlan Trunking Protocol (VTP) 13 VTP Introduction 11:11 14 LAB: Verifying VTP modes - requirement 05:11 15 LAB: VTP Configuration 16:13 16 VTP Pruning 07:58 17 Manual Pruning/ Prune Eligible List 14:02 18 VTP Version 3 10:38 19 VTP version 3 lab-Verify VLAN 15:08 20 VTP version 3 lab-verify MSTP-Private VLAN 16:59 21 Native VLAN 08:10 Section 4: Spanning-tree Protocol 22 Understanding STP Process 1 19:17 23 Understanding STP Process - Continuation 09:53 24 Hierachial Campus LAN Model 13:47 25 Selecting Root Bridge 15:48 26 Tuning STP ( port-Priority/Cost/timers) 20:01 Section 5: Advance STP 27 EtherChannel/PortChannel (link Aggregation) 16:24 28 Spanning-Tree Portfast 07:10 29 Spanning-Tree BPDU Guard/Filter 11:20 30 LAB: Verify BPDU Guard 12:00 31 Spanning-tree Root Guard 07:50 32 LoopGuard 06:48 33 UDLD 07:21 34 Errdisable Recovery 06:11 Section 6: Flavours of STP 35 UplinkFast-BackboneFast 09:08 36 Rapid Spanning-tree Protocol 14:31 37 LAB: Verifying RSTP 05:18 38 Per Vlan STP (PVST+) 11:11 39 Multiple Spanning Tree ( MSTP) 09:09 40 Lab: Verify MSTP 16:27 41 Tuning MSTP (port-priority/Cost) 09:02 Section 7: Layer 2 Technologies 42 HDLC -PPP 06:50 43 PPP authentication -PAP-CHAP 15:02 44 Verify PAP-CHAP Authentication 11:58 45 PPP Multilink 11:13 46 Ethernet WAN Networks ( Metro Ethernet) 07:24 47 PPPoE - Theory-basic Configuration 15:15 48 PPPoE -advance DHCP configuration 16:49 Section 8: Logical Vs Physical Toplogy 49 Default Physical Topology 07:12 50 Logical Topology : Via single switch 09:56 51 Logical Topology : Via Multiple switches 11:04 52 Logical Topology : Using Sub-interfaces 12:18 53 Logical Topology : Mock Lab Topology- Sub-interfaces 12:08 54 Logical Topology : Mock Lab Topology -SVI and Layer 3 switch interfaces 13:30 55 Logical Topology : Mock Lab Topology- Mock interfaces 08:42 56 Logical Topology : Mock Lab Topology - using all Sub-interfaces 14:25 Section 9: Switch Port Analyser ( SPAN/RSPAN/ERSPAN) 57 SPAN/RSPAN Introduction 12:09 58 SPAN Configuration : example 03:57 59 RSPAN Configuration : example 1 10:03 60 RSPAN Configuration : Example 2 07:20 61 ERSPAN 01:46 62 SPAN ( Restrictions & Conditions) 05:45 Section 10: Troubleshooting 63 Cisco Discovery Protocol 17:42 64 Link layer Discovery Protocol 02:34 65 Troubleshooting LAN connectivity11 - physical connectivity 11:14 66 Troubleshooting LAN connectivity11 - Duplex-AutoMDIX 13:44 67 Troubleshooting VLAN 16:55 68 Troubleshooting Trunking 10:27 69 LAB : Troubleshooting Trunk Links 13:44 I
  3. The Implementing Security Deep Dive is for engineers looking to boost their Routing & Switching security skills. This deep dive consists of over 13 hours of instructor-led videos, designed to give you the knowledge you need to prepare you for the latest CCIE Lab Exam. Instructor: Keith Barker Section 1 Lesson 1 :: Course Intro 28min Lesson 2 :: AAA Login Authentication 32min Lesson 3 :: AAA exec Authorization 18min Lesson 4 :: AAA local command authorization 18min Lesson 5 :: AAA Role Based Authentication 19min Lesson 6 :: IOS Login Enhancements 17min Lesson 7 :: Terminal Line Access 25min Lesson 8 :: Std-Ext Access-list Filtering 47min Lesson 9 :: Reflexive and Dynamic ACLs 38min Lesson 10 :: Time Based Access-lists 15min Section 2 Lesson 1 :: VLAN Filtering 24min Lesson 2 :: Port Security 29min Lesson 3 :: DHCP Snooping 25min Lesson 4 :: Dynamic Arp Inspection 20min Lesson 5 :: IP Source Guard 17min Lesson 6 :: Port Based ACL 25min Lesson 7 :: 802.1x 33min Lesson 8 :: Control Plane Policing 23min Lesson 9 :: CPPr 33min Lesson 10 :: Selective Option Drop and NBAR 24min Section 3 Lesson 1 :: IGP Authentication 27min Lesson 2 :: BGP Authentication and TTL Security 13min Lesson 3 :: Flexible Packet Matching 22min Lesson 4 :: uRPF 23min Lesson 5 :: TCP Intercept 18min Lesson 6 :: Context Based Access Control 28min Lesson 7 :: Zone Based Firewalls 29min Lesson 8 :: IOS IPS 23min Lesson 9 :: Private VLANs 31min Lesson 10 :: Course Review 14min [Hidden Content]
  4. Can anyone provide list of books for CCIE RS Written exam
  5. Rumor is that cisco offers CCIE Lab Retake Policy Waiver. True or not? anyone got confirmation? regardless of the number of attempts, you can take re-take ccie lab exam after 30-day of previous failure.
  6. Guys, I've just finished INE ATC videos. How should I proceed with my CCIE RS study? Workbooks, full-scale label, mock lab etc? Any specific advises are welcome. Thanks..
  7. Hi Guys, Does anyone know about the weight of three Sections? I know that there is exam cut Score & also each section cut Score. We must pass all sections plus achieve total cut score as well. What I want to ask is that: Is the Overall Cut Score has fair Weightage? CFG (33%) + TS (33%) + DIAG (33%) If yes, then is it true: Each Correct answer (1/6) in DIAG (16% of total DIAG score) = 12points Correct in CFG Section (e.g. three sections in CFG with each 4points) My main concern is that since CFG is difficult & lengthy as compared to DIAG. So, if we make one small answer wrong in DIAG then it is same as making three whole CFG sections wrong. I know my Question is getting a bit complex if you have not think about it in detail already. But reply me if need any clarification to understand the Question. This is very important to understand because I have seen many people with PASS+PASS+PASS = FAIL due to not achieving overall Cut Score.
  8. Recently had a Tragic second attempt RS exam, Diag: 1) IPv6 HSRP 2) Multicast - R2 not working TS: B12 , Q10 NAT translations couldnt do, tried everything Config: A5 New variation, DMVPN vrf config, interfaces preconfigured with ip vrf forwarding Corp, not allowed to use network command under ospf anywhere R15 and R16 VRF Corp
  9. Hello Friends, I am based in Riyadh/Saudi Arabia and looking for people who can join me locally for CCIEv5. I have completed Micronics foundation and advanced workbook and waiting for new workbooks to be released from (INE/Microns). Anybody from Riyadh/Saudi Arabia want to join me. Send me PM. Thanks.
  10. The recording of last week’s seminar on Introduction to DMVPN for CCIE R&S v5 Candidates is now available to view here. This is the first of many new free seminars on new topics that have been added to the CCIE R&S version 5 blueprint. New upcoming sessions will include IPv6 First Hop Security, IPsec LAN-to-LAN tunnels, GET VPN, IGP Convergence & Scalability, and BGP Convergence & Scalability, just to name a few. Feel free to submit requests for additional topics in the comments below. [Hidden Content]
  11. I am preparing for my lab exam on 2nd week of Nov. Currenlty, i am studying from the following refernce guides to build my concepts : 1. Router Alley - CCNP route and switch guides. 2. CCNP route official cert guide. 3. CCNP switch official cert guide. 4. CCIE official cert guide. I need your advice regarding other books or online material which are must to build strong concepts for my exam in MPLS, routing, muticasting etc.
  12. Following are the the torrent link for CBT nuggets mpls fundamentals [hide] [Hidden Content]]
  13. Hi, Is there anyway to verify IP Services part of both K7 and K8? In my last exam I got 0 percent in the IP Services part.
  14. Hi Guys, I have started prep for CCIE R&S. can you please tell me the latest version of workbooks. i have ver5 2011 edition. is this the latest or any new version is available? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi All, Just a little question. I was just wondering if someone lately face or see any mpls vpn questions in CCIE RS Lab? Do now cisco reserve MPLS only for Service Provider exam? Thanks for help.
  16. Hello guys, i am trying to get my self equipped with current labs , what confuses me is naming convention of labs. LAB :: H1 , H1+ , H2 , H2+ or A1 , A2 , A3 , A4 , A5 i believe H Series is latest and A series is older one. TS :: OLD, TS1 , B12 , B13 . DIAG :: New Diag (Snooping/TCL) , OLD Please add if i missed any lab/TS/DIAG Can any one help me please to get above labs. What i saw is we dont have one repository for all the labs . (while we do have single repository for lab reviews) Appreciate your help ,
  17. Learning the internet routing protocol can be daunting, this series is designed to help break down those barriers and help you understand the fundamentals of BGP and build it out to support large deployments like the internet. We’ll walk through setting up peers and scaling peering, then advertise routes and then manipulate how we get there. Course Duration: 16hrs 01min Instructor: Rob Riker Course content Protocol Overview :: Part 1 23min Protocol Overview :: Part 2 16min Protocol Operations 20min IGP Routing, iBGP Full Mesh Setup & Update Source 29min EBGP, IGP, Next Hop, & TTL Security :: Part 1 18min EBGP, IGP, Next Hop, & TTL Security :: Part 2 32min Next Hop Processing 26min iBGP Scaling Techniques & Route Reflection Overview 19min BGP Authentication, Peer Groups, & Route Reflection :: Part 1 29min BGP Authentication, Peer Groups, & Route Reflection :: Part 2 16min Large Scale Route Reflection :: Part 1 17min Large Scale Route Reflection :: Part 2 24min Large Scale Route Reflection :: Part 3 26min Confederations :: Part 1 15min Confederations :: Part 2 20min Confederation and Route reflection, NH processing 23min ISP Peering Options, Single Home, Multihome 24min NLRI Config, Network, Redistribution & Redist Internal :: Part 1 16min NLRI Config, Network, Redistribution & Redist Internal :: Part 2 16min NLRI Config, Network, Redistribution & Redist Internal :: Part 3 30min Bestpath Selection Process Overview :: Part 1 24min Bestpath Selection Process Overview :: Part 2 23min Network Backdoor, Dynamic Neighbors & Conditional Route Advertisement :: Part 1 23min Network Backdoor, Dynamic Neighbors & Conditional Route Advertisement :: Part 2 19min Using Route Maps with BGP 12min Path Selection - Weight 21min Path Selection - Local Preference 36min Path Selection - BGP Origin 22min Path Selection - BGP AS Prepending 23min Path Selection - BGP MED 32min Path Selection - BGP Always Compare MED, Compare Router-ID 30min Path Selection - BGP DMZ Link BW 20min Path Selection - BGP MaxAS Limit 5min Communities, No-Export, No-Advertise, Local AS :: Part 1 22min Communities, No-Export, No-Advertise, Local AS :: Part 2 10min Aggregation/Aggregate, Unsuppress/Suppress & Path Selection :: Part 1 21min Aggregation/Aggregate, Unsuppress/Suppress & Path Selection :: Part 2 21min Path Selection - Traffic Engineering with Communities :: Part 1 21min Path Selection - Traffic Engineering with Communities :: Part 2 11min Path Selection - Traffic Engineering with Communities :: Part 3 18min Path Selection - Traffic Engineering with Aggregation :: Part 1 22min Path Selection - Traffic Engineering with Aggregation :: Part 2 14min ACL, Outbound Route Filtering & Route Refresh :: Part 1 34min ACL, Outbound Route Filtering & Route Refresh :: Part 2 19min [Hidden Content]
  18. Hello everyone! Here are the missing and cut-off videos that everyone was waiting for! 18 videos / 5.32GB / HD [Hidden Content] Enjoy! Credits: Video rip: 0utcast & cursedking Encode: cursedking Disclaimer: My upload speed is very slow so be patient Cannot seed 24x7, if seed is stopped just wait for it, usually don't take so long More shares will come depending on how much people keep seeding / not stole the post without give proper credits Ideas on how to upload to filesharing sites are welcomed (avoid sites that erase files so quickly or are slow) Videos from 001 to 142 can be found on this post: [Hidden Content]
  19. Hi Guys, Anyone going to appear in the lab in May or June?
  20. CBT Nuggets Cisco CCIE RS v5 All-In-One: 1.0 Network Principles CBT Nuggets Cisco CCIE RS v5 All-In-One: 1.0 Network Principles CBT Nuggets Cisco CCIE RS v5 All-In-One: 1.0 Network Principles Are you ready to tackle the CCIE R&S Version 5 written and lab exams? Or are you just interested in really mastering particular routing and switching technologies? Either way, this exciting new CBT Nuggets course is for you! Join Keith Barker and Anthony Sequeira as they guide you through the latest and current R&S technologies. Recommended skills: Although not required, it is recommended that a person preparing for the CCIE in Routing and Switching already have the skills and knowledge addressed in the Cisco CCNA and CCNP for R/S. (Those courses are available in from CBT Nuggets). Knowledge of using GNS3 will be helpful for individuals who plan on creating a virtualized network to practice with (GNS3 training is also available via CBT Nuggets). Recommended equipment: GNS3 or physical routers, and 3 physical switches. Related certifications: CCIE Routing and Switching, v5 Related job functions: Plan, operate and troubleshoot complex network infrastructures This course is the first of six courses that make up the entire curriculum. These six courses follow the official blueprint. The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, or CCIE, is a technical certification offered by Cisco Systems. The CCIE certifies the skills required of network engineers to plan, operate and troubleshoot complex, converged network infrastructures on a wide variety of Cisco equipment. The CCIE is one of the most prestigious networking certifications in the industry. Download Link Buy Premium To Get Max Speed & Resumable Support Download : [Hidden Content] Check www.telechargementsz.com for latest CBT Nuggets releases! 1. CCIE R&S v5 LAB Exam Format (12 min) The format for the CCIE R&S Lab exam has changed once again. Join Keith and Anthony in this Nugget as they break it all down for you in easy-to-understand language. 2. CCIE R&S v4 to v5 Topic Changes (4 min) Join Keith in this concise and clear Nugget about which topics from Version 4 no longer exist, and which topics in Version 5 are new. This Nugget is obviously critical if you have been studying for the CCIE Version 4 R&S lab exam. 3. Finding CCIE Exam Information (10 min) You want to ensure that you are up to date with all of the latest information about the exam and you want to make sure it is accurate info. You also want to make sure that you can get your questions about the exam answered. Where do you go? This Nugget is for you. 4. Bonus Tip Nugget: Why Do So Many Fail? (12 min) In this Bonus Tip Nugget, Anthony details the many reasons students say that they failed their lab exam on their initial attempts. Why do we care? We want to avoid those same mistakes. Enjoy this fun video, it just might save you on your first exam attempt. 5. Tracking Your CCIE Success (11 min) Measuring your progress allows you to objectively focus your attention where needed, as well as providing a feedback system to provide motivation as you see your skills getting better and better with each study session. 6. IOS XE (23 min) During the written exam, students must be able to describe the architectural differences between IOS and IOS XE. This Nugget goes even further than that, providing students with a complete overview of the landscape of Cisco Operating Systems. 7. Bonus Tip Nugget: Documentation in the Exam (10 min) Are you really provided access to the Cisco documentation in the lab exam? Learn the answer to this question and much more in this important Bonus Tip Nugget! 8. Cisco Express Forwarding (28 min) The FIB and the Adjacency Table make up Cisco Express Forwarding technology. How does all of that work, and what is a particular challenge with CEF? Learn it all in this concise Nugget. 9. General Network Challenges (20 min) Unicast floods, asymmetric routing, and microbursts, oh my! In this Nugget, join Keith and Anthony as they discuss general network challenges and how they can occur. 10. Bonus Tip Nugget: Over-Configuration in the Lab (4 min) In this Bonus Tip Nugget, Anthony discusses a very frequent student question regarding the lab exam, "Are you penalized for "over-configuration"? 11. IP Oper. – ICMP Unreachables (16 min) In this important Nugget for the written CCIE R&S certification exam, Keith and Anthony demonstrate key elements of IP packets and discuss their usage. This Nugget focuses on ICMP Unreachables. 12. Bonus Tip Nugget: Core vs Noncore (8 min) Join Anthony as he discusses an important strategic point for the Configuration section of the CCIE R&S v5 Exam: the identification of core vs noncore tasks! 13. Bonus Tip Nugget: Trackers in the Lab Exam (13 min) In this Bonus Tip Nugget, Anthony discusses the use of trackers while taking the lab exam and even provides examples of trackers that he would use. 14. ICMP Redirects (22 min) In this Nugget, Keith and Anthony will bring the operation of ICMP Redirect messages to life for you right before your eyes! This video also demonstrates the location of key commands in the Command Reference Documentation at Cisco.com. 15. IPv4 Options and IPv6 Ext Headers (28 min) This Nugget examines a key difference between IPv4 and IPv6 in how optional informational can be conveyed. 16. TTL and MTU (12 min) Enjoy this Nugget dealing with Time To Live (TTL) and Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) behaviors in the IP protocol. 17. TCP Operations (28 min) In this important Nugget, join Anthony and Keith as they detail important behaviors of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). From the three-way handshake to the four-way handshake, this Nugget covers many interesting topics. 18. UDP Operations (17 min) Join Keith and Anthony for a discussion of key concepts regarding User Datagram Protocol (UDP) in this Nugget. Topics include such interesting Nuggets as TCP starvation and the Real-Time Transport Protocol! 19. Evaluate Proposed Changes to a Network (3 min) This exciting Nugget examines typical procedures that you would engage in when performing migrations from one technology to another, such as migrating to IPv6. 20. Use IOS Based Troubleshooting Tools (23 min) Learn the use various monitoring and troubleshooting tools of the IOS to their fullest in this important Nugget. 21. Apply Troubleshooting Methodologies (10 min) Learn to troubleshoot more effectively in this laser-focused Nugget. 22. Interpret Packet Captures (12 min) Allow Keith to guide you through a few features of Wireshark to enable quick and powerful analysis of traffic. Also in this Nugget, join Anthony as he walks you through the IOS Embedded Packet Capture feature. all the episode are going to pu uploaded today! they are indeed been uploaded: So keep an eye on my content!
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