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Found 392 results

  1. Copyright 2020 Edition: 1st Price: $399.99 ISBN-10: 0-13-658336-9 ISBN-13: 978-0-13-658336-3 By: Omar Santos, Ron Taylor Published: Jun 19, 2020 by Pearson IT Certification Part of the LiveLessons series 12+ Hours of Video Instruction More than 12 hours of video instruction and remediation organized to prepare users to take the CCNP Security Core SCOR 350-701 exam and prepare for their CCIE Security studies. Overview The CCNP and CCIE Security Core SCOR 350-701 Complete Video Course is designed to provide you with more than 12 hours of instruction with the goal of fully preparing you for all aspects of the exam. Security professionals who already hold the CCNP Security certification and are currently preparing to advance to the CCIE Security certification will also find the contents of this course extremely beneficial in their studies. The course walks through the vast array of security topics through dynamic presentations, demos, and illustrated techniques to help you attain a better grasp of how all of these security threats, preventative measures, and mitigation methods coalesce. The end result of this understanding is to help you perform confidently on the exam as well as in your professional life. The course instructor, Omar Santos, is a Principal Engineer of the Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT). Omar is very active and a well-known subject matter expert in the security arena. Through detailed exploration, configuration demos, and troubleshooting implementations, this course methodically guides you through the topics of general security concepts; network security; cloud security; content security; endpoint protection and detection; and network access, visibility, and enforcement. Not coincidentally, these are the six main domains outlined in the SCOR 350-701 exam blueprint. Topics include: Module 1: Cybersecurity FundamentalsModule 2: Software Defined Networking Security and Network ProgrammabilityModule 3: AAA, Identity Management, Network Visibility, and SegmentationModule 4: Infrastructure Security, Firewalls, and Intrusion Prevention SystemsModule 5: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)Module 6: Securing the Cloud and Content SecurityModule 7: Endpoint Security and Cisco Threat Response Skill Level Intermediate to Advanced Learn How To Identify, mitigate, and prevent common cybersecurity threats Understand and implement various cryptography methods Apply Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and network programmability to streamline your networks security Manage network access, authentication, and user identity through proven tools and techniques Maintain the integrity of network infrastructure security through network tools, firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems Implement site-to-site and remote access virtual private networks (VPNs) Secure your network content in on-premise and in the Cloud Implement Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (ETDR) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Pass the CCNP Security Core SCOR 350-701 Prepare for the CCIE Security certification [Hidden Content]
  2. Dears I wonder if anyone use Cisco Evolved Programmable Network Manager 4.x I am looking for the latest upgrade file cepnm4.1-build579.ubf [Hidden Content] Highly appreciate if anyone could share. If anyone need main OVA I can help with it, you can run it in your lab for free 90 days without any license and limitation. CEPNM-VA- [Hidden Content] Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Guys, Tried to search here for both write ups but no avail link on Mega. I managed to download some videos but I want to have a copy of write up as well Regards Leetz
  4. Cisco - CCNP and CCIE Security Core SCOR 350-701 Official Cert Guide enjoy [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Hi Everyone As part of new Cisco requirements for Companies Gold Partnership they are requiring to pass the exam "500-470". I am having really a hard time finding dumps for this exam, can anyone help to provide me the dumps or at least direct me to where should I look as I looked everyone but with no luck. Regrads Ahmad
  6. Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance (ASAv) - 83,3MB Use Vmware Workstation (tested with version 10) to open the .vmx, answer I copied it. At first boot the VM detects that its a clone and reboots. Ignore the "ovf environment unavailable" error. This ASAv is unlicensed and unconfigured (configure it through console)! VM configuration: 1 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 4 Network adapter (Host only) Adjust the parameters of the VM for your needs. Enjoy! Password for Unzip : CiscoASAv2014 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. CBT- Automate Network Configurations with Nornir Automate Network Configurations with Nornir CBT-Understand Automation Security ]Understand Automation Security CBT - Understand the Nornir Automation Framework Understand the Nornir Automation Framework Do not use hide tag for public access links. Hide tag are only meant for download links.
  8. Cisco SD-WAN Viptela - Lab Minutes (Basic Videos) This video bundle features a complete video download set for Cisco Software Defined WAN (Basic). With over 11 hours of lab video tutorial, you will be able to get up to speed and become more familiar with the technologies. Buy this video bundle and view them locally ad-free on your computer at your own pace without internet connection, and get a saving over 12%. This video bundle helps you lay a foundation to Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) technology. The video series begins by providing you with the fundamental of Cisco SD-WAN before walking you through installations of all the key components including the controllers (vManage, vBond, vSmart) and assorted type of WAN Edge routers (ISR4K, vEdge, vEdge Cloud). You will learn how to configure devices using templates. By the end of the video series, you will have basic routing and connectivity established over your SD-WAN overlay ready to pass traffic. The next generation WAN is here so do not miss out this learning opportunity. Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. if you interested in taking Core exam, I have the voucher for you. 350 USD each.
  10. Hello guys, Here you have the valid questions for 500-651 ASASE, I passed the exam last month with more than 93X. There are few questions that are wrong, but you can easily identify them. The only material (which was in most part of the exam) I found to study for this exam is on Cisco Sales Connect, here I post the link: [hide][Hidden Content]] Link for the questions: [hide][Hidden Content]] !Stay prepared and good luck!.
  11. Can anyone help get c890-universalk9-mz.157-3.M5.bin and/or c890-universalk9-mz.156-3.M7.bin images? Thanks.
  12. Hello everyone! Would someone please be so kind as to provide the following file: cat4500e-entservices-mz.152-2.E6.bin Thanks! Like This Quote MultiQuote Thanks
  13. Can anyone share Labminutes 1.Cisco ACI Basic Course 2.Cisco ACI Advance Course
  14. INE – Introduction to Cisco’s SD-WAN Solution INE – Introduction to Cisco’s SD-WAN Solution English | Size: 159.61 MB Category: Cisco | Networking SD-WAN is a substantial technology advancement in the WAN edge. It is more than just a new protocol. It is a smart architecture that uses a centralized orchestrator to intelligently send traffic across the WAN. Thanks to the massive worldwide adoption, SD-WAN became a global billion-dollar business. Traditional WANs are based on legacy protocols that are slow, inflexible, and require individual management. SD-WAN monitors applications and resources at the WAN edge and can adapt to network conditions when they are degraded. In this course you will learn about the roots of SD-WAN: Software Defined Networks; then examine the history of Viptela and how it became Cisco’s SD-WAN. Despite its recent adoption, SD-WAN is growing at a fast speed; however, Cisco is not the only vendor offering it. We will examine how Cisco compares to other vendors and we will review the recent market status of SD-WAN using Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Download Links DLUpload [hide][Hidden Content]] DropGalaxy [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. Hi All, Looking to retrieve the iOS firmware above for a Cisco 887VA please. Originally shown here: [Hidden Content] Thank you very much in advance! Kind Regards,
  16. CCIE Data Center v2 :: Cisco Programmable Fabric with VXLAN Course Overview Introduction 14min VXLAN Overview 15min VXLAN Terminology 9min VXLAN Encapsulation 14min Basic VXLAN Workflow 8min Total Duration: 1hrs 2min BGP EVPN VXLAN w/ BGP EVPN Control Plane Example :: Part 1 31min VXLAN w/ BGP EVPN Control Plane Example :: Part 2 19min Total Duration: 50min Underlay Routing VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) :: Part 1 23min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) :: Part 2 26min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) :: Part 3 26min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ IS-IS :: Part 1 23min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ IS-IS :: Part 2 23min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ IS-IS :: Part 3 21min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ IS-IS :: Part 4 11min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) :: Part 1 29min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) :: Part 2 27min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) :: Part 3 23min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) :: Part 1 28min VXLAN Underlay Routing w/ Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) :: Part 2 24min Total Duration: 4hrs 48min Overlay Routing VXLAN Overlay Routing w/ BGP L2VPN EVPN Control Plane :: Part 1 21min VXLAN Overlay Routing w/ BGP L2VPN EVPN Control Plane :: Part 2 19min VXLAN Overlay Routing w/ BGP L2VPN EVPN Control Plane :: Part 3 26min VXLAN Overlay w/ BGP L2VPN EVPN :: Part 1 29min VXLAN Overlay w/ BGP L2VPN EVPN :: Part 2 30min VXLAN Overlay w/ BGP L2VPN EVPN :: Part 3 9min Total Duration: 2hrs 17min Anycast vPC VXLAN w/ Anycast vPC :: Part 1 27min VXLAN w/ Anycast vPC :: Part 2 27min Total Duration: 55min duration 9hrs link to download [Hidden Content]
  17. Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) (Data Center):A Complete Reference Guide to the Cisco Data Center Virtualization Server Architecture I have searched alot for this book, and i couldn't find it here,so here it is Copyright 2010 Dimensions: 7-3/8 X 9-1/8 Pages: 400 Edition: 1st Book ISBN-10: 1-58714-193-0 ISBN-13: 978-1-58714-193-5 [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]] Please save this file to your account, in case it is delete from mine.
  18. Does anyone have NX-OS Configuration Fundamentals LiveLessons [Mega or Torrent] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  19. Hi Everyone, I need to build a lab for Cisco SD-WAN and would like to ask if anyone out there has the version 16.3.2 or 16.3.3 VMs for KVM (.qcow2) for the following (and eventually upgrades to 17.x) vManage vSmart vEdge vContainer The reason to ask for version 16.3.x is because VIPTELA software rebranded to CISCO in later version uses a VIPTELA signed whitelist to activate the vEdge routers that in version 16.3.x is a simple plain text file (so suitable for LABs....) Many thanks in advance, this may be of great help not only to me
  20. I'm looking for todd Lammle's Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) Engineer Training. Kindly share if you have access to the course. Link to training: [Hidden Content] Warning! -> DO NOT hide public access links. Hide tags are ONLY meant to hide Download links.
  21. Hi All, Okay, right off the bat I know I am reaching here.. But incase, there is a good hearted Samaritan who can fetch this series of videos for us. It will be very much appreciated. [Hidden Content]# Get to know Cisco ACI with our instructor, Jason Lunde, CCIE #29431 in both Data Center and Routing and Switching. In this initial series we will not overwhelm you with information, but rather strive get you accustomed to ACI, how it operates, and how to actually do the work within the APIC GUI! This is about 9 hours worth of ACI goodness! If you are preparing for the DC v2 exam, this will be the perfect series to obtain the information that you will need to know in order to be successful in the lab examination (within the scope of ACI). Current Playlist Includes: 1- Introduction to Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure 2- Describing the ACI Fabric 3- DEMO - Bootstrapping the APIC 4- DEMO - The Fabric Discover Process 5- Tenants and Contexts and Bridge Domains (Oh My!) 6- DEMO - Creating a Tenant 7- DEMO - Creating a Bridge Domain and Context 8- OOB and In-Band Management with ACI 9- DEMO - Configuring OOB Management Policies 10- Forwarding with the ACI Fabric 11- ACI Interface and Management Policies 12- DEMO - Configuring Interface Policies 13- Switch and Interface Profiles in ACI 14- DEMO - Configuring Switch Profiles 15- DEMO - Configuring Interface Profiles 16- Interface Policy Groups in ACI 17- DEMO - Configuring Interface Policy Groups 18- VLAN Pools in ACI 19- DEMO - Configuring VLAN Pools 20- Domains in Cisco ACI 21- Attachable Access Entity Profile (Try saying that 3x fast!) 22- DEMO - Configuring Domains and AAEP's 23- Endpoints, Endpoint Groups, and Appilcation Profiles 24- Contracts, Subjects, and Filters 25- Integration of Bare-Metal Hosts (BMH's) with ACI 26- DEMO - Configuring bare-metal hosts in a single EPG, in the same subnet 27- DEMO - Configuring bare-metal hosts in a single EPG, in the different subnets 28- DEMO - Configuring bare-metal hosts in two separate EPG's 29- Integrating ACI with the Virtual World 30- DEMO - Configuring and Verifying VMM integration with vCenter 31- DEMO - Advanced Contract Configuration 32- Connecting ACI to an External Layer-3 Domain 33- DEMO - Configuring an External Routed domain with OSPF 34- DEMO - Configuring an External Routed Domain with EIGRP 35- Transit Routing with ACI 36- DEMO - Configuring Transit Routing with ACI 37- vPC integration with ACI Leaf Switches 38- DEMO - Configuring vPC within ACI 39- Connecting to an External Layer 2 Domain 40- DEMO - Configuring and External Bridged Domain with ACI Gratefully, RR
  22. Transforming Campus Networks to Intent-Based Networking [Hidden Content]
  23. Hello Guys, I am planning to start a new study group for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. let me know who all are interested to join this group. Thanks,
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