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Found 10,000 results

  1. Hi all. Since 2021, Juniper changed JNCIE-SP code from old version to new code (JPR-961) with many changes and innovation (EVPN, Multicast for L3VPN, Python for Junos...) with Junos 19.x version, as from this link [Hidden Content] Emails / Skype not allowed. Read the rules or get banned.
  2. Dear Team member, I need our suggestion to select a CCIE Lab training institute. I have got two options. In one training centre I can join CCIE EI batch of 3-4 student at the cost of 1500USD. Another training centre claims to be genuine Cisco Partner charges 7500 USD (best negotiation) per person. They say, their course materials are from Cisco(docs and lab). IF you have some experience withe Cisco training from a partner institute, kindly help me with your suggestion/view on this.
  3. Hello there! I was not able to find any existing group for those who are working on JNCIE-SP (JPR-961) so we started a new one. You're welcome to join. Please PM me if you're interested. Cheers! Mod note (mavis): Please PM topic starter to join the study group.
  4. Hi Team, I need help to to prepare for JNCIE-ENT Lab Study group. Planning to give exam within 3month. Regards Syed Mod note (mavis): Contact topic starter via PM to join study group
  5. Share it in share section [Hidden Content]
  6. Hello, Anyone up for joining me to form a study group for CCNP DCCOR? I started reading about a week back. Let me know if anyone is interested. Mod note (mavis): contact topic starter via PM to join the study group.
  7. I am a scammer and i got banned for selling dump. I forgot forum rules. Always share free full version (no demo) dump in this forum. Always report scammers like me and help the Admin Team in keeping CC free from lowlife scammers. CC is the Best IT Learning & (FREE) Sharing forum on the Internet.
  8. I am a scammer and i got banned for selling dump. I forgot forum rules. Always share free full version (no demo) dump in this forum. Always report scammers like me and help the Admin Team in keeping CC free from lowlife scammers. CC is the Best IT Learning & (FREE) Sharing forum on the Internet.
  9. I am a scammer and i got banned for selling dump. I forgot forum rules. Always share free full version (no demo) dump in this forum. Always report scammers like me and help the Admin Team in keeping CC free from lowlife scammers. CC is the Best IT Learning & (FREE) Sharing forum on the Internet.
  10. Hello People, Does anyone has these courses from Andrei ? [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Thanks.
  11. Hi Mates, Is there any study group currently preparing for CCIE ENCOR? and does that group have any position available? I am interested to join them. Thanks. Mod note (mavis): Contact topic starter via PM to join the "study group"
  12. Hi All, As I am new to the forum so please pardon for which place or topic option will be suitable for my query. As you can see in attached we are separating the same physical site into two sites with the name Site-A and Site-B. Both having separate ISP's. On Site-A, intervlan routing, DHCP, ACL's and default route towards firewall happening on Core switch and Site-A firewall only be used for internal/external policies. Please note that communication between core and firewall is layer3. On Site-B we have been told to use separate zones for each department, printer, Server's (DMZ), intervlan routing, DHCP, etc on the internal firewall. - Please suggest the design between Site-A and Site-B. - It's appropriate with the firewall to firewall connectivity or it can be between core and a site-b firewall. - what will be the configuration for smooth connectivity between site-A and Site-B? - In Site-B, the connection between Core and Internal firewall is as Router on a Stick (virtual interfaces for each internal vlan) and each vlan in separate Zone. On Site-B configurations work fine. - In Site-B core having only 2nd SVI's nothing else. - Site-A vlans should communicate to Site-B Domain controller. - On Site all switches are Cisco. As we design this in EVE because cannot go directly to production for deployment until we are sure about configuration. Will appreciate if configuration example shared. regards,
  13. Hi Guys, due to increased demand in the job market for even Network engineers to know firewall technologies, I've decided to learn Checkpoint because my company has it. But my organization has very haphazardly deployed the Firewalls, or at least it seems to be like that. I've learned a lot of the theory but am looking for real world deployment to help me "fake" my experience and also increase my understanding better. I have questions such as 1. How many security gateways can a management server handle and what is the usual best practice? 2. How are the log servers configured and setup in the real world? In my home lab, the logs just get saved on the management server but I know it's not realistic considering the log size. 3. I installed and practiced GAIA on Vmware and practiced the labs. How is GAIA installed in the real world? I did see some old Nokia devices running IPSO software in my company but I want to know about GAIA. 4. What is the placement location of Checkpoint security gateways in an enterprise network without any hosted servers (no need for DMZ)?
  14. Hello dear friends Discussion started for AWS Advanced Networking Specialty exam preparation, please feel free to contribute or if any dumps available or recently anyone certified please share feedback. Thanks
  15. Hi everybody, Can we create a group study for CEH v11 exam? Would be great to share our knowledge...
  16. Hi Guys, I need EVE-PG Pro for my CCNP Preparation and i have spent 4 days on internet to get EVE-NG Pro cracked version but unable to get. so i request you all, please share if you have working cracked version of EVE-NG PRO with installation steps. please please please. i request
  17. Hi Friends, Does anyone have SANS SEC530: Defensible Security Architecture and Engineering course. I am looking for just PDF files. It will be really nice if anyone can share it. [Hidden Content] Thanks in advance.
  18. are there any NON Scam sites out there that sells valid dumps? which ones are serious?
  19. I lost my chance to take CCIE RS lab 5.0, CCIE SP lab version 4.1 because no available seats until they change to new version at February 2020. Now I have to think about CCIE SP version 5.0. Do you have workbook and material for new version? Pls share it, many thank.
  20. Hi, Has anyone taken a new exam? JN0-663. What are the differences?
  21. A Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) is capable of designing, deploying, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting the vast majority of Palo Alto Networks-based network security implementations. Passing the PCNSE7 and exhibiting solid professional behavior, are the requirements for becoming a PCNSE7. The formal certification exam is hosted and proctored by the third-party testing company Pearson VUE. Either exam should be taken by anyone who is prepared to demonstrate a deep understanding of Palo Alto Networks technologies. Candidates can be anyone who uses Palo Alto Networks products, including customers, partners, system engineers, systems integrators and support engineers. Exam Blueprint [Hidden Content] Recommended Training Palo Alto Networks strongly recommends, you attending our Essentials I (201), Essentials II (205), and Panorama (221) classes. Courses do not cover everything that a PCNSE7 needs to know, but they’re the most efficient way to start learning. When you have the basics mastered, you should spend time on our platform practicing using the information in the 7.0 versions of the Administrator’s Guides.
  22. For GB visit the Group Buy section. Strictly NO GB related discussions / initiations under this thread. All GB related comments have been removed. Any such posts will be removed without any comments and the member doing so will face stringent action taken against him/her which includes a warning point and disabled posting power.To start a GB, go to the Group Buy section, read the pinned GB rules topic, create a new GB topic and wait for approval.
  23. Hello Any member going to appear in CCNA 200-125 exam can refer to these labs for practice, I prepared from this material and got 1000/1000. Every thing is so easy you just need a little practice on these labs. solution is also provided in pdf/word files for every lab. NOTE: You should use packet tracer 7+ to open some labs Caution: In the DHCP lab, Question 2 answer is D, while PDF says B. so keep it in mind, and also in OSPF Tshoot one Question's answer is wrong so sort it out. [hide][Hidden Content]] Regards
  24. [Hidden Content] Topics include
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