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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I'm getting following issue when starting CONFIG LAB .please suggest a workaround . *Nov 3 10:57:22.814: %SYS-5-RESTART: System restarted -- Cisco IOS Software, Solaris Software (I86BI_LINUXL2-IPBASEK9-M), Experimental Version 15.1(20130509:024903) [dstivers-may8-2013-team_track 103] Copyright © 1986-2013 by Cisco Systems, Inc. Compiled Wed 08-May-13 21:05 by dstivers *Nov 3 10:57:22.963: %CRYPTO-6-ISAKMP_ON_OFF: ISAKMP is OFF *Nov 3 10:57:22.998: %CRYPTO-6-ISAKMP_ON_OFF: ISAKMP is OFF *Nov 3 10:57:50.377: %AMDP2_FE-6-EXCESSCOLL: Ethernet1/3 TDR=0, TRC=0 *Nov 3 10:58:20.406: %AMDP2_FE-6-EXCESSCOLL: Ethernet2/3 TDR=0, TRC=0 *Nov 3 10:58:50.463: %AMDP2_FE-6-EXCESSCOLL: Ethernet2/3 TDR=0, TRC=0
  2. Hey guys, There is a new variation of the config lab out. Two colleagues went for the exam yesterday and got it. 1. MST should be configured for Layer 2 2. No etherchannel between SW3 & SW4. It is asked to block VLAN 34 on ether 2/0 and forward it on ether 2/1. This needs to be done without touching SW3. 3. R17 both physical interface are in VRF Corp. 4. The VRF Name change. No more red, blue, green. I still couldn't do the task 2 and 3. Regarding blocking of VLan 34, we need to make all amendments on SW4. Can someone advise how can we achieve this please? And For the VRF. R17 both physical interface are in VRF. But i still couldn't manage to make OSPF neighborship between the HUb and SPOKE. Can someone write me the config for HUb and SPOKE. Both the tunnel interface are in VRF. Thanks in advance. XXCCIEXX
  3. Guys, Still no positive feedbacks with updated CFG section. Does it mean that no one pass it at all? Share your experience please, if you got it (or even your friend Thanks!
  4. Its is always limited time for Config exam. I heard lot of people could not complete tasks and failed. We must have good time plan for defeat all sections. what are the techniques people used to chase the clock. Can you share experiences and recommendation. how much time share we can use for each section. and techniques Sec 1: Sec 2: Sec 3: Sec 4: Sec 5:
  5. I've heard in the past that during lunch, while you are away from the exam area, Cisco will change some config on your devices. Their justifcation being that in the real world you aren't always the only one configuriung a given device. Example: Let say you get through Section 1 and Section 2 of the configuration portion. When you get back from lunch, sections 1 and 2 are no longer working as before. A friend of mind said this happened to him on the Voice lab in 2012. Is this something that Cisco is still known for doing? Can someone who passed recently shed light on this? Thanks, Kahindi
  6. 5.2 Network Services Configure the ACME network as per the following  R20 must enable all private corporate traffic that is originated from any host with source ip address or to connect to any public destination that is located in AS 34567  All remote sites in AS 65111 and 65222 must be able to connect to the public destinations  R20 must swap the source ip address in these packets with the ip address of its lo0  R20 must allow multiple concurrent connections  Use a standard ACL to accomplish this.  The following tests must succeed after the above requirements (in addition to previous requirements) are achieved R12# ping so E0/0 !!!!! R18# ping so E0/0 !!!!! hello, i'm able to ping from R12 but i couldn't ping from R18. and i'm able to ping with source tunnel 0. Can anyone help me to fix this? CPS_A4_BUYER_R18#sh ip bgp BGP table version is 22, local router ID is Status codes: s suppressed, d damped, h history, * valid, > best, i - internal, r RIB-failure, S Stale, m multipath, b backup-path, f RT-Filter, x best-external, a additional-path, c RIB-compressed, Origin codes: i - IGP, e - EGP, ? - incomplete RPKI validation codes: V valid, I invalid, N Not found Network Next Hop Metric LocPrf Weight Path r> 0 20003 30000 i *> 0 20003 30000 i *> 0 20003 30000 10002 12345 65112 i *> 0 20003 30000 34567 ? *> 0 20003 30000 34567 ? *> 0 20003 30000 34567 ? *> 0 20003 30000 34567 ? *> 0 20003 30000 34567 ? CPS_A4_BUYER_R18#ping so tun 0 Type escape sequence to abort. Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds: Packet sent with a source address of !!!!! Success rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 9/9/10 ms
  7. This topic is for all the experts who attempted the v5 lab are are about to take the lab in the next few days/weeks: How did you tackle all the tasks for the configuration section? My lab is coming up, and I've been thinking about my strategies. While working through the H labs, I found it easier if I broke the config lab up into three groups: (1) ASNs 12345, 65111, 65112, (2) ASNs 34567, NTP, IPv6, (3) ASNs 45678, 65222. I found it easier to focus on what I was doing if I worked to build each group up from scratch rather than working on Layer 2 everywhere, then IGPs everywhere, etc. This is going to be my strategy for the CONFIG section. Has anyone attempted this in the lab? If so, how did it work out for you?
  8. Hi All Finally I pass CCIE RS v5 yesterday, I'd like to thank to CC forum . From this Forum I can get some resource and a lot of tips and trick to study CCIE here is what I can remember from my exam yesterday TS; 1. Vlan 12 is not allowed on the Trunk 2. Wrong ppp hostname 3. passive interface 4. offset list with wrong acl. and wrong metric eigrp 5. modify the route map with correct metric 6. advertise the wrong network of IPv6 7. wrong DMVPN config, correct some nhrp map, and correct acl on the R19, permit esp 8. a lot correction: ip nat missing in R8, default originate R7, R8, enable mpls on R4 and R6, Correct Ospf config on R7. don't forget to try the back up scenario 9. wrong crypto address and missing the mode of transform set 10. enable ip domain lookup, ip dns DIAG in here you have to manage the time very carefully, because it is only 30 minutes. You will not have enough time to read all the question, email, config, design, log. especially for Question no 3 which take more time. 1. VTP problem : vtp password 2. DMVPN miss config on R16, wrong subnet 3. uRPF: - R1 : loose config to both R2 and R3 - R2 & R3 : Strict uRPF to R1 Q1 : Drag and Drop : not really sure my answer is correct or not Q2 : reason of the problem : I choose strict uRPF Config - MST - DMVPN with VRF - NTP with authentication Good luck for everyone pursuing CCIE Thx BR
  9. Good luck to the everyone sitting for the lab exam this week! We are eagerly awaiting your reports!! Pass or fail you still gain something from experiencing the exam first hand. So please share your experience and don't feel down. much love! -Kahindi
  10. Hello guys! New config lab H2/A5 for you guys.ONLY QUESTIONS. [hide][Hidden Content]] Work on it and start preparing the solutions. I'll upload the iou soon. Password: ccielabtakers
  11. Hi guys, Could someone share initial configs for inetzero JNCIE-SP workbook? TIA.
  12. Hello, does anyone have the config files from the Simos Course? It would be gladly appreciated!
  13. In all of the workbooks i had seen, the solution was to use specific networks: like: net area 0 net area 0 net area 0 etc why nobody uses network in this old labs. No external network is part of this segment. It there same particular reason for it? With only network you are way faster and there is no way you forget to include some interface into IGP.
  14. Guys does anyone attempted lab in March ? did you Pass/Fail ?
  15. Hi guys, Please, can anybody share TS materials (initials config + Netmap or .net file) ? I have to work TS3 & TS4 before my second attempt in October. Thanks a lot !
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