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Found 25 results

  1. INE Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking Technologies (DCICT) [Hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. CPLL - Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCIT) v7 [Hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Good day, I am interested in doing CCNP Data Center and I saw seven exams on the Cisco website. Does that mean I need to write all of them in order to be certified?
  4. 27+ Hours of Video Instruction CCNP and CCIE Data Center Core DCCOR 350-601 Complete Video Course focuses on implementing and configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine for preparation for the DCCOR 350-601 certification, and providing the necessary skills for real-world deployment scenarios. Overview CCNP and CCIE Data Center Core DCCOR 350-601 Complete Video Course focuses on a blend of the real-world experience and best practices mixed with the requirements for the CCNP and CCIE Data Center Core DCCOR 350-601 exam. The goal of the course is to not only cover the objectives for the CCNP and CCIE Data Center Core exam, but also provide a solid learning resource for mastering key concepts regarding planning and delivering a Cisco Data Center solution. CCNP and CCIE Data Center Core DCCOR 350-601 Complete Video Course is a unique and a complete video course that provides solid understanding of Core Data Center technologies as well as CCNP Data Center Core exam. This complete video course guides the viewer from an Introduction to the Data Center technologies such as Layer2 and Layer3 features, Overlay technologies such as OTV and VXLAN, Application Data Center Infrastructure, Compute with network and Storage management, Hyperflex, Security and Programmability and Automation. The key topics covered in this course will enable the viewers to understand and implement the key data center technologies covering network, Software Defined Data Center using Cisco ACI, Storage and Compute and finally automating the services in Data Center environment. The topics covered in the CCNP Data Center Core Technologies are the foundational topics for designing and implementing a Next Generation Data Center using Cisco hardware and Software. Cisco Nexus OS (NX-OS) is a next generation modular software, primarily targeting Data Center networking, with the motivation to provide the key features of virtualization, high availability and upgradeability on Nexus line of products. The NX-OS software is used across all Nexus data center products which can run in standalone as well as ACI mode and as SAN-OS. This complete video course is for candidates who can install, configure, and manage Cisco Nexus switches, Cisco MDS switches; implement and deploy automation of Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), implement compute using Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). This complete video course not only helps building the foundation for the CCNP Data Center exam but also prepares the candidates in their CCIE preparation. Download (Links will be updated but having issues with original links, videos still give you an idea about the course) Part 1 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 2 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 3 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Hello everybody, Please share CCIE DC 180Q. It will be highly appreciated.
  6. If anyone need the study material, i can share it.
  7. Hello guys, I am trying to find PDF books to go deep into CCIE Data Center cert. Actually I have only one of the suggested book from Cisco website. Can you help me in finding other missing books? This is the list: Data Center Fundamentals (ISBN-10: 1-58705-023-4) NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching: Next-Generation Data Center Architectures, 2nd Edition (this one is the only I have - thanks ackip!!) Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) (ISBN-10: 1-58714-193-0) I/O Consolidation in the Data Center (ISBN-10: 1-58705-888-X) Storage Networking Fundamentals (ISBN-10: 1-58705-162-1) Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals (ISBN-10: 1-58714-324-0) Also much appreciated if someone can share: Fibre Channel Switched Fabric and Fibre Channel A Comprehensive Introduction both by Robert Kembel. Thanks for helping! Stibba
  8. Señores, adjunto la versión 5 del track CCNP Datacenter correspondiente a DCUFI Implementing Cisco Datacenter Unified Fabric Exam Topic Describe the Cisco Unified Fabric products in a Cisco Data Center network architecture Describe the Cisco Data Center network architecture from a Nexus product point of view Describe the Cisco SAN network architecture from a MDS product point of view Describe Fibre Channel over Ethernet Describe the Cisco Nexus product family Describe the key high-availability features of NX-OS Describe the key unified fabric features of NX-OS Describe the key scalability features of NX-OS Describe the features and benefits of the major Nexus Line Modules Describe the network infrastructure connection to the UCS platform Implement security on Cisco Unified Fabric products in a Cisco Data Center architecture Implement CTS Implement Integrated Security Features Implement AAA Implement RBAC Implement zoning Manage the Unified Fabric in a Cisco Data Center architecture Implement CMP Manage the Unified Fabric using DCNM SAN Manage the Unified Fabric using DCNM LAN Upgrade EPLD Implement SNMP in the Unified Fabric environment Implement xml Implement DeviceManager Implement netflow Implement SPAN Implement Callhome Implement EEM Implement licensing Implement cfs Implement scheduler Implement high availability features on Cisco Unified Fabric products in a Cisco Data Center architecture Implement FHRP Implement Graceful Restart Implement non-stop forwarding Implement Port-channels Implement vPC Implement FabricPath Upgrade NX-OS using ISSU Implement Cisco Unified Fabric network features and functionality in a Cisco Data Center environmen Implement QoS Implement L2 functionality Implement L3 functionality Implement multicast functionality Implement LISP Implement OTV Implement MPLS Implementing network virtualization in Cisco Data Center environment Implement VDC Implement adapter-fex Implement vm-fex Integrate Nexus with vCenter manager Implement vn-link Implement Storage features in a Cisco Data Center environment Job Tasks Implement zoning Implement npiv Implement npv Implementing vsans Implement Fcoe Implement multihop Fcoe Describe shared vs. dedicated ports Describe the FibreChannel protocol Implement DCB features Implement cfs (Cisco fabric Services) [Hidden Content]
  9. vDC, PortChannel mode on, and Lacp are not supported on the Nx7k titanium image EVE-NG/GNS3 any suggestions for building a lab ? any other image or remote ccnp/ccie dc lab ? thanks
  10. Hello, I am taking the CCIE datacenter Lab exam in August, Can anyone please suggust the material and rack rentel wesite for the same? Regards, Vipul
  11. Hi Friend, I would Like to know the steps and configuration for enabling SSO feature in Nexus 7700 Switch. And I also like to get the SSO service for the Routing protocol ospf that i am running on the same switch and any one help me on this
  12. Gents... It's been awhile and I'm trying to jump back into the loop...Is there any lab questions/dumps/answers, etc . yet? If,so where can I find them so can prepare and help contribute. Passing this lab means the world to me right now...lol but true. BR, DL
  13. Gents... Ok this may be known, but I need a consensus on this: Between N7K3 and N7K4 an L2 portchannel is created (trunked) within only vlans 30,40,60,70 - but the mtu is 9100. Now the question is: Is only configuring: system-jumbomtu 9100 sufficient? OR mtu 9100 under the interface is needed as well? With system-jumbomtu 9100 its done chassis wide - that should good enough... however the interface still shows 1500??? Thoughts, BR, DL
  14. Gents... After thinking about the SVIs - do we need to configure the SVIs as passive interfaces for OSPF? BR, DL
  15. Does anyone have the ability to get the first 2 chapters that were recently released for the CCIE Datacenter Workbook by IPExpert? Thanks in advance
  16. Hi Friend unfortunately i searched a lot for finding INE CCIE DataCenter Written(22 hours:Bootcamp or all other type No differ) & INE CCIE DataCenter Implementing Nexus but At the end unsuccessful can anyone share that video tutorial for me which i can download it rather from rapidgator or uploaded but please link be Fresh and new just really thanks and best wishes
  17. hi Guyz , I m going to recertify my CCIE exam ,Please help me out and share the valid dumps.(Written Exam v2) .Thanks.
  18. Hello People, Is there any CCNA Data Center Study Material available for self study? Also, if anyone has any latest, valid CCNA dumps then do share it. Thanks
  19. Hello guys, I have passed CCIE DC and i want to create a study group for helping others, DM me if you are interested to join CCIE Data Center Study Group. Thanks.
  20. jorge1220

    300-170 DCVAI

    Anybody that have information such as practice exams for test DCVAI 300-170 CCNP Datacenter?
  21. UPDATED 3/31/2016! Hey Everyone! I wanted to start a discussion of the new questions that are appearing on the 642-980 Exam. It doesn't appear that any of the dumps have been updated yet and I know, from experience, that there are about 20+ new questions. I remember some of them but not the exact wording and/or answers. I'll try and list what I do remember though and hopefully we can all add to what I have started! I believe that most of the new stuff is from the Study Guides so that is a plus at least. 1. An exhibit is shown of the show interface x/y with Rx and Tx Counters. The question asks for two things that can be seen from the above output. The Rx shows that the CRC has been incremented but the Tx CRC hasn't. 2. There is an exhibit of an OTV cloud. It mentions that the MTU is set at 1442. It then ask what would you set a ping size to if testing adjacency across the cloud. It gives you 4 options; some with fragmentation on and some with it off. 3. Which tool would you use to focus in on latency issues? a. PING b. PONG - this is the correct answer c. Trace d. DEBUG 4. Which tool would you use to send mirrored frames across the IP network for analysis? a. SPAN b. GOLD c. EEM d. ERSPAN - this is the correct answer 5. There is an exibit with a couple of C460 labeled A and B. They are connected upstream via both FC and 10GbE. There are then 2 LUNs coming off of either N2K's or N5K's, I can't remember. It states that VLAN 20 and 22 can't communicate but all other VLANs don't have any issues. It ask why? I went with something along the lines of changing them to FC VSANs would fix the problem but still not sure if that is right. 6. There is a question that shows the output of a command like or similiar to show hardware interface carmel crc. It says that an Admin is trying to hook up a Server to eth 2/1(or similiar) but the connection has tons of errors. The Admin tries all the other ports but errors persist. The 1st 4 ports in the output show FI rx Stomp bytes and the last 2 ports show FI tx Stomp bytes only. The 1st 2 of the 1st 4 are the highest. It then ask which two ports are the problem. I picked the 2 with the highest bytes. More info can be found below about troubleshooting the problem. [Hidden Content] 7. This question is from the Official Study Guide! When using Cisco Device Manager, what does the red box port display in Device View mean? Correct answer: An SFP is Present; but FLOGI has failed 8. What are 2 commands one can use to show memory utilization Correct answer: show processes memory and show system resources 9. Ethanalyzer showing different VLAN and VSAN ID's then what is known. Why? [Hidden Content] 10. Users in VLAN 68 can't communicate out. Why? enable vPC peer-gateway? 11. Disjoint L2 Port Channel in CUCSM. What are 3 things that need to be done? [Hidden Content] 12. HSRP Issues; Notice remote is on v1. After changing it, issues remain. Why? 13. Command to show CPU utilization with highest usage at top? Correct answer: show process cpu sorted? 14. This question is from the Official Study Guide! What is the purpose of VSAN 4079? Correct answer: EVFP VSAN I'll add more as I recall what they were and/or have more time!
  22. NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching: Next-Generation Data Center Architectures, 2nd Edition The complete guide to planning, configuring, managing, and troubleshooting NX-OS in the enterprise–updated with new technologies and examples Using Cisco Nexus switches and the NX-OS operating system, data center professionals can build unified core networks that deliver unprecedented scalability, resilience, operational continuity, flexibility, and performance. NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching, Second Edition, is the definitive guide to applying these breakthrough technologies in real-world environments. This extensively updated edition contains five new chapters addressing a wide range of new technologies, including FabricPath, OTV, IPv6, QoS, VSG, Multi-Hop FCoE, LISP, MPLS, Layer 3 on Nexus 5000, and Config sync. It also presents a start-to-finish, step-by-step case study of an enterprise customer who migrated from Cisco Catalyst to a Nexus-based architecture, illuminated with insights that are applicable in virtually any enterprise data center. Drawing on decades of experience with enterprise customers, the authors cover every facet of deploying, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting NX-OS in today’s data center. You’ll find updated best practices for high availability, virtualization, security, L2/L3 protocol and network support, multicast, serviceability, provision of networking and storage services, and more. Best of all, the authors present all the proven commands, sample configurations, and tips you need to apply these best practices in your data center. Ron Fuller, CCIE No. 5851 (Routing and Switching/Storage Networking), Technical Marketing Engineer on Cisco’s Nexus 7000 team, specializes in helping customers design end-to-end data center architectures. Ron has 21 years of industry experience, including 7 at Cisco. He has spoken at Cisco Live on VDCs, NX-OS multicast, and general design. David Jansen, CCIE No. 5952 (Routing/Switching), is a Cisco Technical Solutions Architect specializing in enterprise data center architecture. He has 20 years of industry experience, 15 of them at Cisco (6 as a solution architect); and has delivered several Cisco Live presentations on NX-OS and data center solutions. Fast Resume Link [Hidden Content]
  23. Can anyone post the latest dumps for these two exams ?? 642-996_126Q&As is not valid - I took the exam & failed. Please post the dumps for above two exams.. thanks Quote MultiQuote Edit
  24. Can anyone post the latest dumps for these two exams ?? 642-996_126Q&As is not valid - I took the exam & failed. Please post the dumps for above two exams.. thanks
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