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Found 150 results

  1. Khawar Butt CCIE Security V5 Bootcamp with Workbook CCIE Security V5 Bootcamp by Khawar Butt [Hidden Content]
  2. Can someone please share their Cisco ISE 2.3 qcow2 working evaluation image for EVE-NG Thanks
  3. I do not own the link, or claim the content. Original source: [Hidden Content] Compressed lite version re-uploaded to Mega cloud. Password of rar file: cciedc Download link: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Hi fellow engineers! I have around 2000 INE rack rental tokens. I would like to sell them to you. You can buy them all or partially. Also, I have Routing Switching & Data Center workbook. If you like the workbooks, I would like to sell them to you as well. you can add my skype for more detail:Skype id not allowed. Read the rules or get banned. Thanks!
  5. Hello people! I wonder if anyone is able to upload (preferably torrent) all the INE ATC v5 videos in HD quality. There are posts here with only some of the files. It would be great for everyone if we had them all in one place! Thank you
  6. INE - IPv6 Generic Course Instructor: Dave Smith CCIE #19125 (R&S), VMWare VCP Size: 960 MB Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Introduction to IPv6 3. IPv6 Simplified Header 4. IPv6 Extension Headers 5. IPv6 Addressing 6. IPv6 Solicited Node Multicast 7. IPv6 Address Assignment 8. Manual Address Configuration 9. SLAAC Configuration 10. IPv6 Stateless DHCP Configuration 11. IPv6 DHCP Configuration 12. IPv6 DHCPv6 Prefix Deligation 13. RIPng 14. EIGRP 15. OSPF 16. BGP IPv4 over IPv6 17. OSPF Database 18. BGP IPv6 over IPv6 19. BGP IPv6 over IPv4 20. BGP IPv4 over IPv6 21. Redistribution 22. Tunnels 23. GRE 24. IPv6 Tunnels 25. 6to4 Tunnels 26. IATAP Tunnels 27. DMVPN 28. MPLS 6PE 29. MPLS 6VPE 30. Dual Stack [Hidden Content]
  7. I did search for INE CCIE SPv3 here in the forum but I didnt' find om MEGA or Russian Cloud mail I hope Good hearts SHARE it on MEGA or Cloud mail ALSO wanna point that I found SPv3 based torrent but no seeders Many thanks in Advance
  8. Which is the best IOS L2/L3 for INE iou labs.
  9. Hello Experts, just would like your take on this. Currently I am only going over INE IE SEC ATC vod taught by two completely different instructors Brian and Christian. Personally I feel INE alone ain't enough both on quality and content depth. Two instructors basically have different style and approach on knowledge transfer, which I am not quite happy. After 70 hours of VOD disappointment, I am thinking of a mix approach. Perhaps combining IPX and INE videos just to scrub the surface of IE SEC blueprint and then jump right into practice with IPX WB. In short Brian is the best on R&S, but falls short in SEC. I haven't checked on IPX but i am open to ideas. In spirit of exchange, I'd really happy if you could put down your experience in preparing for CCIE SEC. And which vendor(s) did you rely on your studies. Thank you for your attention.
  10. Learn the fundamentals how a router routes, how it determines what to do with an IP packet once it receives and the processes it uses to accomplish IP forwarding. We’ll then take a look at the different protocol independent routing solutions are out there and how to work with them. Instructor: Rob Riker Overview 20min Static Routing to Next Hop 19min Outgoing Interface & Static ARP Entries 30min Routing to MP & P2P Interfaces 14min NBMA Interfaces 16min Longest Match & Floating Static 15min Backup Interface & Reliable Static Routing with IP SLA & Enhanced Object Tracking 14min Policy Routing 24min Routing Based on Source 19min QoS Marking 36min GRE Tunneling 27min Recursive Failure & Tunnel Keepalives 19min ODR - On Demand Routing & Using Cisco Discovery Protocol for IGP Routing 16min [Hidden Content]
  11. Hi all! There are two video series from INE Keith Bogart, called CCIE R&S: Introduction to MPLS and CCIE R&S: Introduction to MPLS VPNs. There is great post: [Hidden Content], but those link doesn't work. Someone who has those courses, please, share!
  12. Required the torrent/videos of Cisco CCNP Security 300-208 SISAS Keith Barker This Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions (SISAS) (300-208) video training course addresses the concepts and implementation of secure access using 802.1X and Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). Topics covered include certificates, MAC authentication Bypass (MAB), AnyConnect Network Access Manager (NAM), active directory integration, authentication and authorization policies, profiling, posturing, MACsec, TrustSec, Sponsor Portals, BYOD, and more. [Hidden Content] Related certifications:CCNP Security. This course (SISAS exam # 300-208) is part of the curriculum in the Cisco Certified Network Professional Security (CCNP© Security) certification
  13. Post after removing watermark if possible. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Sample [hide][Hidden Content]] Copyright 2014 Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8" Pages: 448 Edition: 1st eBook (Watermarked) - Remove watermark and upload if possible. ISBN-10: 1-58714-414-X ISBN-13: 978-1-58714-414-1 CCIE Security v4.0 Practice Labs The material covered in CCIE Security v4.0 Practice Labs is designed to help candidates prepare for the CCIE Security exam by providing a complex topology and two practice labs that force problem solving, troubleshooting, and policy design using topics and equipment that are detailed in the official exam documents. Each solution is explained in detail to help reinforce a concept and topic. Tech Notes present other deployment options or enhancements and provide additional practical implementation tips. Initial and Final configuration files that can be cut and pasted onto lab devices for further testing and verification are also included. These labs serve as a practice tool for prospective CCIE Security exam candidates and, through the use of a real-world lab topology and in-depth solutions and technical notes, are also a useful reference for any security professional involved with practical customer deployments that use Cisco products and solutions.
  14. Workbook1 - iPexpert's CCIE Security Technology Workbook (Volume 1) [Hidden Content] Throughout the first phase of your lab preparation, protocol-focused and technology-focused lab scenarios must be mastered to ensure that you gain a complete understanding. iPexpert's CCIE Security Technology Workbook (Volume 1) is a proven solution that will allow you to master these technologies and protocols. Our workbook contains 10 sections scenarios that cover on the latest topics seen on the CCIE Security lab blueprint. Workbook2 - LABS (8hours x 5Labs) [Hidden Content] iPexpert's Cisco CCIE Security (v4) 8-Hour Mock Lab Workbook (Vol. 2) Our CCIE Security 8-Hour Mock Lab Workbook is the second workbook used in most candidates' CCIE lab preparation. After completing our Volume 1 workbook, candidates move on to these challenging 8-hour mock lab scenarios. Our workbook contains 5 full 8-hour mock lab scenarios, each designed to help master the technologies covered in the CCIE Security lab exam. Students will also be given download PDF access (no DRM). Unlimited prints, and VIP technical support are also benefits that our students receive.
  15. The CCIE Security V4 Lab Preparation course is part lecture, part hands-on demonstration, and focuses both on developing a structured approach to CCIE lab strategy and advanced hands-on scenarios. This course will help candidates who are nearing their CCIE lab dates to refine and consolidate their technical knowledge into an organized and effective strategy for passing their lab exams. The goal of this class is for students to finish fully prepared to take and pass their CCIE Security Lab Exam within four weeks of completing the course. More Info: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  16. Hi All, I have burned my pockets buying IPexpert and INE packages, basically no labs available at both. Basically it is a bad idea to depend these two for lab practice, but their video training is very good, though. IPexpert have technology labs available but most of their workbook requires mocklab and good luck finding mocklabs with their provider Proctor labs!!! Agree or I am missing something?
  17. INE Mock lab 1 Troubleshoot lab section for now. IOU is being tested. They use L2 and L3 Etherchannels which do not play well in IOU. So, if your lab fails, get rid of etherchannels. Build on i7; Tested on laptop i5. all u need is at [hide][Hidden Content]] and IOU at link dead
  18. All ine for iou import files. unzip till u see gz. [Hidden Content]
  19. INE CCIE Routing & Switching - Overview and Preparation Subtitles ONLY [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  20. Hello Guys, I download a GNS3 Vol1(Download the INE’s v5 topology GNS3 configuration) I was able to run it but the problem is that in the topology interface like fa0/1 - fa0/13 are present but when I go to the console and enter "Show ip interface brief" I can only see two interface that is fa0/0 and fa0/1. Problem: In the topology (Just an example) The switch is connected like this (From fa0/1 - fa0/13) -----|*****************|--------Fa0/13 -----|*******SW*****||--------Fa0/1 -----|*****************|--------Fa0/17 But when I check "show ip interface brief" It only shows me 2 interfaces Fa0/0 Fa0/1 I want to upload a screenshot but It always says upload failed. Anybody who has solution for this? Thank you very much
  21. any one has idea on the wireless videos form ipexpert? how is those materials? any share out there?
  22. Closed on OP's request Hey Mates, I am looking for INE CCIE routing and Switching DEEP Dive Implementing Network Services, Module 1 Lesson 1 - IP SLA Lesson 1 - IP SLA Part 2 Lesson 1 - IP SLA Part 3 Lesson 1 - IP SLA Part 4 Lesson 2 - NetFlow Lesson 3 - PfR/OER Lesson 3 - PfR Part 2 Module 2 Lesson 1 - SNMP Lesson 1 - SNMP Part 2 Lesson 1 - SNMP Part 3 Lesson 2 - RMON Lesson 3 - FHRP Lesson 3 - FHRP Part 2 Lesson 4 - WCCP Lesson 5 - NTP Module 3 Lesson 1 - KRON-EEM Lesson 1 - KRON-EEM Part 2 Lesson 2 - DNS Lesson 3 - SPAN-RSPAN Lesson 4 - DHCP Lesson 5 - Syslog Lesson 6 - Other Services if anyone have it plz share Thanks in advance
  23. Hi guys I am new here but not tottaly new to the concept of networking as i had it in my college in engineering so I know some basics like OSI model,etc but never went much deep in rest other topics. I am thinking of taking the first step by doing CCNA R&S Exam:200-120, to make a career into the networking, after somewhat research that i did I found many way to study for this exam. 1}Reading books from CISCO Press by authors like Todd Lammle,Wendell Odom ,etc. i know reading id important ok NOW I want your opinion on which is the best book according to you ? and why did you study from that particular book of your choice? and finally which book would you suggest me to start preparing for self study. and is there any other notes you have that you could share? 2}VIDEO LECTURES by Instructors: Some of the well known instructors that i found were 1-Jeremy Cioara from CBT Nuggets:- I found he is very popular amongst beginners ,so tell me what was your personal experience after finishing it,how helpful was it in terms of clearing the concets and how helpful was it from exam point of view. 2-Brian Mcgahan from INE:- I found him also very popular also and the best thing that i personally like was that all his full video for ccna R&S are available on youtube for free. so tell me so tell me what was your personal experience after finishing it,how helpful was it in terms of clearing the concets and how helpful was it from exam point of view. 3-Wendell Odom:- He is from cisco press and he has his video lectures ,whats your take on his videos? any other instructors that you would like to recomend based upon you experience? pls share. I know that at some point before starting for CCNA you all came across all this questions so i need guidance from all of you who have experience on how to prepare for CCNA starters. Waiting for replys .
  24. Hello, as the title says, some of the links I was downloading were deleted and therefore I could not extract all files. I managed to get the rest but the first 5 files, namely could not be extracted due to a missing volume could somebody upload those from his/her collection or provide a working set of links to redownload the whole IPv6 deep dive videos? I would be very glad for the uncompressed 720p videos and not the small compressed ones with the *.avi extension Thank you very much in advance
  25. anybody have ine workbook with this topology? i have downloaded the videos based on this workbook.but the workbook i have is old one. or else anybody pls share the old videos thanks
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