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Found 74 results

  1. here is the ne IOU / IOL images compiled May December 2018 , support all CCIE security study features needed i have just tested on GNS3 and EVE-NG and works like a charm enjoy [Hidden Content]
  2. Hi guys, Here's a collection of the current IOU images for Linux. Edit: Newly added images are underlined... Do not post useless "thank you" post. If you want to see the content of the hidden links Please use the "Thanks" button as shown in the announcements [Hidden Content] Posting an answer will NOT reveal the hidden content. All following useless "thank you" will be removed. [Hidden Content] All images are working, tested on CentOS 6.4. Cheers, T. Dead links, click the following link for working ones. [Hidden Content]
  3. Gns3 All in one OVA to (Based on version 1.3.7 Base ova updated to include Qemu/Dynamips and VPCS [hide][Hidden Content]] below images loaded.. IPS ---- /home/gns3/GNS3/images/QEMU/disk1 /home/gns3/GNS3/images/QEMU/disk2 user/pass:cisco/ciscoips4215 OST Traffic Gen ------------------ /home/gns3/GNS3/images/QEMU/ost-drone-0.7-v1.qcow2 ASA 9.15 ----------------------------------- /home/gns3/GNS3/images/IOU/asa915-21-initrd.gz /home/gns3/GNS3/images/IOU/asa915-21-vmlinuz ASA 8.42 ----------------------------------------------- /home/gns3/GNS3/images/IOU/asa842-vmlinuz /home/gns3/GNS3/images/IOU/asa842-initrd.gz IOU /home/gns3/GNS3/images/IOU/i86bi_linux-adventerprisek9-ms.154-1.T_A /home/gns3/GNS3/images/IOU/i86bi-linux-l2-adventerprisek9-15.1a.bin /home/gns3/GNS3/images/IOU/i86bi_linux_l2-adventerprise-ms.nov11-2013-team_track /home/gns3/GNS3/images/IOU/i86bi-linux-l3-adventerprisek9-15.4.1T.bin IOS ----- /home/gns3/GNS3/images/IOS/c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.153-3.XB12.bin /home/gns3/GNS3/images/IOS/c3725-advsecurityk9-mz.124-25d.image HDD expanded -------------------- Disk /dev/sda: 21.5 GB, 21474836480 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 2610 cylinders, total 41943040 sectors Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Disk identifier: 0x5395601d Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System /dev/sda1 * 2048 39927807 19962880 83 Linux /dev/sda2 39927808 41943039 1007616 82 Linux swap / Solaris For more info pls refer to [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  4. EVE-NG/GNS3 lab Images Images included Cisco ASA ,Juniper , Fortinet, Cisco Router & Switch and many more. Size = 38.45 GB [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Error code : [Command not found: telnet] [Could not create a new process and open a pseudo-tty.]
  6. hello, can anyone here provide latest cisco virl image . i am looking for torrent .
  7. iou-web requires active and working internet connection to run the lab. if there isn't active internet connection the iou-web and putty couldn't connect to VM and you cannot run the lab. Isn't this strange since the VM and lab is being emulated locally on the system. Is there any way around this issue, meaning I could run the lab from iou-web and connect putty to devices even if there is no active internet connection. Waiting for response from the experts here. Thanks
  8. Inquiry 1: How to tell what lab is loaded in web-iou from Linux? - i.e. I loaded the lab, pause VM ware, few days later came back and want to continue same lab. Web browser does not show which lab is loaded? How can I tell using Linux show commands and looking into temporary directory?
  9. Hi there, I am looking for IP expert WB 1 and WB 2 iou. Any help will be really appreciated. thanks
  10. I'm currently running IOUWeb v22 as a VM in an ESXi 5.1 environment. VM has 8 vCPU and 24GB memory. Practicing on B labs and I find that it's very unstable. A router may randomly lose all connections, even when I'm not working on them. The only solution is to stop/restart that router, or the whole lab. Once labs are started, the HTTP interface is very slow and usually unresponsive. I usually have to reload the page multiple times to be able to click an action. I've also noticed that "wrapper-linux" spikes to 100% CPU steady when these conditions occur, at least the last time. Any advice on this? What is the recommended images to be using? I'm currently using: L3: /opt/iou/bin/i86bi_linux-adventerprisek9-ms.152-4.M1 L2: /opt/iou/bin/i86bi_linux_l2-ipbasek9-ms.may8-2013-team_track Thanks for any help
  11. dear i run IOU on ESXI 5.5 i got welcome to iou web interface - setup use http /// with out ip address , i cant log on to IOU web could you please help me sort out this issue regards
  12. Dears, Could you please help me with the material of new T-SH , Diag, and Config Also if you do not mind , can somebody explain to me 1-what is the H2 and H1+, and other H versions? i dont know what is that 2-what is Alinux? 3-what is A lab and what is B Lab? 4-Is A lab = Alinux? please try to share with me your files, as i have many but i am lost in tons of Data,
  13. Hi Guys , Has anyone noticed the differences in GNS3 1.2 ( with iou-integration ) Vs IOU-WEB ? I found that , in GNS3 1.2 using iou image l2-adventerprisek9-15.1b , HSRP is not working . As soon as you fire the command , # standby 1 ip the switch hangs and does not respond . Is it that web-iou is better than using GNS3 1.2 for Switching ? Please share your experiences with GNS3 1.2 with switching .
  14. Dear All, Does anyone have a complete solved IOU file for Tshoot, It would be very good for reference, Please if any one has this share with us. I am confused alot with a few tickets like ticket 8 MPLS, Thanks in advance.
  15. INE Mock lab 1 Troubleshoot lab section for now. IOU is being tested. They use L2 and L3 Etherchannels which do not play well in IOU. So, if your lab fails, get rid of etherchannels. Build on i7; Tested on laptop i5. all u need is at [hide][Hidden Content]] and IOU at link dead
  16. Hola! I'm struggling to find a copy of the L2 nov 11 2013 Team_Track IOU image I need for the INE Web-IOU rack. I can't see it on the 3.7z IOU torrent and there's a link on an old post on this forum to 4share, but the page itself wants me to install an app, which I don't like the look of. Am I missing something? Could someone give me a link to a copy please? Thanks
  17. Hi Guys i was working collecting some IOU images to create a permanent folder to download (for this community) to share using Bittorrent Sync, does any one of you guys have a place where i can dowload more IOU images, or you can share with me via PM, Filesharing host, or whatever site, to create this permanent mirror. Any collaboration will be appreciated
  18. Hello everyone, Uploading some of GNS3 Vault labs created for web iou. These include some labs on MPLS, BGP, OSPF, EIGRP and RIP. It contains all the topology diagrams, initial configs and the instructions required to complete the lab. Created these a while back for myself as GNS3 eats up a lot of CPU and RAM. I hope these are helpful. Just drop a comment for any suggestions. External download link -[hide] [Hidden Content]] iou-web-export-20131023172633 (GNS3 Vault Labs).gz
  19. I rebuilt a Sun box with 3 quad NICs to run iou on. It worked great for the iou only labs. When I finally acquired some real switches, I hooked the ethernet ports for each router to a physical ethernet port on the server. Now I needed a way to map the iou router port to the physical ethernet port on the host. I haven't seen ioulive for sparc anywhere, but I did find the iou2net.pl script and the python script (iou2net.py?). After much fussing and fighting with package management, I got a copy of perl and all the correct modules and libraries to run iou2net.pl. After firing up the routers and the iou2net.pl script, I got absolutely nothing. If I let it run for a long time, I might get the excess collisions errors and I might see a CDP neighbor briefly, but it would quickly go away. I have done a bit of perl in my time, but no socket programming, so I decided to give it a shot to "fix" it. I only modified the PCAP loop. I did not mess with the TAP or UDP functionality. What I ended up doing is using select() to see if the handles are ready to read. This required the use of a "select"able pcap handle, but fortunately, the perl module authors made that easy. Once I go the select loop set up, I was able to see some CDP quickly and me excess collisions messages stopped, but I still could not ping. After some doing some captures, I realized that the replies were there, just _very_ late: like 20-30seconds or so. My final task was to figure out how to flush the pcap handle after writing to it. That too turned out to be easier that I thought. The perl man pages have the answer, it's set $| to a non zero value to flush the selected handle. Anyway, it works for me now with these modifications. Since I didn't see anyone else complaining about iou2net.pl not working with Solaris 10, I wasn't sure if anyone would find this useful. Basically, if the existing iou2net.pl works for you, don't mess with a good thing. If you are seeing similar issues to what I did, then perhaps this version will work for you. [Hidden Content]
  20. Hi. I have published runiou. runiou is a bash shell script that simplifies the use of IOU images. With runiou is easy to build the network topology, start and stop devices, enter to the consoles, manage externals connections to VirtualBox, Dynamips, GNS3 or real interfaces, capture traffic in pcap format and so on. In short, runiou is a tiny IOU manager. runiou works in any console with bash installed. runiou does not provide any kind of graphical interface. All task are made in console mode. This is useful when you have remote access to the host machine through ssh. runiou run in Linux and NetBSD, and probably run in Solaris, but I don't have tested this. Updates: 06 Jan 2014: Added compatibility with NetBSD. 08 Jan 2014: No need the @hostname for external connections in the netmap file. 13 Jan 2014: Added the capture of traffic in pcap format. 18 Jan 2014: Added custom caption in screen. 16 Feb 2014: Added export the startup-config of the IOU devices to a plain text. You can download, browse the source code, make a feature request and bug report in this link: [Hidden Content] Thanks!.
  21. Stupid question but I can't fix it. I see I can export/import a lab from iou-web. What I would simply do is export a lab (whole lab, with initials) and import it back under "my lab" folder. This works but it does create some issues with existing names (like initials for example). What I see is that I can't rename the initial config pack name, and I can't touch the exported file since it's in a sql lite db format. Before writing to the iou-web developer, do you have any idea how to fix this. Example: I want to export MDSPv2 and import it back and rename it MSDPnew. Looks easy but it's not. thanks
  22. [Hidden Content] Has anyone encounter this before?
  23. Link to book on amazon: [Hidden Content] It's also available here on this site, I believe. Seems like a great book, so go ahaead and buy it. I want it in hardcopy, so I'm holding out for that. Anyway, it would be great if one of you gurus could set this up in IOU. I still haven't used IOU (I have a PHY lab which GNS3 has complemented well so far)
  24. Linux Debian with Gns3 V1 Preinstalled After reading a lot of people having problems with the GNS3 V1 Alpha 1 Windows Version, i decide to contribute with something Here is the pre installed Linux Version for Vmware (GNS3 GUI version 1.0a3.dev1) Prerequisites: GNS3 Active Account 1024 Ram Dual Core Processor (minimum) 2 GB Hard Drive Space You can download from here (instructions and passwords included, and please read the footer notes) [hide][Hidden Content]] update the GNS3 V1 in linux [Hidden Content]
  25. This is the Netbsd 5.1.2 for qemu sparc ready to run on just 127mb, one thing, they not have the iou unix images and scripts, you need to find it by your self, the runiou.sh (it makes no necesary the webiou at all) is on the image too and all dependency's are resolved including the key's just put the iou unix images and scripts and make it run, recommended qemu 0.14 that's what i use: [hide][Hidden Content]] if you guys have any issue with the image or needs something else for make it run just let me know but don't ask me about the iou's or any crack file User : root Pass : cisco Enjoy!
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