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Found 24 results

  1. Hi all can somebody share these valuable videos Trainer Profile on UDEMY - [Hidden Content] Thanks & Regards, CCIE619
  2. Hello. I have ISE 2.3 with a full root partition. When entering the CLI, it says - "% Error: Unable to launch ADE-OS shell. Disk full. Community cisco says that TAC has root access, but of course there is no support contract. Two PANs are deployed, the problem is on both while there is access to WEB. Is there any workaround for the solution? Maybe there is an instruction how to get root without cisco ?.
  3. Post after removing watermark if possible. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Sample [hide][Hidden Content]] Copyright 2014 Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8" Pages: 448 Edition: 1st eBook (Watermarked) - Remove watermark and upload if possible. ISBN-10: 1-58714-414-X ISBN-13: 978-1-58714-414-1 CCIE Security v4.0 Practice Labs The material covered in CCIE Security v4.0 Practice Labs is designed to help candidates prepare for the CCIE Security exam by providing a complex topology and two practice labs that force problem solving, troubleshooting, and policy design using topics and equipment that are detailed in the official exam documents. Each solution is explained in detail to help reinforce a concept and topic. Tech Notes present other deployment options or enhancements and provide additional practical implementation tips. Initial and Final configuration files that can be cut and pasted onto lab devices for further testing and verification are also included. These labs serve as a practice tool for prospective CCIE Security exam candidates and, through the use of a real-world lab topology and in-depth solutions and technical notes, are also a useful reference for any security professional involved with practical customer deployments that use Cisco products and solutions.
  4. Hi All, Can anyone share the student guides ISE v1.0 - Implementing Cisco Identity Services Engine Secure Solutions? Thanks Please post requests in the share forum.
  5. Hi I'm looking for ISE crack file. Does anyone can share it? Best
  6. Hi Please use this link for download Cisco ISE TrustSec Voice Of Engineer (VoE) DeepDive Series [hide] [Hidden Content]] Best
  7. ISE Primer Online Course This course is designed to introduce CCIE candidates and network administrators to the fundamental aspects of the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). This class covers the Cisco TrustSec solution, deployment of ISE, and classification and policy enforcement on the Cisco ISE. The course will greatly enhance knowledge of the ISE product solution and is essential for students pursuing CCIE Security certification. Using INE's proven instructional methodology, each student will gain valuable technical proficiency that can be used at test time as well as in real-world scenarios. Hi I hope this file can help you [hide][Hidden Content]] Best
  8. Hi Please Lets share here emulated images of vWLC, NAC, ISE, WSA, ASA, IPS, etc under this post PS: Please share Licenses also I will update this post when you share links. Please share emulations which you have Please help to me to update this post Cisco ACS Cumulative Patch [Hidden Content] ACS [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] Cisco ACS 5.4 patch 6 [Hidden Content] ACS 5.3 [Hidden Content] ACS and 9 cumulative patch [Hidden Content] ACS [hide][Hidden Content]] ACS patch 5-2-0-26-11 [Hidden Content] ACS 4.2.1 [Hidden Content] vWLC [Hidden Content] NAC (.iso) [hide][Hidden Content]] ISE (.iso) [Hidden Content] WSA (shared below by dingdongccie ) [hide][Hidden Content]] WSA Trial License [Hidden Content] vWAAS: (This is OVA image of CiscovWAAS-750 Model) (I didn't download it, it is not my upload, thanks to mavis for magnet link) [hide]magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1CB1C2766D591C4C41729C1E4D7CA7569597C384&dn=Cisco-vWAAS-750-5.3.3.ova [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] Cisco Wireless Control System 7.0.240 For Windows [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] ASAv 9.41 [Hidden Content] ASA 8.42 Vmware Image [hide][Hidden Content]] ASA 8.02 Vmware image [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] IPS ver 6 [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] IPS ver 7 [Hidden Content] IPS on vmware [Hidden Content] IME 7 [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.x [Hidden Content] UNETLab Images [Hidden Content] UPDATED: 30 April 2016
  9. Hello guys! How I able to make a homelab for ISE? I mean there is too many problems with emulating L2 switch. I try to use IOL(different versions) but they full of bugs with dot1x or MAB Is there no way exept buying switch and few real PC?
  10. Can someone please share their Cisco ISE 2.3 qcow2 working evaluation image for EVE-NG Thanks
  11. Everyone know we have ISE auth policies. However, no one indicated which default sub-sections are correct. Your thoughts?
  12. Pls share ise- ise-upgradebundle-2.0.x-to- the links in other topic were not active thank you
  13. Hi guys, I want to implement some endpoint securities, for example checking users' OS type, AV/AS, user&pass and give them authorization base on the results. I know ACS does it base on user/pass but not AV/AS or OS's patch. Do I have use ISE in this case? Any other solution? Thanks
  14. Hello Everyone, I am trying to configure ISE for wired local web authentication (LWA) as in the INE task. I cannot get it working (no redirection for the client): - Switch config (client PC is connected to interface Gig 0/24) : interface GigabitEthernet0/24 switchport access vlan 12 switchport mode access ip arp inspection trust authentication event fail action next-method authentication order dot1x webauth authentication priority dot1x webauth authentication port-control auto authentication fallback lwa mab dot1x pae authenticator -- aaa new-model aaa authentication login default group radius aaa authentication login AUTH_LIST1 group tacacs+ local aaa authentication login CONSOLE none aaa authentication login TELNET local aaa authentication enable default enable aaa authentication dot1x default group radius aaa authorization network default group radius aaa authorization auth-proxy default group radius aaa accounting dot1x default start-stop group radius aaa server radius dynamic-author aaa session-id common -- ip device tracking ip admission name LWA proxy http inactivity-time 60 fallback profile lwa ip access-group PREAUTH in ip admission LWA Extended IP access list PREAUTH 10 permit udp any any eq bootps 20 permit udp any any eq domain Extended IP access list contractor 10 permit tcp any host eq www 20 permit icmp any any 30 permit tcp any any eq telnet 40 permit tcp any any eq www 50 permit tcp any any eq 443 -- ISE config (authz rules and profile) is attached to the post as screenshots Switch logs and show outputs: *Mar 2 01:46:50.858: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface GigabitEthernet0/24, changed state to up *Mar 2 01:46:56.714: %AUTHMGR-5-START: Starting 'dot1x' for client (0019.9976.71fa) on Interface Gi0/24 AuditSessionID 0A00010B0000000D058827D8 *Mar 2 01:48:21.522: %DOT1X-5-FAIL: Authentication failed for client (0019.9976.71fa) on Interface Gi0/24 AuditSessionID *Mar 2 01:48:21.522: %AUTHMGR-5-START: Starting 'webauth' for client (0019.9976.71fa) on Interface Gi0/24 AuditSessionID 0A00010B0000000D058827D8 *Mar 2 01:48:21.531: %EPM-6-POLICY_REQ: IP| MAC 0019.9976.71fa| AuditSessionID 0A00010B0000000D058827D8| AUTHTYPE AUTHPROXY| EVENT APPLY *Mar 2 01:48:21.531: %EPM-6-AUTH_ACL: POLICY Auth-Default-ACL| EVENT Auth-Default-ACL Attached Successfully *Mar 2 01:48:21.531: %EPM-6-IPEVENT: IP| MAC 0019.9976.71fa| AuditSessionID 0A00010B0000000D058827D8| AUTHTYPE AUTHPROXY| EVENT IP-WAIT *Mar 2 01:48:23.032: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface GigabitEthernet0/24, changed state to up *Mar 2 01:48:23.057: %AUTHMGR-5-SUCCESS: Authorization succeeded for client (0019.9976.71fa) on Interface Gi0/24 AuditSessionID 0A00010B0000000D058827D8 Mar 2 01:49:22.046: %EPM-6-IPEVENT: IP| MAC 0019.9976.71fa| AuditSessionID 0A00010B0000000D058827D8| AUTHTYPE AUTHPROXY| EVENT IP-ASSIGNMENT *Mar 2 01:49:22.054: %EPM-6-POLICY_APP_SUCCESS: IP| MAC 0019.9976.71fa| AuditSessionID 0A00010B0000000D058827D8| AUTHTYPE AUTHPROXY| POLICY_TYPE Named ACL| POLICY_NAME PREAUTH| RESULT SUCCES -- SW1#show authentication sessions interface g0/24 Interface: GigabitEthernet0/24 MAC Address: 0019.9976.71fa IP Address: Status: Authz Success Domain: DATA Security Policy: Should Secure Security Status: Unsecure Oper host mode: single-host Oper control dir: both Authorized By: Authentication Server Vlan Group: N/A Session timeout: N/A Idle timeout: N/A Common Session ID: 0A00010B0000000D058827D8 Acct Session ID: 0x00000028 Handle: 0x5B00000D Runnable methods list: Method State dot1x Failed over webauth Authc Success -- There is an SVI on the switch to send traffic to the clinet (redirect should be Ok). Please advise about this situation, and please share any documentation or resources you have about LWA as i didn't find enough info. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi there, An uptobox link for ISE 1.2 : [hide][Hidden Content]] It's a torrent converted into an uptobox link. I will not provide the torrent link. Tested on ESXI 5.0. Enjoy
  16. Hi I'm looking for this tutorial :| can someone help me? Best
  17. Hi, Any idea about what they want to answer that point? SNMP traps from SW6 should be used for making policy This is for question 6.1 in lab2. Do we need to make some profiling and to use it on the authorization policy. Is someone has a confirmed solution? Thanks
  18. These all could be done with GNS3
  19. Hello All, Has anyone got a copy of the ISE ISO? V1.1 ideally, but V1.0 is still a good start. There's plenty of posts around with links but all the links are either dead or require a premium account. Has anyone seen a torrent? Or anyone who managed to download those files before the premium requirement feel like creating a torrent? Cheers! CLOSED AS OUTDATED Thanks and regards
  20. Links got removed so posting again. LINKS UPDATED so redownload this torrent file TORRENT FOR ALL-IN-ONE CCIE Security Workbook Bundle - INE Workbook IPexpert Workbook NARBIK Workbook NATALIE TIMMS Practice Lab HARRIS ANDREA Firewall VPN workbook and more [Hidden Content]
  21. Hello CCIE Sec guys. In this pdf, I'm going to go over a different way to configure your switch for ISE called Cisco Common Classification Policy Language (C3PL). I have known about this configuration for awhile but I will admit that I didn't really try to learn it until recent. If you read the IBNS 2.0 deployment guide, it's pretty intimidating guide at a whopping 65 pages long and reads like a typical manual. I ended up reading Jamey Heary and Aaron Woland's Cisco ISE for BYOD Second Edition and they broke it down beautifully in 4 pages which made me go "Team C3PL." One thing to be aware of is that almost all of your global switch configurations will remain the same for the most part. The big change is how we're configuring the switchport itself and how the policy is applied. If you're wondering why we even need to have an alternate way of configuring the switchport, let's start by looking at how an existing switchport is configured for ISE: get this pdf , it is worth reading . [Hidden Content]
  22. Hi please share ISE-
  23. ccierackrentals.com Is this a fake website? [Hidden Content] For CCIE Security v4 Which online rack rentals do you prefer. Suggestions?
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