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Found 125 results

  1. Hi guys I was looking and found the actual ccie ent diagram.
  2. Hi Guys, So am following this CCNA Voice lab whihc is pretty good. Its just at 32:15min when he showing the ephone-dn 1 part i am getting an error (see below) R1(config)# *Mar 1 01:01:05.403: %DIALPEER_DB-3-ADDPEER_MEM_THRESHOLD: Addition of dial-peers limited by available memory R1(config)# *Mar 1 01:01:05.407: %SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation of 65536 bytes failed from 0x6003ACE0, alignment 8 Pool: Processor Free: 51452 Cause: Not enough free memory Alternate Pool: None Free: 0 Cause: No Alternate pool -Process= "Chunk Manager", ipl= 3, pid= 1 -Traceback= 0x61467204 0x60014798 0x6001A04C 0x6003ACE8 0x60039D94 0x60039B78 *Mar 1 01:01:05.415: %SYS-2-CHUNKEXPANDFAIL: Could not expand chunk pool for VTSP EVENT poo. No memory available -Process= "Chunk Manager", ipl= 3, pid= 1 -Traceback= 0x61467204 0x60039BBC I believe its memory issue but i cant see to fix it. Can anyone help?? thanks
  3. Hi Team, Any one planning soon for the exam in upcoming days ? 1st or 2nd quarter or 2017 ? Any ongoing study groups so that we start studies and share information. Please PM me or comment here. Thank you !
  4. Hi Guys, Can anyone confirm going to CCIE security lab in Sydney . If so please send me a PM till now , I can't find anyone going to sydney Please do help
  5. guys please help me out which lab is coming lab 5 or lab 6
  6. Cisco CCNP Switch (300-115) Lab Manual All with GNS3 Complete course + labs: 2 in 1 Cisco CCNP Switch (300-115) Lab Manual All with GNS3 Complete course + labs: 2 in 1 Cisco CCNP Switch 300-115 Lab Manual All with GNS3 – Free Download Description Cisco CCNP Switch (300-115) Lab Manual All with GNS3 WEBRip | MP4/AVC, ~408 kb/s | 1360 x 768 | English: AAC, 61.8 kb/s (2 ch), 44.1 KHz | 2.01 GB Genre: IT & Software / IT Certification | Language: English | +Project Files This course is a about Cisco CCNP Switch Labs (Exam No 300-115). The course covers all CCNP Switch curriculum in the lab formats, and also complete descriptions. This course is organized in 33 lectures and about 11 hours. Each lecture includes a file which accommodate lecture’s scenario and executed commands. You will find an extensive description at the first of each lecture followed by a practical lab so you have both demonstration and labs at your hand. The lectures are organized in a manner that take you step-by-step from beginning to the end. After finishing this course you will be prepared for CCNP Switch 300-115 exam, and become familiar how to do their related exercises with GNS3. What are the requirements? Students should have CCNA R&S level of knowlege What am I going to get from this course? Over 34 lectures and 11 hours of content! Be prepared for CCNP SWitch 300-115 Exam Master in CCNP Switch topics What is the target audience? This course is suitable for students who want to take CCNP Switch exam and also network administrators Download Links: [Hidden Content] from
  7. Hello Guys, I want to start preparing for CCIE R&S Lab. I want to know how exactly should I go like what all workbooks I have to download and from where will I get those. what is the procedure to start working on IOU labs also?
  8. In case of FCOE VE to VE or F to NP port do we need to allow vlan 1 on switchport trunk allowed vlan (As FCOE still works with or without vlan 1), what is the best recommendation for the lab to allow or not to allow vlan 1 or its not going to make difference. interface Ethernet101/1/20 switchport mode trunk switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,10 (Why do we need to allow vlan 1) interface vfc2 bind interface Ethernet101/1/20 switchport trunk allowed vsan 10 no shutdown
  9. Hello, I am going to take the lab exam on April 26, 2016. I have completed the INE training and on my Cisco CCIE360 practice lab. What I am looking for is an actual lab exam topology which I can import to my WebI-OU lab. It should be importable .gz file. Thank you so much.
  10. Hi everyone! Its topic is all about preparation to lab CCIE security 2016
  11. Guys Could someone please update us with Current active lab in bangalore. My exam is on April 8.
  12. would appreciate if someone share the link for written and labs . Need to give ccie security before the version 5 comes
  13. SECTION 3.1 it is written , “ The ACME HQ network (AS12345) uses MPLS L3VPN in order to clearly separate remote site networks. The ACME corporate security policies are centralized and enforced at the San Jose site (AS 65112) for all remote sites. The policies require that all traffic that is originated from any remote sites (with the exception of New York office). “ the question is incomplete , it seems . Can you please complete this question ?
  14. i have configured nat on R20 but it doesn't show any translations ip nat outside on interface e0/0.99 and e0/1.99 and ip nat inside on other interfaces and access-list 2 permit /16 access-list 2 permit /16 ip nat inside source list 2 interface Loopback0 overload Still my nat is not working. Can anyone help me determine the problem
  15. vikasbenni

    Lab Topology

    In the lab exam is the logical and physical topology are same? And while going through the posts in forum i get to know cisco also sometimes have preconfigurations error. Are these common in the lab exam ?
  16. My lab is just around the corner. I'm trying to put together a final study sheet to run through over the next days. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I wanted to make sure no one has already done this. Has anyone compiled a list of useful commands for the troubleshooting section? I'm not looking for sh run | i <blah> , but rather, useful show commands. If not, can we use topic to put together the list?
  17. This topic is for all the experts who attempted the v5 lab are are about to take the lab in the next few days/weeks: How did you tackle all the tasks for the configuration section? My lab is coming up, and I've been thinking about my strategies. While working through the H labs, I found it easier if I broke the config lab up into three groups: (1) ASNs 12345, 65111, 65112, (2) ASNs 34567, NTP, IPv6, (3) ASNs 45678, 65222. I found it easier to focus on what I was doing if I worked to build each group up from scratch rather than working on Layer 2 everywhere, then IGPs everywhere, etc. This is going to be my strategy for the CONFIG section. Has anyone attempted this in the lab? If so, how did it work out for you?
  18. Dear All, I want to re-contribute to this forum. I took the lab exam a while back (sorry did not update straight after, had a lot of work after the exam thus can't remember much) and I passed. I had compile all the useful information I gathered from this forum and made a small booklet. You can find the attached PDF. I only use this document for the last 3 weeks of study before the lab exam. In the document: - You will find summary of commands I used for each section - Indicators for what technology they are asking - The approach I took in the lab - A good document for TS section I had found in this forum (credit given to whoever made it) - Diag questions from various sources in one place If you find some commands, approach or comment not up to your standards, they are purely my way of doing it. Hope this can be a base for some and reassurance for some. Cheers [Hidden Content] p.s sorry it must have double posted for some reason. In order to see and download the attached pdf click thanks button and then refresh the page. -- Martek had already mention this should be in the shared section and with an offer tag. Sorry about that. Am just posting blind --Thank Garvin for moving the post to the right location. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A question from jhattaaak: How recent are the questions in this booklet? What all has been updated since this booklet has been made? Is there something missing that needs to be added. My response: When I made the booklet, the forum only had 7 TS labs in IOU floating around. Now, I think there are 10 TS labs but the tickets all resolve around the same TS set up as the 7 available in the booklet. (This is a personal opinion). As for Diagnostic, I got all three from the compilation in the booklet. They were: 1) Switch Mac Address Sticky 2) DMVPN redistribution NBMA address with redistribute connected 3) Asymmetrical URPF problem For configuration, it was pretty much spot on with the one in the booklet. I manly noted down what keywords to ensure that I understand what specific implementation for each section. Effectively, I did print out a small book (A4 size, doubel sides with two page per side) from notes I made and then scribbled around them as I practiced. Unfortunately, the scribbled out print out got lost on my flight back home from the lab location. Lapta had posted this as a share: [Hidden Content] and looking at the post, I would say the compilation book takes into account almost 75-80% of the material. Sorry I cant be any more specific. Maybe anybody can make a word version of this document and update it for others to use. Best of luck everyone. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. Hi All Finally I pass CCIE RS v5 yesterday, I'd like to thank to CC forum . From this Forum I can get some resource and a lot of tips and trick to study CCIE here is what I can remember from my exam yesterday TS; 1. Vlan 12 is not allowed on the Trunk 2. Wrong ppp hostname 3. passive interface 4. offset list with wrong acl. and wrong metric eigrp 5. modify the route map with correct metric 6. advertise the wrong network of IPv6 7. wrong DMVPN config, correct some nhrp map, and correct acl on the R19, permit esp 8. a lot correction: ip nat missing in R8, default originate R7, R8, enable mpls on R4 and R6, Correct Ospf config on R7. don't forget to try the back up scenario 9. wrong crypto address and missing the mode of transform set 10. enable ip domain lookup, ip dns DIAG in here you have to manage the time very carefully, because it is only 30 minutes. You will not have enough time to read all the question, email, config, design, log. especially for Question no 3 which take more time. 1. VTP problem : vtp password 2. DMVPN miss config on R16, wrong subnet 3. uRPF: - R1 : loose config to both R2 and R3 - R2 & R3 : Strict uRPF to R1 Q1 : Drag and Drop : not really sure my answer is correct or not Q2 : reason of the problem : I choose strict uRPF Config - MST - DMVPN with VRF - NTP with authentication Good luck for everyone pursuing CCIE Thx BR
  20. Good luck to the everyone sitting for the lab exam this week! We are eagerly awaiting your reports!! Pass or fail you still gain something from experiencing the exam first hand. So please share your experience and don't feel down. much love! -Kahindi
  21. abist

    JBOD do not FLOGI

    So, you do "show flogi databse" on the DC1-MDS1 and you get "no flogi sessions". the configuration is vsan database vsan 100 vsan 200 vsan 100 interface fc 1/10 vsan 200 interface fc 1/11 int fc 1/10-11 switchport mode fx (tried FL too) no shut Still, I did not get any flogi from attached JBOD. Even configured MDS for NPIV and reloaded the switch but nothing ever happened. Any ideas?
  22. This section is only for questions, if anyone has any questions from lab 3 please post, else do not post anything.
  23. In section 1.2, when assigning ports to vlans how do we know which ports are assigned to which vlans? The 'Topology' diagram doesn't show any ports->vlans mapping. Neither does L2 diagram. Also which side's IP is assigned to the the switch port. For example, on SW3 for interface vlan 34, should we assign or ? I also noticed couple of things are missing in the mclimak solution. For example, question is Ensure that the following unused ports on all four switches are shutdown and configured as access ports in vlan 999 E3/0 - E3/3 are unused on SW1 and SW2 E1/0 - E1/3 are unused on SW3 and SW4 E3/0 - E3/3 are unused on SW3 and SW4 ​but the ports on e3/0-3 on SW3 and SW4 are not assigned to vlan999 (only ports e1/0-3 are done). Neither are ports on SW1 and SW2. Am I missing something? one last question. specific vlans are created on different switches. SW3 doesn't have vlan 49,411. SW4 doesn't have vlan 310,38. SW1 has all vlans and NO vlan is created on SW2 (according to mclimak solution). Will it hurt if I create all vlans on all switches just to avoid any mistake.
  24. Hello guys! New config lab H2/A5 for you guys.ONLY QUESTIONS. [hide][Hidden Content]] Work on it and start preparing the solutions. I'll upload the iou soon. Password: ccielabtakers
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