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Found 25 results

  1. Enjoy! Please share new and latest dumps for the CCNA 200-301... (Online exams just started) would really return the favour for me! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Udemy - Hands-on Penetration Testing Labs 2.0 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. 101 Labs - Cisco CCNA V4 These labs have been compiled by two of the most experienced Cisco engineers in the IT industry. Let them share with you their insider tips and secrets to effective Cisco router and switch configuration. This best selling guide has been revised and updated to prepare you for the new Cisco exam: 200-301 - Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions Exam (CCNA) All syllabus topics are covered including: Configure and troubleshoot VLANs and Trunking Configure Wireless Security Access Lists OSPF Router and Switch Security SNMP HSRP/GLBP/VRRP RADIUS/TACACS+ and many more We also cover many topics NOT listed in the syllabus but tested in the exam! You cover configuration and troubleshooting as well as important 'need to know' commands for the exam and the real world of working as a Cisco network engineer. We've added 20 challenge labs to test your skills to the limit as well as several bonus labs. All solutions are provided so you can check your configurations against ours. As your confidence quickly grows you will find your speed and understanding vastly improves making your more than prepared come exam day.There is no other book like this on the market. Let Paul and Farai help take your Cisco configuration and troubleshooting skills to the next level. Please use the free resources at www.101labs.net/resources which will help you with the labs. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  4. CCNA Routing & Switching Lab Workbook- Part 1 is an amazing workbook specially designed for beginners in networking domain. Part 1 consists of only labs and for solutions of these labs you can refer Part 2. The CCNA Lab workbook is a complete hands-on guide that makes you an expert in CCNA Routing and Switching. We guarantee you; perform all the labs which are mentioned in this lab workbook and CCNA Routing Switching will be on your tips. This workbook will also help you prepare for your Cisco CCNA 200-125 (Routing and Switching) Global Certifications Labs. Part 1 - CCNA Lab Workbook: Contains only Practice Labs Part 2 - CCNA Lab Workbook: Contains Solutions to Part 1 •Workbook is designed and prepared by CCIE Certified Industry Experts with 8+ years of Experience in Network deployments, Training candidates for Cisco Global Certifications. •CCNA Lab Workbook consists of more than 200+ labs along with solutions which will help you master CCNA Routing and Switching. •Find step by step demonstration and solutions of all the labs and perform practice by yourself. Labs covered in CCNA Lab workbook •Chapter 1: Verifying the basic IOS commands •Chapter 2: Verifying the Operations of “Static Routing” •Chapter 3: Verifying the Operations of “Routing Information Protocol” •Chapter 4: Verifying the Operations of “Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol” •Chapter 5: Verifying the Operations of “Open Shortest Path First” Protocol •Chapter 6: Verifying the Operations of “Border Gateway Protocol •Chapter 7: Verifying the Operations of “Static Routing” for IPv6 •Chapter 8: Verifying the Operations of “Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol” for IPv6 •Chapter 9: Verifying the Operations of “Open Shortest Path First” Protocol for IPv6 •Chapter 10: Verifying the basic Operations of Switching •Chapter 11: Verifying the Operations of “Virtual Local Area Network” •Chapter 12: Verifying the Operations of “Trunk, DTP and VTP” •Chapter 13: Verifying the Operations of “Inter-VLAN Routing” •Chapter 14: Verifying the Operations of “Spanning-Tree Protocol” •Chapter 15: Verifying the Operations of “Layer-2 Security” •Chapter 16: Verifying the Operations of “Access-Control Lists” •Chapter 17: Verifying the Operations of “Network Address Translation” •Chapter 18: Verifying the Operations of “Wide Area Network” •Chapter 19: Verifying the Operations of “Hot Standby Router Protocol” •Chapter 20: Verifying the Operations of “Management Protocols” [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  5. Hello guys, Does anyone have JNCIP-SP and JNCIE-SP Lab workbooks? If so, please kindly share. Thanks in advance.
  6. Is anyone studyong for the new CCIE- Enterprise infrastructure. If so, what are people doing for the labs to prepare
  7. CCNA lab workbook [Hidden Content] ------------------------------ # Hide Tag while posting download links Make use of Hide Tag while posting download links. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces). ------------------------------
  8. I need the eXDS labs Any helps please
  9. Hi All, I have burned my pockets buying IPexpert and INE packages, basically no labs available at both. Basically it is a bad idea to depend these two for lab practice, but their video training is very good, though. IPexpert have technology labs available but most of their workbook requires mocklab and good luck finding mocklabs with their provider Proctor labs!!! Agree or I am missing something?
  10. Hi guys !!! I am looking for this following traning courses but i cant find it. Please i need your help. Could anybody upload this courses ?? 20461C, 20462C, 20463C, 20464C, 20465C, 20466C, 20467C. [Hidden Content]
  11. Video + Files to download use in the video Inter Connecting Cisco IOS and Juniper JunOS 12.1 (olive) in GNS3 using VirtualBox [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. Link to book on amazon: [Hidden Content] It's also available here on this site, I believe. Seems like a great book, so go ahaead and buy it. I want it in hardcopy, so I'm holding out for that. Anyway, it would be great if one of you gurus could set this up in IOU. I still haven't used IOU (I have a PHY lab which GNS3 has complemented well so far)
  13. hello friends ccnp route latest dumps and 5 labs sims along with Visual CertExam Suite hope you guys like it note open lab sims in your browser or drag a sim in your browser [hide][Hidden Content]] thanx all sharing is caring with love <3
  14. CCIE WORKBOOKS V1-4 + Labs Flash - SWF | 2.58 GB Volumes I -4- Advanced Technology Labs - is the hands on practice companion to the Advanced Technologies Bootcamp. Each lab is designed to walk you through the technology, and provide in depth explanations of the necessary configurations. The CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Workbook Volume I-4 consists of nearly 3000 hands-on individually focused advanced technology labs that present topics in an easy to follow, goal-oriented step-by-step approach. Every scenario features detailed breakdowns and thorough verifications to assist you in getting 100% understanding of the particular technology. By isolating each topic on its own you are able to see, firsthand, the various ways to configure each technology. By understanding these fundamental technologies, you will then be able to predict advanced and sometimes subtle interactions when configuring multiple technologies together. Screenshot Download Links: [Hidden Content]
  15. Hi all, Failed my first attempt in the SPv3. A good starting point is to make this topology work. IGP, MPLS, InterAS-OptionB, MVPN
  16. Cisco CCNA in 60 Days Learn to Master The Hands – On Labs , Ace Technical Questions and Pass The CCNA Cisco CCNA in 60 Days Learn to Master The Hands – On Labs , Ace Technical Questions and Pass The CCNA Cisco CCNA in 60 Days by Paul William Browning 2014 | ISBN: 0956989292 | English | 700 pages | PDF + EPUB | 23 MB + 16 MB Completely revised and updated for the new Cisco exams: 200-120 CCNA 100-101 ICND1 200-101 ICND2 ABOUT THE BOOK Do any of the following problems sound familiar to you? “I just don’t know where to start studying. I feel overwhelmed by the information.” “I’ve bought all the CBT-style videos and books, and have even been on a course, but I don’t feel ready to take the exam and I don’t know if I ever will.” For every ten students who start out towards the CCNA qualification, nine quit. They don’t quit because of laziness but because they became overwhelmed with information and didn’t even know where to start. They sat down to study from one of the ‘big name’ manuals and half an hour later found themselves staring blankly at the same page. Can you imagine how frustrating that feels? You see, most authors throw you in at the deep end and expect you to get on with it. They forget that you have a full time job, a long journey back home, family commitments and any number of challenges going on in your life. The last thing you have time for is to write out a detailed study plan with plenty of review sessions. If only somebody could tell you what to study each day, every day. If only you could open your study guide and see which bit of theory to read, which lab to do and which exam to take. You could then get on with the task of studying and getting that exam nailed. This is where Cisco CCNA in 60 Days comes in. Written in response to feedback from thousands of students using my online CCNA in 60 days program, my classroom courses and my other online Cisco training websites this book is the final piece in the studying puzzle. HOW IT WORKS Every day you read your theory module, you review yesterdays lesson, do a lab and then answer some review questions. The next day you do the same until you reach the review sessions where you cement all your knowledge with more labs and review as well as some practise exams. If that wasn’t enough, you have a cram guide to read daily and an online Subnetting review site to really hone your subnetting skills. At the 30 day mark you can take your CCENT exam and move into your ICND2 study sessions or just take your CCNA exam at the end of 60 days. If you fall behind no problem, just pick up where you left off. Having a problem with motivation and distractions? No problem, just read the detailed goal setting guide to turbo boost your productivity and motivation. WHAT’S COVERED? Every subject Cisco want you to know for your exams is covered with labs, theory, exams, reviews and crams. From RIP to OSPF, from VLSM to CIDR, IPv4 to IPv6, STP to CDP. Every exam topic is covered in detail many times over. Just when you think you are ready you are hit with challenge labs and more exams to ensure you are more than ready for the tricky Cisco exams. There are over 60 labs in total. Some with careful explanations and some you have to work out for yourself. Please use 7Zip/WinRAR/Universal Extractor to EXTRACT FILES If You Like This Torrent Support the Authors by Purchasing It!.. Thanx Download Link Grab a premium account to download a full fast speed: Get Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  17. Hey guys, I wanna start doing my CCNA Security. Just one real question: what do I need lab wise to practice? I am aware of needing to learn CCP but uncertain about the IPS portion. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions about this? Am I missing anything out? Thanks in advance for any help
  18. Do not post useless "thank you" post. If you want to see the content of the hidden links Please use the "Thanks" button as shown in the announcements [Hidden Content] Posting an answer will NOT reveal the hidden content. All following useless "thank you" will be removed. Question-Set Lab1 [Hidden Content] Solution-Set Lab1 [Hidden Content] Question-set Lab2 [Hidden Content] Solution-set Lab2 [Hidden Content] No Password Needed. Editable PDF.
  19. Hi, This is not for CCIE, just my own knowledge. Looking at this site and into iou-web. it seems as if only 2 kinds of labs are here for iou-web. the K labs & the TS labs BTW: was there a: K1, K1+, K1++ K2, K2+, K2++ K3, K3+, K3++ K4, K4+, K4++ K5, K5+, K5++ K6+ K7+ TS1, TS2, TS3, TS4 Anyway, I would like it, if i could get all these files for iou-web and get all the questions, diagrams, problems and solutions in one zip/rar file so that i can download the latest version of the vmware iou-web image and import them into it. from k1 to k8++, ts1 to ts5. And any other labs that can be use with iou-web, to test my self on. Thank you.
  20. Hello everybody, I've been following the forum and posting sometimes something since it was *** forum I just love it. I'm on my path for CCIE and i've review all the theory and passed the written (crazy question in my optinion, they're pushing ppl to just look to the vce...) anyway, i'm looking forward to get my labs running and eventually some partner in GMT+2 time zone to study with (Rome-Italy area). I have the equipment (9 routers 2911Xm and 4 3550 switches), will it be ok for the labs (i guess for the K labs)? if now what and where you suggest the rack renting option? I'm thinking to get some videos tutorial from INE and the workbooks/Mock exams, what do you think? I'm downloading the materials for the IOU and Tshot exam fro this forum do you think will it be enough? let me know thanks
  21. Hello everyone. I'm actually studying for the QoS exam and i'd like to now if there is any chance to get the lab sims. Thanks in advance. W.
  22. This is a CiscoPress book written by Martin Duggans. I can only find it on Safari and Amazon as a Kindle version, but I don't use either method. Can anyone help with an upload? Thanks.
  23. Hello guys, I am decided to pass first switch and as i see, i can't lab all the features with GNS3. How do you deal with this? What are you using? I try to do some stuff with PT but is very limited. thanks in advance
  24. Hey Guys, Finally LAB8 is here if anyone here have any information about lab8 please share. so we can work together in group [hide][Hidden Content]]
  25. GNS3 1.x Fundamentals with Keith Barker GNS3 1.x Fundamentals with Keith Barker – Free Download Description GNS3 1.x Fundamentals This course focuses on how to get up and running with GNS3 v1.x. Each Nugget is designed assist you in learning the fundamentals of GNS3 1.x on a single Computer without external hardware (no physical routers or switches required). For theory and additional training regarding Cisco technologies, please refer to our ICND1/ICND2, CCNP, and CCIE courses. For lab exercises visit our CCNA Hands-on Labs Using Wireshark & GNS3 course, as well as other Cisco-focused lab-based courses offered by CBT Nuggets. Related area of expertise: â Cisco networking: CCENT, CCNA, CCNP & CCIE Recommended skills: â Basic understanding of Concepts taught in ICND1 or equivalent experience. Recommended equipment: â GNS3 v1.x â Cisco iOS image (12.x or 15x) supported by GNS3 Related certifications: â CCENT â CCNA Routing and Switching â CCNP Routing and Switching â CCIE Routing and Switching Related job functions: â Network technician â Network engineer This CBT Nuggets GNS3 v1.x Fundamentals course provides training on how to create a practice lab enviroNMEnt for individuals interested in mastering networking technology through practicing hands on! Download Links: GNS3_1.x_Fundamentals_with_Keith_Barker.rar Other Informations About GNS3 1.x Fundamentals with Keith Barker
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