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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, Here are 505 Cisco network icons for creating diagrams or use it on your emulators or designs. SVG files only! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. ATTACKING NETWORK PROTOCOLS A Hacker’s Guide to Capture, Analysis, and Exploitation by James Forshaw, 2018 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. any one has given this dump, do you have the answers verified
  4. *CNSS Certified Network Security Specialist Course From ICSI For Free Worth 300 Euros -Click on the Buy button -Now Create your Account by putting correct details. -Once You Signed up, Now you can see the purchase page where you can enter the below coupon code to get the Course Price 0 and Also You don’t need a Credit or Debit card. *#staysafehome* (including the hashtag) [Hidden Content] Warning! -> DO NOT hide public access links. Hide tags are ONLY meant to hide Download links.
  5. David Bombal Udemy free courses..Enroll yourself as soon as possible. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Thank you.
  6. routeHub - Network Design Training Format: MP4, PDF Size: 2.2GB This share includes one course: Network Design Training Note: As of January 2017 this course is still considered incomplete!!! Introduction - 100% Complete Step 1: Requirements - 100% Complete Step 2: General Design - 100% Complete Step 3: Solutions - 100% complete Step 4: Services - 85% complete Step 5: Design Options - 0% complete. Don't complain!!! You've been told it's incomplete and sections are marked incomplete also. Updates: will update this thread with all updates to this course monthly. Laste Updated: January 6, 2017 [Hidden Content]
  7. Hello Guys. Everybody is bored and some of you might be staying alone and might have lost motivation and desire to learn during this time. I say why not start a group and encourage each other and leverage this time and opportunity to make a breakthrough in our skillsets. Guys, I request you to join this group and become a part of development. Even if you have completed this part, and if you need a refresher please join the group or if you want to guide others also. And I don't know where to create a group. Online groups can be made based on suggestions. Thank you. My favourite quote by Rocky Balboa.
  8. Here is the link to download Networking for Vmware Administrators written by Chris Wahl, Steven Pantol [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. Hi, Me and my friend is currently setting up a Xen test environment. As you can se from the picture below we are running a Cisco ASA 5505 to reach the network from the outside. But the problem is that we want to reach the virtual pfSense's subnet's through the Cisco AnyConnect VPN. And currently the pfSense's are only configured with a public ip and a virtual interface to the VM's. We could be lazy and do a tunnel to the Cisco from each pfSense. I guess that could be a temporarily solution. Or we could solve this problem by buying another PCI NIC, so that we have a physical link from the "pfSense box" to a tagged VLAN on the switch. But we are having problems configuring the switch to general vlan's. Cause Xen can't have it's management interface on a tagged VLAN directly from the XenServer, but the switch can tag the packet when it reaches the switchport. Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this? I would like to have "switchport general allowed vlan 2" for admin and 10 for "LAN" And then trunk the port to the Cisco ASA. But again, Xen stops me from doing this. Thanks! Regards. Jonher937
  10. Hi All, I would like to search the list of host connected into the network. I am searching IPs manually. if you guys have any script or good tool, please share it. thanks R2K
  11. DEAD LINKS OpenVSwitch [hide][Hidden Content]] OpenStack [hide][Hidden Content]] SDN [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. Anybody can share documents about TIA 942 / EIA-310?
  13. Cisco Network CCNA IPv6 Cisco Network CCNA IPv6 Cisco Network CCNA IPv6 Course: IPv6 Addressing on Enterprise and Service Provider Networks Course Description Samâs Courses have been taken over 30,000+ times by 20,000+ students all over the world. And now, heâs ready to help YOU! If youâre the type of person that doesnât like to waste time, learn at a quick yet easy pace, and follow along with state of the art âPreziâ guides and voice overs, then boy do we have the course for you! The average amount of lecture time for a course like this is 10 hours, but ours is 1. Itâs not less information. Itâs just exactly what you need to know. âComing from the mind of an industry expert with 20+ years of experience, Sam masterfully breaks down every last detail in a quick, easy to understand way. His teaching style is light and quick, and I just canât make myself boredâ â Isaiah T. 5 Stars âThis course makes CCNA topics like routing technologies and network device security as simple as possible. I really enjoyed it, and I will definitely being taking more of your courses.â â Trever Eason 5 Stars In fact, thereâs mile long lists of people raving about our courses, and how much they love them, and we know you will too. ——————————————————————————————————————- This course is packed with essential, need to know info that is useful for tests. But most importantly, it gives you real world applications. Thereâs no reason to spend an additional 9 hours, following along as a boring, monotone voice reads off a pdf. Not when you can get this 1 hour, fast-paced work of art that keeps you on your toes and engaged the entire way through. Sam has successfully helped 20,000 students learn and understand various networking topics, and begin their journey on career success. Letâs make you 20,001! Enroll Today! Download Link Grab a premium account to download a full fast speed: Get Download Link: [Hidden Content] What are the requirements? Basic networking knowledge What am I going to get from this course? Over 10 lectures and 38 mins of content! 1+ Hours of training, and 9 Lessons!, all absolutely packed with need-to-know info! Access to our FREE course updates! All info is up-to-date and easy to follow Learn from a network expert with 20+ years of experience! Gain access to our real world examples and knowledge that can’t be found anywhere else! Professionally edited videos videos with clear audio to make student enjoyment the best it can be Quickly acquire the book knowledge you’ll need without the fluff! Deploy IPv6 Addressing and Basic Connectivity on an enterprise or service provider network Trouble-shoot IPv6 Addressing and Basic Connectivity Access to our unique and exclusive “Video Cheat Sheets”! Configure networks using IPv6 Addressing And More! What is the target audience? Networking engineers wanting to learn about IPv6 Addressing and Basic connectivity Networking engineers looking to advance in their careers and make more money Networking students (those who are interested about learning about Networking but are not yet networking engineers) Curriculum Section 1: Introduction and Documentation Lecture 1 Introduction 03:17 Lecture 2 Documentation 2 pages Section 2: IPv6 Addressing and Basic Connectivity Lecture 3 IPv6 Addressing and Enabling IPv6 Routing 05:59 Lecture 4 IPv6 General Prefixes 07:07 Lecture 5 Congratulations Article Lecture 6 IPv4 and IPv6 Protocol Stacks 06:00 Lecture 7 IPv6 ICMP Rate Limiting 04:37 Lecture 8 Cisco Express Forwarding 03:59 Lecture 9 Reminder Article Lecture 10 Hostnames to IPv6 Addresses 03:28 More on [Hidden Content]
  14. Hi everybody Here a youtube channel for free network tutorials + all with ansible automation cisco , juniper , cumulus and .... please subscribe [Hidden Content]
  15. Hello Friends, I came across this Android App Network Interview QnA. Check this out if you like Description: Network Interview QnA is a collection of frequently asked questions in the Routing,Switching & Security interviews .Most of the questions are gathered from the numerous sources including the real interviews,This application is great for both interviewer to quickly come up with questions.Great for brushing up questions before an interview. This app is great resource if you are preparing for the Cisco certifications such as CCNA Routing & Switching,CCNA Security,CCNP Routing & Switching & CCNP Security Advantages -Bookmark questions for later review -We will provide the updates as much as we can -Questions are sorted in sub-categories for easy access -Customise the notification for the updates -We will include the questions sent by users -You can use the widget included with this app as an flashcard like interface to memorise the answers Google Playstore link : [Hidden Content]
  16. Can anyone share Cisco network registrar or Cisco prime network registrar???? Cisco Prime Network Registrar Local Virtual Appliance for VMWare cpnr_8_2_0_1_local_ovf.zip
  17. Cisco Advanced Catalyst 6500 Switched Networks V1.1 / English/ 1.70 GB Video Training ================================================================================== Introduces the details of the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches, including a detailed overview of many of the modules and components available. Features and technologies addressed include gigabit scalability, high availability, and Layer 2, Layer 3, and management improvements over previous Catalyst operating system software and Cisco IOS software releases. Its a official course given in Learning Partners of Cisco This contains: - Course Administration Guide - Lab Guide - PPTs of Instructor - Doc Course vol 1CACSN v1.1 - Doc Course vol 2 1CACSN v1.1 - Doc Course vol 3 1CACSN v1.1 - 6500-Cat-Dvd.iso - CACSNSGv1.1Lab_Guide.rar - CACSNSGv1.1Vol1.rar - CACSNSGv1.1Vol2.rar - CACSNSGv1.1Vol3.rar - CACSN_1.1_Powerpoint.rar - Cat6500LabPowerPoint.rar - CAT6KM_SG_DOC.rar - CAT6KM_SG_PDF.rar - CAT6KM_SG_PPT.rar - Catalyst_6500_BootCamp.rar - Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch Architecture.avi - CISCO_CATALYST_6500_STUDENT_GUIDE_V1.pdf - Cisco_Catalyst_6500_Technical_Training.pdf - Cisco_Catalyst_6500_Technical_Training.ppt - Cisco_Systems_Confidential_6500_BootCamp.rar - Knowledgenet_CAT6500.rar - Switch_6500_Labs.rar - Switch_6500_Product_Training_Course.rar Download Links:[hiDE][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Mirror [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] OR [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] DEAD LINKS
  18. Hello Guys, If question says in lab exam do we need to use netwok x.x.x.x mask command under bgp process? Can you guys help is there any question which loopback no need to be advertised for BGP in lab exam?
  19. Hi there, As it's written in a lot of books, BGP auto-summary with a classful network command should produce a classful summary route if any subnet exists in RIB. Then it should announce summary AND all subset routes. Quotes: However in my labs (with different IOSes) I'm getting other result! The router announces classful summary route only and no it's subnets: router bgp 65002 network auto-summary ip route Null0 200 ip route Null0 200 ip route Null0 200 #sh ip bgp Network Next Hop Metric LocPrf Weight Path *> 0 32768 i Why? Did I understand that logic wrong?
  20. Hi everyone, I have crossed and interesting problem with networking on CUCM. I am currently running CUCM 10.5 and now upgrading to on Hyper-V (demo ofc). Version 11.0.1 is based on "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.6 (Santiago)(3.10.0-514.e17.x86_64)". Problem: When I set 1 virtual CPU on Hyper-V for version 10.5 or 11 network starts with "OK" (see bottom) and it doesnt go down until system shutdown is called - I can ping the machine. Bringing up loopback interface: [ OK ] Bringing up interface ethO: Deternining if ip address 192.168.G.100 is already in use for deuice ethO. [ OK ] BUT, when I set more than 1 virtual CPU on Hyper-V for version 10.5 or 11, network starts also with "OK" (the same way as with 1 vCPU) and then it goes down right after couple of "Detecting Server Hardware" messages. Weird thing is that CUCM shows "no link" in both situations from "show network eth0" messages for both situations: Ethernet 0 DHCP : disabled Status : up IP Address : IP Mask : Link Detected : no Mode : Auto disabled, N/A, N/A Duplicate IP : no DNS: Not configured Gateway : on Ethernet 0 I am sure the network settings are the same, nothing changed, only the number of vCPUs are not equal 1. Why would RHEL or CUCM shutdown networking just because there are more then 1 CPU? PS: I can supply screenshots if needed. Please no "this is unsupported" comments. Of course its unsupported and thats why i am asking professionals for help Thx everyone
  21. Guys i have a simple question and yet for me it's a dilemma, in Centos 6 i used to configure the network/domain using the ifcfg files and restart the network service, is it now essential to reload the files with nmcli ? so for example if i want to access example.com and i have the DNS and GATEWAY , what should i do ? i add them into the ifcfg-eth0 , resolv.conf and then run nmcli to reload the files ? and other than that i will not be able to access that network ? Thanks
  22. Free 6 months Pluralsight Subscription Credits to Fossbytes. Just follow the link below! Cheers & happy studying!!! [hide][Hidden Content]]
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