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Found 9 results

  1. Guys who have recently passed ccna exam 200-120. Kindly post your exam questions here.
  2. Hello, I will be posting some of the questions that I encounter, while going through the preparation for CISSP. I'll be posting questions which I find ambiguous or tricky. If you are preparing for CISSP or if you already are a CISSP, lets get some answers here. Also, try to justify your answers with reasons and references. Thanks. Q1: Who is ultimately responsible for data(information) security?
  3. Hi, I need latest questions for 70-564 exam.. I have exam in next month.. Pls help me.. If you have any mail to <email ids not allowed. read forum rules or get banned> or it would be great if you provide link.. Thanks in advance.. Regards, Sankar G
  4. The latest CCIE-R&S Written dumps from SPOTO. Please be grateful to the original contributors. Thanks [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Gents... It's been awhile and I'm trying to jump back into the loop...Is there any lab questions/dumps/answers, etc . yet? If,so where can I find them so can prepare and help contribute. Passing this lab means the world to me right now...lol but true. BR, DL
  6. Hello Friends, I came across this Android App Network Interview QnA. Check this out if you like Description: Network Interview QnA is a collection of frequently asked questions in the Routing,Switching & Security interviews .Most of the questions are gathered from the numerous sources including the real interviews,This application is great for both interviewer to quickly come up with questions.Great for brushing up questions before an interview. This app is great resource if you are preparing for the Cisco certifications such as CCNA Routing & Switching,CCNA Security,CCNP Routing & Switching & CCNP Security Advantages -Bookmark questions for later review -We will provide the updates as much as we can -Questions are sorted in sub-categories for easy access -Customise the notification for the updates -We will include the questions sent by users -You can use the widget included with this app as an flashcard like interface to memorise the answers Google Playstore link : [Hidden Content]
  7. Could you pls verify. I found a set of questions and I think a lot of errors. Which of the following is a limitation of satellite broadband? A. The speed is capped by ISO regulations B. Requires line of sight C. Cannot be used in remote locations D. it is a receive only transmission D (?) A technician is called to a school lab to fix a computer. The computer worked fine the day before, but now does not power on. The computer is plugged into a power strip with another computer. The other computer works fine. Which of the following could be the problem? (Select TWO). A. The power strip is overloaded. B. The monitor is unplugged. C. The power cable is unplugged from the computer. D. The power strip is unplugged. E. The voltage switch on the computer is set incorrectly. C,E (A?) A user wants their computer to automatically receive updates from Microsoft; however, they do not want the updates to interfere while they are working. Which of the following should be selected to BEST meet the user's needs? A. Set automatic updates to download only. B. Turn on Automatic Updates. C. Turn off the firewall. D. Set automatic updates to download and install A After successfully installing a free antivirus solution, Windows reports that no antivirus software is currently protecting the system. Which of the following solutions would resolve this issue? A. Disable the antivirus logging in the Event Viewer. B. Disable antivirus protection notification within Security Center. C. Install the Microsoft Malicious Software removal tool. D. Update the Antivirus definitions B (was D?) A technician needs to test connectivity to a particular host. Which of the following commands would MOST likely be used? CompTIA 220-701: Practice Exam "Pass Any Exam. Any Time." - www.actualtests.com 10 ActualTests.com A. telnet B. netstat C. ipconfig D. ping D (was A) Which of the following processors uses a pin array cartridge? A. Athlon XP B. Itanium C. Xeon D. Pentium 4 D Which of the following memory modules could be installed if the system workstation requirements called for PC2700 DDR DIMMS? A. PC2100 B. PC133 C. DDR3-1600 D. PC3200 A Which of the following steps in the troubleshooting process should be performed when the cause cannot be confirmed? A. Establish a plan of action B. Document findings C. Re-establish new theory D. Identify the problem B or C? Which of the following is a hot plug device for a laptop? (Select TWO). A. SDRAM B. Express card C. Mini-PCI card D. PCMCIA card E. Video card B,D A technician has just completed a processor swap for a rebuilt PC. After the PC is reassembled and powered on it starts momentarily and immediately shuts off during POST. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue? A. The case fan was not connected and the processor overheated. B. The heatsink is loose and the processor overheated. C. The liquid cooling system is defective and the processor overheated. D. The thermal compound was not applied and the processor overheated B or D (only one correct, I would go for D) An unidentified person gains access to an office workplace, posing as a new IT staff member. The unidentified person tries to obtain passwords through conversation with other administrators. Which of the following security breaches is occurring? A. Social engineering B. Brute force cracking C. Biometric attack D. Phishing A vs D A user purchases a new laptop. The old laptop used a PCMCIA wireless adapter to connect to the Internet. When the user attempts to install the PCMCIA card into the new machine they find the slot is too small. Which of the following is MOST likely the expansion slot type? A. Express bus B. eSATA C. Mini PCI D. IEEE 1394 A In which of the following steps of the troubleshooting theory is it important to perform backups? A. Verify full system functionality. B. Test the theory to determine cause. C. Identify the problem. D. Document findings, actions, and outcomes B A user wants to print on multipart forms. Which of the following printer types would a technician MOST likely recommend? A. Thermal B. Impact C. Laser D. Inkjet B Which of the following is the maximum FAT32 volume size Windows 2000 and XP will recognize? A. Upto16GB B. Up to 32GB C. Upto 1024GB D. Up to 2048GB B because it is Win2000, fat32 can go up to 2TB... right? A. Ensure all preventative maintenance tasks are being performed B. Deploy a RAID system C. Schedule regular system backups D. Ensure that all servers are in secured areas E. Deploy all OS and security updates C for sure... and B? Which of the following allows for the GREATEST heat dissipation? A. Liquid cooling B. Case fans C. Heatsink D. Thermal compound it was C... sure? A technician is trying to understand a user's computer problem, but is having difficulty understanding exactly what is wrong with the computer. Which of the following steps can the technician take to BEST understand the user? (Select TWO). A. Minimize the user's problems B. Offer different repair options. C. Ask open-ended questions. D. Avoid being judgmental. E. Restate the issues Which of the following adapter cards would be the FASTEST for connecting an external hard drive? A. Wide SCSI B. FireWire800 C. eSATA D. USB 2.0 it was A... not C? Which of the following printers requires a specialized paper in order to operate? A. Thermal B. Laser C. Inkjet D. Impact D How many volts does an internal floppy drive use? A. 3.3 B. 5 C. 12 D. 14 B The customer calls a technician and informs them that their keyboard was cleaned with a solution, and now their fingers sting. Where would the technician or medical personnel find information about the substance on the keyboard? A. The MSDS B. The local fire department C. The Standard Operating Procedures manual D. The facilities department of the company A Which of the following cable types use shielding to protect against EMI and RFI? (Select TWO) A. Fiber B. Crossover C. Coaxial D. UTP E. STP C,E While changing a toner cartridge in a printer, a user spilled some toner. A technician noticed and offered to help clean it up. Which of the following tools would be MOST appropriate? A. Damp cloth B. Lint free cloth C. Computer vacuum D. Compressed air C? When working within large computer networks, which of the following is the disadvantage of using NETBEUI over TCP/IP? (Select TWO). A. NETBEUI is designed to be used on small size LANs. B. NETBEUI is unavailable on non-Windows operating systems. C. NETBEUI can only be used on pre-Windows NT networks. D. NETBEUI is not a mutable protocol. E. NETBEUI can only be used with DHCP. A,D A technician dropped a screw in the case of a desktop computer. Which of the following tools should be used to retrieve the screws? A. Computer vacuum B. Plastic tweezers C. Canned air D. Screwdriver with magnetized tip B (D in the real life ) Which of the following is the BEST technology to use for a laptop connecting remotely to the corporate network? A. Modem B. Infrared C. Cellular WAN D. Ethernet it was D....? Computers should NEVER be placed on which of the following materials? A. Carpet B. Wood C. Tile D. Plastic A? Which of the following Windows utilities will identify issues with drivers and programs running under Windows XP? A. System Information B. Hardware Compatibility List C. Dr. Watson D. Program Compatibility Wizard D Thermal compound is designed to do which of the following? A. Insulate a component from the friction of theheatsink B. Reduce heat on a component through evaporation C. Provide for heat transfer from a component to theheatsink D. Quiet any vibration to aheatsink from a fan A Which of the following memory speeds is found with SDRAM? A. PC3200 B. PC2700 C. DDR3-16000 D. PC100 A,B,C Which of the following software options would BEST protect against trojans and worms? A. Anti-spyware software B. Anti-adware software C. Anti-virus software D. Anti-spam software A or C A user's hard drive is failing. Before the drive is replaced, which of the following troubleshooting steps should be done? A. Establish a theory of probable cause B. Identify the problem C. Perform a backup D. Identify user changes to the computer A
  8. Some people have ccie dc v2 lab 1 solution, I request anyone who has lab-1 solution or questions/answers/lab experience to share that kind of information here...
  9. Hello, So I have failed my exam and I'd like to discuss some of my experiences. It was quite a surprize for me as I did everything, didn't face any problems and at the very end everything worked properly and I have verified it. Storage worked end to end, I've seen all flogis from all servers, UCS booted, ldap worked and test for it worked, nexus was as expected walk in the park. So why would I fail ? My suspicion is zoning. I think, that my mistake was not verifying the show run zone, but I simply took the active and configured it (by adding the correct target) on the mds-dc2, so what probably happened was, there was some other zonining configuration on a different device, and after they reloaded the rack, the wrong one kicked in. So that is my guess, what would be the correct way to do it ? I think the best way to go would be to check all the devices for zoning CONFIG, and configure it only on one device, where it was preconfigured, activate and that's it or to configure enhanced everywhere and go with that. What are your thoughts ?
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