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Found 206 results

  1. Udemy - Cyber Security 2020 - Beginners Guide to Cyber Security [hide][Hidden Content]] Udemy - Cyber Security 2020 - Beginner's Hack-Proof PC Configuration [hide][Hidden Content]] Udemy - Cyber Security and IT Risk Management - A Bird's Eye View! [hide][Hidden Content]] Udemy - Cyber Security Basics [hide][Hidden Content]] Udemy - Cyber Security For The End User - Intermediate [hide][Hidden Content]] Udemy - Cyber Security In Cloud Computing + Microsoft Azure Labs [hide][Hidden Content]] Udemy - The Complete Cyber Security Course - Hackers Exposed Volume1 [hide][Hidden Content]] Udemy - The Complete Cyber Security with Cloud Computing [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Certified Vulnerability Assessor is one of the training courses(Stone River) Direct Link( only for 7 days) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. lop793

    EJPT EXAM Help

    Anyone who has clear the ejpt exam? I tried giving it and failed the problem i was having was in routing. I was using he ip of my router with the 2 ip given via wireshark. i was using ip route add IP-Address-of -tun1 via wireshark ip . iproute add via192.168.111.0/24 via something like this but every time i was having invalid gateway error. Can anyone tell me what i was doing wrong and how can i solve this issue because i just cant understand what i am doing wrong
  4. lop793

    EJPT EXAM Help

    Anyone who has clear the ejpt exam? I tried giving it and failed the problem i was having was in routing. I was using he ip of my router with the 2 ip given via wireshark. i was using ip route via IP-Address-of -tun1 via wiresharkip . iproute via something like this but everytime i was having invalid gateway error. Can anyone tell me what i was doing wrong and how can i solve this issue because i just cant understand what i am doing wrong
  5. (Thanks to original designer of this topology which I believe has been shared around here already) Basic Instructions: Start up configurations included for all the devices which come pre-configured in real lab exam. Topology is using 4 physical interfaces of EVE-NG Server (Bare Metal) bound to Cloud Interfaces for interconnecting nodes but these cloud interfaces can be updated based on user EVE-NG environment setup. Tip: If you know EVE-NG good enough, this all can be managed even with 2 Interfaces. Topology is connecting to Physical Switch through one of the physical interfaces on EVE-NG server which can also be updated to use only virtual switches (vIOS,IOL) as they can provide all the features required (atleast as far as Lab Dumps are concerned) minus physical IP Phone (Voice VLAN limitation on virtual Switches) + Access Point (for obvious reason). To represent servers (loopbacks on routers), I used text based images which are just cosmetic stuff and can be removed (too lazy to update those ) Most Importantly: Just use your head! For more instructions regarding cloud networks management in EVE-NG, refer official cookbooks: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] LAB Topology FILE: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Download BigBountyRecon tool now released (credit to @infosec ) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. Hi Everyone, Anyone has latest dumps for CCNP Sec SCOR? Thanks!
  8. CyberSecurity Guides and Tutorials Collection_2017 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. Click on below link to download latest premium valid dumps. Like and Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Hidden Content]
  10. NOTES: Please Quickly Download this all files. Contents eAres. eDFP. eIHRP. eMASPT. ePTP. ePTX. ePWD. eTHP. eWAPT. eWAPTX. eWPTX. eXDS. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. Here it is guys! I got the files from a friend and here is uploaded in MEGA. Go get it! [hide][Hidden Content]] Password: MAYBE
  12. Pentester Academy - Network-Pentesting (2013) [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - Offensive Internet of Things (IoT) Exploitation [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - OSINT Fun with Open Source Intelligence [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - Pandas for Pentesting [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - Pentesting iOS Applications [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - Javascript for Pentesters [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - Javascript for Pentesters (2013), by Vivek Ramachandran [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - Linux Forensics [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - Linux Rootkits for Red-Blue Teams [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - Log File Analysis [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - loT Hacker Project. SMS Controlled Pentest Bot [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - Make your own Hacker Gadget, by Vivek Ramachandran [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - Abusing SQL Server Trusts in a Windows Domain [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - Android Security and Exploitation, by Aditya Gupta [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - Assembly Language and Shellcoding on Linux x86_64 (2013) [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - Exploiting Simple Buffer Overflows on Win32 (2014) [hide][Hidden Content]] Pentester Academy - GCB Cyber Range Course, by Nikhil Mittal [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC401 v2019 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC401 v2017 Audio.rar [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC401 v2017 USB.part1.rar [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC401 v2017 USB.part2.rar [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC401 v2017 Video.part1.rar [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC401 v2017 Video.part2.rar [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC401 v2017 Video.part3.rar [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC505 v2020 Audio [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC505 v2020 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC505 v2020 USB [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC505 v2020 Videos.part1 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC505 v2020 Videos.part2 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC505 v2020 Videos.part3 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC504 v2015 Audio [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC504 v2016 Video.part1 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC504 v2016 Video.part2 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC504 v2019 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC503 v2015 Audio [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC503 v2015 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC503 v2015 USB [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC502 ISO [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC502 Audio [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC501 v2016 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC501 v2016 Audio [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC561 v2015 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC555 v2017 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC550 v2016 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC545 v2017 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC542 v2016 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC542 v2016 Audio [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC542 v2017 Video.part1 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC542 v2017 Video.part2 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC542 v2017 Video.part3 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC540 v2017 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC531 v2009 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC531 v2009 Audio [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC524 v2012 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC517 v2012 Audio [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC517 v2010 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC511 v2016 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC511 v2015 USB [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC511 v2015 Audio [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC509 v2008 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC506 v2017 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC506 v2011 Video.part1 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC506 v2011 Video.part2 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC564 v2017 PDF.rar [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC564 v2020 Video.rar [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC564 v2017 PDF.rar [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC564 v2020 Video.rar [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC566 v2016 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] cheat sheets [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC560 v2018 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC560 v2018 USB.part1 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC560 v2018 USB.part2 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC560 v2018 USB.part3 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC560 v2018 USB.part4 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC560 v2018 USB.part5 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC560 v2018 USB.part6 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC560 v2018 Video.part1 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC560 v2018 Video.part2 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC560 v2018 Video.part3 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC573 v2017 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC573 v2017 USB.part1 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC573 v2017 USB.part2 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC575 v2017 Video.part1 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC575 v2017 Video.part2 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC575 v2017 Video.part3 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC575 v2017 Video.part4 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC575 v2017 Video.part5 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC577 v2011 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC579 v2016 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC580 v2016 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC580 v2016 Video [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC580 v2016 USB [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC599 v2019 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC599 v2019 USB.z01 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC599 v2019 USB.z02 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC599 v2019 USB [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC599 v2019 Video.z01 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC599 v2019 Video [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC617 v2020 Video [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC617 v2020 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC617 v2020 Audio [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC642 v2017 Video [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC642 v2017 USB [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC642 v2017 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC660 v2020 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC660 v2020 Audio [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC660 v2020 Video [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC660 v2020 Video.z01 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC660 v2020 Video.z02 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC660 v2020 Video.z03 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC660 v2018 USB.zip [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC660 v2018 USB.z01 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC660 v2018 USB.z02 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC660 v2018 USB.z03 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC660 v2018 USB.z04 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC660 v2018 USB.z05 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC660 v2018 USB.z06 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC660 v2018 USB.z07 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC710 v2011 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC710 v2011 USB [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC760 v2019 PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC760 v2019 USB.part1 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC760 v2019 USB.part2 [hide][Hidden Content]] SANS - SEC760 v2019 USB.part3 [hide][Hidden Content]] Udemy - Windows Privilege Escalation for OSCP & Beyond! [hide][Hidden Content]] Udemy - Windows Privilege Escalation for Beginners, by Heath Adams [hide][Hidden Content]] Udemy - Linux Privilege Escalation for Beginners, by Heath Adams [hide][Hidden Content]]
  13. Extreme Privacy: What It Takes to Disappear Author: Michael Bazell Completely rewritten Second Edition (2020) presents the definitive 565-page privacy manual. Michael Bazzell has helped hundreds of celebrities, billionaires, and everyday citizens completely disappear from public view. He is now known in Hollywood as the guy that “fixes” things. His previous books about privacy were mostly REACTIVE and he focused on ways to hide information, clean up an online presence, and sanitize public records to avoid unwanted exposure. This textbook is PROACTIVE. It is about starting over. It is the complete guide that he would give to any new client in an extreme situation. It leaves nothing out, and provides explicit details of every step he takes to make someone completely disappear, including document templates and a chronological order of events. The information shared in this volume is based on real experiences with his actual clients, and is unlike any content ever released in his other books. Download: [Hidden Content] - Checked for malware (0/63 via VirusTotal) - Stripped out of all the unnecessary EXIF metadata. - No DRM
  14. I found these good stuff in CODE 127001 facebook, so I think these links may be offline soon, take your to download them as soon as you can. [hide]Fortinet [Hidden Content] security+ [Hidden Content] cisco information security [Hidden Content] CISSP [Hidden Content] 32Gb cyber security courses [Hidden Content] Pentester Academy + Python for Cyber Security [Hidden Content] 49.60 GB cyber security courses [Hidden Content] Practical Ethical Hacking - The Complete Course [Hidden Content] CBT Nuggets Network+ [Hidden Content] CBT Nuggets - Comptia Security Plus sy0-501 [Hidden Content] Hakin9 Courses 2019 [Hidden Content] @Bug Bounty: Android Hacking [Hidden Content] @Bug Bounty Hunting - Offensive Approach to Hunt Bugs [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 300-71x5 SISE CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 300-735 SAUTO CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 300-710 SNCF CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 350-701 SCOR CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 300-730 SVPN CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 300-725 SWSA CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 300-720 SESA CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content]]
  15. Like and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  16. SANS SEC487: Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Analysis VOD-PDF-LAB v2020 English | Size: 12.97 GB Genre: eLearning SEC487: Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Analysis A foundational course in open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering that teaches students how to find, collect, and analyze data from the Internet. This course provides the OSINT groundwork knowledge for students to be successful in their fields and enforces that knowledge with over 20 hands-on exercises. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  17. SANS – SEC530 v2020 English | Size: 27.54 GB Category: Tutorial This course is designed to help students build and maintain a truly defensible security architecture. There will be a heavy focus on leveraging current infrastructure (and investment), including switches, routers, and firewalls. Students will learn how to reconfigure these devices to better address the threat landscape they face today. The course will also suggest newer technologies that will aid in building a robust security infrastructure. Buy Long-term Premium Accounts To Support Me & Max Speed RAPIDGATOR [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] NITROFLARE [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  18. Guys, Please like and comment below to un-hide content. Enjoy!!! [hide]Link #1 [Hidden Content]] [hide]Link #2 [Hidden Content]]
  19. Course Info For absolute beginners in IT Security Minimal pre-requisites Learn about: Routing, Forwarding, and TCP/IP; Information Gathering; Scanning; Vulnerability Assessments; Buffer Overflows; XSS; SQL Injection; System and Network Attacks; and Basics of Web App Pentesting Learn how to: Analyze Traffic with Wireshark, Exploit Vulnerable Hosts, Move Laterally, Manipulate Traffic, Crack Passwords, and Exfiltrate Data Develop Pentesting tools in C and Python Learn how to use tools like Nmap, Nessus, Hydra, Metasploit, and Burp Suite Preparation for the Penetration Testing Professional (PTP) course Obtaining the eJPT certification qualifies you for 40 CPE Download Links Part 1 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 2 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  20. Networks and Security Masterclass [hide][Hidden Content]]
  21. Khawar Butt CCIE Security V5 Bootcamp with Workbook CCIE Security V5 Bootcamp by Khawar Butt [Hidden Content]
  22. Udemy Certified Digital Forensics Examiner (CDFE) everything you need to know about specializing in digital forensics (or digital forensics) Direct link PASSWORD IF REQUIRED--bitdownload.ir
  23. Hi all can somebody share these valuable videos Trainer Profile on UDEMY - [Hidden Content] Thanks & Regards, CCIE619
  24. Offensive Security – Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation (AWAE) English | Size: 29.77 GB Genre: eLearning Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation (AWAE) is the premier web application security and pentesting training. Through a unique combination of hands-on and classroom-based learning, AWAE condenses the time it takes for students to successfully learn about the complex tools, techniques, and approach that sophisticated cybercriminals use to create advanced exploits. To take training outside of the classroom, each student receives access to a virtual penetration testing lab where techniques learned within the course can be practiced in a safe and legal environment. Upon successful completion of the course and certification exam, you will officially become an Offensive Security Web Expert (OSWE), which demonstrates you have mastered the art of exploiting front-facing web applications. Who is this course for? Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation is not an entry-level course. It has been designed for: Experienced penetration testers looking to take their web application testing skills to the next level Web application developers who need to understand how their code is attacked nitroflare.com/view/7D3BF95AE585F88/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part01.rar nitroflare.com/view/5BF337584BFC3D9/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part02.rar nitroflare.com/view/F07DC736D3BB0D7/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part03.rar nitroflare.com/view/2B55E4F0BF9459D/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part04.rar nitroflare.com/view/C4437339D40B6FC/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part05.rar nitroflare.com/view/0D01F7876B772E6/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part06.rar nitroflare.com/view/9373B6B6EB64B99/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part07.rar nitroflare.com/view/C35221E12B7628E/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part08.rar nitroflare.com/view/34D183413EAED1E/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part09.rar nitroflare.com/view/EF8FCE5CA6827EF/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part10.rar nitroflare.com/view/767FFF5596AC760/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part11.rar nitroflare.com/view/CA0E843DD17EA0C/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part12.rar nitroflare.com/view/A77D7B4845AE507/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part13.rar nitroflare.com/view/89D61E9A3D56572/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part14.rar nitroflare.com/view/EBF7D67BB9ACD4A/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part15.rar nitroflare.com/view/27BA541D1E27B3C/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part16.rar nitroflare.com/view/76BD89CC8984722/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part17.rar nitroflare.com/view/235FE3044899EF5/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part18.rar nitroflare.com/view/A8CBBB4307B8E42/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part19.rar nitroflare.com/view/D36BB5BC7EFA954/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part20.rar nitroflare.com/view/0DE92C369F2A122/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part21.rar nitroflare.com/view/8BAC611F51D9900/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part22.rar nitroflare.com/view/A986D394BC25F22/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part23.rar nitroflare.com/view/24CBE3D7AA5C8B9/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part24.rar nitroflare.com/view/61E979F78092465/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part25.rar nitroflare.com/view/5E3F1503568A379/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part26.rar nitroflare.com/view/A665CBBEAAD589F/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part27.rar nitroflare.com/view/A878F15B906C807/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part28.rar nitroflare.com/view/4BB3FC98D83252D/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part29.rar nitroflare.com/view/24BC77C20E73182/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part30.rar rapidgator.net/file/e7cb675d11dcbe472fef54673a3da14b/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part01.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/18352c06fd0f6416c2b43616c3b64d95/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part02.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/3a121871c0fd4ab0f75477b1d5906eb9/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part03.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/c5bf68958f1e0bbddbbfa7343eb2714b/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part04.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/43c896c14752cd46d76ebb9c1442de0b/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part05.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/65aac7ef40b175269f54968b25ada2e3/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part06.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/cc6406b2d6aafb495c822994160fa740/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part07.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/193b9aa6c296e5a8c472fe5ebdad0659/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part08.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/27efde64e9da6f665f28df4450140f5c/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part09.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/93b6f8c9b5e09fb7787bb66887b25d57/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part10.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/4fcd0fa78bccdc1f73c8abcb496e48a9/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part11.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/405db451f6d66ba0080df4ee8bfe836b/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part12.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/12dd88ad932d139eee20c25da0f4eb38/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part13.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/df2c16aa62285a93ed94ac054af19b98/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part14.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/b68922894da4fd529dff9a3ea099aaf4/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part15.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/c071afe01faa6b04251fd71d0e49f545/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part16.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/8e3b701217bc922dbce65087aea06420/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part17.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/0ddba928ccb33fbf81270b9a97a1cad0/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part18.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/24c444a0f1973e9cfb404360ee5aafbb/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part19.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/e8adca6226c766e408026e7a2ef19eb9/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part20.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/47e7eecfc4ec208e93ebb1ba8ef8aa7f/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part21.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/7efdb01b21573e5185ae5fa9938746fe/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part22.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/6f3457c6616b4965f5d200445f586cd4/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part23.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/affe2a85d7469199d54ab51d214a165e/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part24.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/c303f24816f1e5e370eb2e2e8bd84227/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part25.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/1ec1a87781c58223640d289f532e98bf/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part26.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/a076db538b805dfe7c860fc73f138fa2/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part27.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/2d0e5c18b632033d84840051a0de5aaa/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part28.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/9050c6ae9dcf612a03412bbfab615a9d/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part29.rar.html rapidgator.net/file/ddbc17410178ce02139f39803c327635/Offensive-Security-Advanced-Web-Attacks-and-Exploitation-AWAE.15.11.part30.rar.html
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