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Found 22 results

  1. Hello Guys, I was curious if anybody tried already the new SPCOR 350-501 exam and can just share some impressions of the exam, how much do they go in details on the topics and what kind of questions appear. I would appreciate any input on this topic as there is no much information still on this one. Thanks
  2. INE - Designing an SD-Access Solution The Cisco DNA Architecture allows Network Administrators to focus on the Business Intent instead of manual and repetitive configuration. Careful designing and planning an SD-Access is the first step towards a successful implementation. In this module, you will learn about the physical, network, controller, management and partner layers of the DNA Architecture. Learn what it requires and the best practices for the Network Underlay. Understand the importance of the LISP protocol in SD-Access and the different campus Fabric Components. Differentiate the different Node Types and their purpose in SD-Access. Review what are some site design strategy for the SD-Access Fabric Architecture: what are the Fabric Deployment models and the Site References. Deep dive into the Control, Data and Policy Plane of SD-Access and the protocols that make this solution operate. Find out how does Micro and Macro segmentation works, the importance of Virtual Networks (VN) and Scalable Group Tags (SGTs). Finally, review of does Wireless technologies and devices fit into the Cisco DNA Solution. [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. NOA Solution CCNA-Service Provider (SPNG1 & 2) Lab workbook by Sikandar Shaik.. [hide] [Hidden Content]]
  4. Hi, I want to setup home lab for JNCIE-SP. Please share your experiences. Thanks.
  5. Hi all has anyone used ielab.network (www.ielab.network) for their exam questions. are they dependable? how is their service?
  6. Hello guys required download links of ccna service provider videos by Sikandar Shaikh. Need all the parts (Part 1 to 4). You can check out the course link on udemy [Hidden Content] Thanks in Advance.
  7. Hi guys, when someone fails the Lab and goes for 2nd attempt, would it be the same lab2/CFG2 or CFG1 for the second attempt. Also for TS and Diag, will you get the same as 1st attempt?
  8. hi there is there anyone who passed the SP lab. do you have any feedback on how the Lab was. any tips and tricks on how to conquer the Lab?
  9. Hi Team, Any one planning soon for the exam in upcoming days ? 1st or 2nd quarter or 2017 ? Any ongoing study groups so that we start studies and share information. Please PM me or comment here. Thank you !
  10. Hi Guys Attached link contains all the latest CCNA and CCNP level dumps I could get for cloud, security, data centre, colab, wireless and service provider. Some tracks like cloud for example I could not obtain all exam dumps, but the rest are all there. I also including the design dumps. These are all new up to date dumps. Regards [hiDE] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]]
  11. Guys, Actualtests has released an updated version of 350-029 CCIE service provider Written exam .. can anyone please share this new dumps with us? thank you
  12. Hi all, Failed my first attempt in the SPv3. A good starting point is to make this topology work. IGP, MPLS, InterAS-OptionB, MVPN
  13. hi guy please want information about how to shape traffic (not policing) in 4500 switch, i think of this: class-map match-any CLASS_TEST match any policy-map TEST_POLICY class CLASS_TEST shape average 10000000 interface vlan 10 service-policy output TEST_POLICY in fact i want to limit some vlan to download at 10M/s on Giga interface. may i right any idea please
  14. Can anybody please send me the latest 642-887 SPCORE and 642-889 SPEDGE exam dumps? I am in urgent need of it. I have to migrate from CCIP to CCNP SP and need to give these exams before 20th september 2014. Thanks
  15. Selling unused ccna specializations exam voucher due to expire on June 2014. Can be used for CCNA voice-wireless-security-sp-video-datacenter exams (640-xxx) PM me for details. Tried and tested working at Pearson Vue.
  16. iosd

    CCIE SP v4 ine ATC

    Does INE's CCIE SP v4 videos are enough? it has 35 hours video set only. But they say it is complete and they say the bundle they sell has 48 hours video set. What is that??
  17. Hi, I want to setup home lab for CCIE-SP. Please share your experiences. Thanks.
  18. Hi All, Recently there's major changes in the SP written exam. So I plan to gather and discuss on the recent question and answer. Do contribute on the recent changes of the written exam. Here what we have collect so far. SONET alarms (Major, Critical, Warning) DnD [Hidden Content] Critical Section Loss of Signal (SLOS) Section Loss of Frame (SLOF) Major Alarm indicates signal-line (LAIS) Remote defect Indication-line (LRDI) Minor Alarm Indicate Signal-Path (PAIS) Remote defect Indication-path (PRDI) SDN (What SDN Controller do?) BGP-LS LDP / IGP SYCN, LDP Session protection Service Chaining IS-IS redistribution in MP-BGP to avoid loop(IS-IS as IGP) QoS configuration (VOICE, VIDEO, Priority, Best effort) ME3X00 Interface type configuration (NNI, UNI) MPLS over DMVPN Redistribute OSPF area 1 and 0(External and Internal) into eBGP [Hidden Content] Inter-AS options MP-BGP Multicast RP (Anycast) configuration EVPL & EPL EIGRP/OSPF IPv6 redistribution [Hidden Content] VRF leaking [Hidden Content] Pseudowire type (command output) BGP AS-PATH (permit .5*/.5.*)?? erspan or rspan - gre tunnel mvpn rosen draft single lsp inter-as NNI/UNI customer wants to configure trunk port me 3xxx VPLS bgp signalling CSC route reflector vs confederation While evaluating a new hardware rollout plan before deployment, which standards should you review to ensure that the hardware met certain environmental design guidelines? A. NAS B. COBIT C. ITIL® D. NEBS E. eTOM Answer: D Why thresholds are defined based on baseline documents? A. to ensure that QoS parameters are defined appropriately B. to help identify current network problems and predict future bottlenecks C. to suppress duplicate alarms and allow for event correlation D. to reduce polling traffic on the network E. to verify that interfaces are in the correct state Answer: B Will add some of the question from the 185q that came out.
  19. For those who don’t know me, I am already CCIE RnS and an experienced candidate, working hard to get CCIE SP Certification.. I am done with reading many books just need some online group so I can discuss the technology and different new ways to accomplish this goal by March 2012. My Concern: How does CCIE online rack works?? Is it worth it if I want to do some intensive Hands-on lab practice? They offer 1199 USD plan and I am planning to buy it, I don’t care about their workbooks but if they are accurate then I may consider them too but my major interest is about 84 hours online rack, is it worth? Is it as accurate as real lab topology? I need suggestions from people those who have already tried it. If this is not working out I may go for cconlinelabs or something more accurate. I would really appreciate any other help or suggestions for practicing heavily for CCIE SP Lab.
  20. Dear Members, Please give me valid link for INE SP workbook. In here all links are dead. I am try to start CCIE SP and need this book. All INE videos downloaded.
  21. CCIE Service Provider Advanced Technology Class v3.0 Title: CCIE Service Provider Advanced Technology Class v3.0 Duration: 32h 13m Size: 12Go (25 before reencoding) Quality: HD 1280x720 Join Brian McGahan, CCIEx3 #8593 (Routing & Switching, Security, Service Provider) for a comprehensive look at the advanced technologies covered in the CCIE Service Provider Version 3.0 Blueprint. The CCIE Service Provider Advanced Technologies Class is presented using a hands-on lecture approach which is designed to take students to a CCIE-level of understanding and beyond. This class uses an easy to follow format of both technology lectures and hands on configuration, verification, and troubleshooting examples, which include both regular IOS and IOS XR. Supports CCIE Service Provider Blueprint v3 1 Introduction 0h 47m 2 Catalyst ME3400 Switching 0h 52m 3 Frame Relay / HDLC / PPP & PPPoE 0h 54m 4 IS-IS Overview / Level 1 & Level 2 Routing 1h 06m 5 IS-IS Network Types / Path Selection & Route Leaking 0h 49m 6 IS-IS Route Leaking on IOS XR / IOS XR Routing Policy Language (RPL) 0h 32m 7 IS-IS IPv6 Routing / IS-IS Multi Topology 0h 16m 8 MPLS Overview / LDP Overview 0h 47m 9 Basic MPLS Configuration 0h 42m 10 MPLS Tunnels 0h 58m 11 MPLS Layer 3 VPN (L3VPN) Overview, VRF Overview 0h 54m 12 VPNv4 BGP Overview / Route Distinguishers vs. Route Targets 0h 26m 13 Basic MPLS L3VPN Configuration 0h 52m 14 MPLS L3VPN Verification & Troubleshooting 0h 26m 15 VPNv4 Route Reflectors 0h 44m 16 BGP PE-CE Routing / BGP AS Override 0h 32m 17 RIP PE-CE Routing 0h 15m 18 EIGRP PE-CE Routing 0h 47m 19 OSPF PE-CE Routing / OSPF Domain IDs / Domain Tags & Sham Links 1h 02m 20 OSPF Multi VRF CE Routing 0h 50m 21 MPLS Central Services L3VPNs 0h 48m 22 IPv6 over MPLS with 6PE & 6VPE 0h 57m 23 Inter AS MPLS L3VPN Overview 0h 23m 24 Inter AS MPLS L3VPN Option A - Back-to-Back VRF Exchange Part 1 1h 00m 25 Inter AS MPLS L3VPN Option A - Back-to-Back VRF Exchange Part 2 0h 45m 26 Inter AS MPLS L3VPN Option B - ASBRs Peering VPNv4 1h 07m 27 Inter AS MPLS L3VPN Option C - ASBRs Peering BGP+Label Part 1 1h 07m 28 Inter AS MPLS L3VPN Option C - ASBRs Peering BGP+Label Part 2 0h 41m 29 Carrier Supporting Carrier (CSC) MPLS L3VPN 1h 23m 30 MPLS Layer 2 VPN (L2VPN) Overview 0h 22m 31 Ethernet over MPLS L2VPN AToM 0h 28m 32 PPP & Frame Relay over MPLS L2VPN AToM 0h 48m 33 MPLS L2VPN AToM Interworking 0h 11m 34 Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS) 0h 29m 35 MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE) Overview 0h 45m 36 MPLS TE Configuration 0h 50m 37 MPLS TE on IOS XR / LDP over MPLS TE Tunnels 0h 55m 38 MPLS TE Fast Reroute (FRR) Link and Node Protection 1h 00m 39 Multicast VPN Overview 0h 18m 40 Multicast VPN Configuration 1h 00m 41 Multicast VPN Verification 0h 16m 42 Multicast VPN Optimization 0h 30m 43 MPLS QoS Overview 0h 42m 44 MPLS QoS Configuration 0h 57m Total Duration 32h 13m [Hidden Content] Missing Vidz: [Hidden Content] Enjoy
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