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Found 17 results

  1. Only SANS text and video materials. PDF: Video: [Hidden Content] Last magnet update: 2020/06/12.
  2. Hi all, In my view we have a very healthy community . Just wondering why we dont encourage torrent uploads , rather then continuing with unresumable links over file sharing sites. We have some wonderful stuff here which is difficult to find anywhere else. i am crazy about torrents and i am sure many of our certcollection fans are too. Would like all friends to give a thumbs up to this thought and convince our cercollection team to think about this.
  3. INE CCIE ROUTING AND SWITCHING ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES ON DEMAND 4.5 TRAINING FULL - COMPLETED AND WORKING English | 1280 x 720 | 960×540 29,97 fps | AAC 32000Hz 1024kbps | 28.12 GB Genre: Video Training The CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Technologies Class is the first step in understanding CCIE level technologies and is a companion to the Advanced Technologies Lab Workbook. Each technology you need to know for the CCIE Routing & Switching lab will be described in detail using an instructor led hands on demonstration. The class consists of nearly 80 hours of in depth explanations and examples. T Contents 1 Introduction0h 43m 2 Using the Cisco Documentation0h 52m 3 Ethernet Overview, Layer 2 Switchports, Trunking, ISL, 802.1q, DTP0h 47m 4 VTP, VTP Authentication, VTP Pruning1h 02m 5 VTP Prune Eligible List, VTP Transparent, VTP Troubleshooting, Trunk Allowed List , Extended VLANs0h 48m 6 VLAN and VTP Review0h 19m 7 SVIs, Native Routed Interfaces, Router-on-a-Stick0h 46m 8 Layer 2 EtherChannel, EtherChannel Load Balancing, Layer 3 EtherChannel0h 57m 9 802.1q Tunneling, Layer 2 Protocol Tunneling, EtherChannel over 802.1q Tunneling1h 03m 10 STP Root Bridge Election, STP Root Port Election, STP Designated Port Election, STP Priority, STP Cost, STP Port-Priority1h 46m 11 STP Review0h 12m 12 STP Timers, STP PortFast0h 34m 13 STP UplinkFast0h 11m 14 STP BackboneFast0h 12m 15 STP BPDU Filter0h 13m 16 STP BPDU Guard0h 11m 17 STP Root Guard0h 11m 18 STP Loop Guard, Unidirectional Link Detection (UDLD) 0h 11m 19 Multiple Spanning-Tree Protocol (MST) 0h 40m 20 Rapid Spanning-Tree Protocol (RSTP), Rapid -PVST0h 18m 21 MST with Multiple Regions0h 33m 22 Flex Links0h 16m 23 Frame Relay0h 39m 24 Frame Relay Configuration Part 10h 34m 25 Frame Relay Configuration Part 20h 41m 26 Frame Relay Switching0h 27m 27 Back-to-Back Frame Relay0h 08m 28 Frame-Relay End -to-End Keepalives0h 18m 29 PPP, PPP PAP Authentication, PPP CHAP Authentication0h 59m 30 PPPoFR, PPPoE0h 40m 31 Transparent Bridging, IRB0h 32m 32 Fallback Bridging0h 14m 33 IP Routing Overview, Switching Paths, Static Routing0h 42m 34 Static Routing Examples0h 25m IP 35 Default-Gateway, IP Default-Network0h 14m 36 On-Demand Routing (ODR) 0h 07m 37 Floating Static Routes0h 10m Backup Interface0h 29m 38 39 Enhanced Object Tracking, IP SLA, Reliable Static Routing0h 21m 40 Coming Soon … 0h 43m 41 GRE Tunneling, GRE Recursive Routing Errors0h 27m 42 Reliable Backup Interface with GRE0h 25m 43 RIP Overview, RIP Versions, RIP Auto-Summary0h 48m 44 RIP Split-Horizon, RIP Timers0h 22m 45 RIP Broadcast Updates, IP Directed Broadcast, IP Broadcast-Address, Smurf Attacks, Fraggle Attacks0h 16m 46 RIP Unicast Updates0h 03m 47 RIP Offset-List0h 18m 48 RIP Authentication0h 11m 49 RIP Summarization0h 10m 50 Prefix-Lists, RIP Distribute-List Filtering, RIP Administrative Distance Filtering0h 48m 51 RIP Default Routing, RIP Conditional Default Routing0h 18m 52 RIP Triggered, RIP Validate Update Source, 0h 12m 53 EIGRP Overview0h 29m 54 EIGRP Auto-Summary0h 07m 55 EIGRP Split-Horizon0h 11m 56 EIGRP Update Types, EIGRP Neighbor, EIGRP Passive-Interface0h 24m 57 EIGRP Hello-Interval, EIGRP Hold-Time0h 05m 58 EIGRP Authentication0h 11m 59 EIGRP Time Based Authentication0h 25m 60 EIGRP Path Selection, EIGRP Metric Weights, EIGRP Traffic Engineering0h 47m 61 EIGRP Unequal Cost Load Balancing, EIGRP Variance0h 19m 62 EIGRP QUERY, EIGRP Summarization, EIGRP Leak-Map0h 28m 63 EIGRP Stub Router Advertisement0h 22m 64 EIGRP Default Routing0h 13m 65 EIGRP Route Filtering0h 11m 66 EIGRP Router-ID0h 07m 67 Miscellaneous EIGRP Features0h 02m 68 OSPF Overview0h 27m 69 Establishing OSPF Adjacencies, Understanding the OSPF Database0h 43m 70 OSPF Network Type Broadcast, OSPF DR / BDR Election, OSPF over NBMA, OSPF Network Type Non-Broadcast and Point-to-Multipoint0h 56m 71 OSPF Network Type Point-to-Point, OSPF Network Type Mismatch0h 13m 72 OSPF Network Type Point-to-Multipoint Non-Broadcast, OSPF Per Neighbor Cost0h 17m 73 OSPF Network Type Loopback0h 02m 74 OSPF Path Selection0h 27m 75 OSPF Convergence Timers0h 09m 76 OSPF Authentication0h 12m 77 OSPF Summarization0h 32m 78 OSPF Stub Areas, OSPF Totally Stubby Areas, OSPF NSSAs, OSPF Totally NSSAs0h 40m 79 Controlling OSPF NSSA Redistribution0h 02m 80 OSPF Type 7 to 5 Translator Election, OSPF LSA Type 3 Filter, OSPF Forwarding Address Suppression0h 24m 81 Route Redistribution Overview0h 36m 82 Route Redistribution Configuration & Verification, Connected Redistribution0h 22m 83 OSPF External Path Selection, TCL PING Scripting0h 33m 84 Routing Loops Overview, EIGRP Route Loop Prevention0h 55m 85 Metric Based Routing Loops, Route Tagging0h 46m 86 Administrative Distance Based Routing Loops, Debug IP Routing, IP Route Profile0h 58m 87 BGP Overview, BGP Peering Types0h 51m 88 Establishing BGP Peerings, EBGP Multihop, BGP Neighbor Disable Connected Check, BGP TTL Security0h 49m 89 4 BGP-Byte ASNs0h 20m 90 BGP Local AS, BGP Peer Groups, BGP Next-Hop Self, BGP Next-Hop Processing0h 57m 91 BGP Local AS, BGP Peer Groups, BGP Next-Hop Self, BGP Next-Hop Processing0h 03m 92 BGP Route Reflectors0h 37m 93 Large Scale BGP Route Reflectors with Clusters0h 34m 94 BGP Confederation0h 37m 95 BGP NLRI Advertisements, BGP Network Statement, BGP Redistribution0h 43m 96 BGP Aggregation, BGP Aggregation & Summary-Only, BGP Aggregation & Unsuppress-Map0h 46m 97 BGP Origin, BGP Aggregation & AS-Set, BGP Aggregation & Advertise-Map0h 22m 98 BGP Conditional Route Injection0h 21m 99 BGP Bestpath Selection, BGP Multipath, BGP Weight0h 53m 100 BGP Local Preference, BGP Local Preference and Communities, BGP AS-Path Prepending, 0h 30m 101 BGP MED, BGP MED Missing As Worst, BGP Deterministic MED0h 34m 102 BGP Communites, BGP Regular Expressions0h 43m 103 BGP Filtering, BGP Convergence Timers, BGP Default Routing, Miscellaneous BGP Features0h 24m 104 MPLS Overview, MPLS Label Distribution Protocol (LDP ) 1h 05m 105 MPLS Tunnels, MPLS Penultimate Hop Popping (PHP) 0h 40m MPLS Layer 3 106 VPNs Overview, VRF Lite0h 36m MPLS Layer 3 107 VPNs and VPNv4 BGP1h 08m MPLS Layer 3 108 VPN Verification & Troubleshooting0h 50m MPLS Layer 3 109 VPN OSPF PE-CE Routing Overview0h 06m MPLS Layer 3 110 VPN OSPF PE-CE Routing Path Selection & Sham-Links2h 01m MPLS Layer 3 111 VPN OSPF PE-CE Routing Loop Prevention & Down-Bit, OSPF Capability VRF-Lite0h 40m 112 IPv6 Overview, IPv6 ICMPv6 ND, IPv6 over NBMA0h 44m 113 IPv6 Routing Overview, IPv6 Static Routing0h 28m IPv6 RIPng0h 20m 114 115 IPv6 EIGRPv60h 09m IPv6 OSPFv30h 31m 116 117 MP-BGP for IPv60h 26m IPv6 Tunneling1h 13m 118 119 Multicast Overview, IGMP0h 34m 120 PIM Overview0h 18m 121 PIM Dense Mode1h 03m 122 PIM Sparse Mode0h 30m 123 PIM Sparse Mode Configuration0h 36m 124 PIM Sparse Mode RPF & RP Troubleshooting0h 27m 125 Auto-RP, Multicast over GRE Tunnels0h 53m 126 Bootstrap Router (BSR), Bidirectional PIM, Source Specific Multicast (SSM ) 0h 40m 127 MSDP, Anycast RP0h 27m 128 IPv6 Multicast Routing0h 24m 129 QoS Overview, IntServ QoS, DiffServ QoS, IP Precedence, DSCP, MQC, HQF0h 41m 130 MQC Classification0h 44m 131 FIFO, FQ, WFQ, CBWFQ, HQF0h 50m 132 LLQ0h 23m 133 WRED0h 31m 134 Traffic Shaping, Traffic Policing0h 40m 135 Frame Relay Traffic Shaping (FRTS) 0h 33m RSVP0h 07m 136 137 Catalyst 3560 QoS1h 10m 138 IOS Security Overview, Access Lists (ACLs) 0h 58m 139 Time Based ACLs, Dynamic ACLs0h 33m 140 Reflexive ACLs0h 21m 141 TCP Intercept, Content Based Access Control (CBAC) 0h 34m 142 Zone Based Policy Firewall (ZBPF) 1h 09m 143 AAA, Local Authentication, Local Authorization, Role Based CLI Access0h 41m 144 Port Security, Static CAM Entries, Storm Control , 802.1X Authentication, PACLs, RACLs, VLAN Access Maps (VACLs) 0h 50m 145 DHCP Snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI), IP Source Guard0h 12m 146 Protected Ports, Private VLANs0h 25m 147 IP Services Overview, HSRP1h 10m 148 VRRP, GLBP0h 28m 149 NAT0h 42m 150 DHCP, DNS0h 30m NetFlow0h 09m 151 152 WCCP, Miscellaneous IP Services0h 06m 153 System Management Overview, NTP, NTP Authentication0h 24m 154 SNMP, RMON0h 38m 155 Syslog, Telnet, SSH, Banners0h 21m 156 EEM Scripting, Miscellaneous System Management Now in torrent LINK [Hidden Content]
  4. Just working fare torrent-magnet for subj. [Hidden Content] See details: [Hidden Content] CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Class Outline :: Runtime 39 hours 19 minutes Introduction CCIE Security Preparation Resources ASA Overview Basic ASA Initialization ASA Routing ASA Reliable Static Routing ASA Access Control Lists (ACLs) ASA Modular Policy Framework (MPF) Overview ASA Modular Policy Framework (MPF) Configuration ASA Advanced TCP Inspection with MPF ASA Advanced Application Inspection with MPF ASA Quality of Service (QoS) ASA Network Address Translation (NAT) Part 1 ASA Network Address Translation (NAT) Part 2 ASA Transparent Firewall Overview ASA Transparent Firewall Configuration ASA ARP Inspection with Transparent Firewall ASA Multiple Context Mode Overview ASA Multiple Context Mode Configuration ASA Redundant Interfaces ASA Failover Overview ASA Active/Standby Failover Routed Firewall Configuration ASA Active/Standby Failover Transparent Firewall Configuration ASA Active/Active Failover Routed Firewall Configuration ASA Multiple Context Transparent Firewall Configuration ASA Active/Active Failover Transparent Firewall Configuration IOS Access Control Lists (ACLs) IOS Time Based ACLs IOS Lock & Key Security with Dynamic ACLs IOS Reflexive ACLs IOS TCP Intercept and Content Based Access Control (CBAC) Zone Based Policy Firewall Overview Zone Based Policy Firewall Configuration ZBPF Self Zone & ZBPF Exceptions Port to Application Mapping (PAM) ZBPF Parameter Tuning ZBPF Application Inspection IOS Transparent Firewall IPsec Overview IOS IPsec LAN-to-LAN Configuration IPsec Troubleshooting GRE over IPsec, IPsec Profiles, & VTIs ASA IPsec Overview ASA IPsec LAN-to-LAN Configuration Certificate Authority (CA) Overview IOS & ASA LAN-to-LAN IPsec with Certificates Easy VPN Overview IOS Easy VPN Server IOS Easy VPN Client IOS Easy VPN with Dynamic VTIs, ISAKMP Profiles ASA Easy VPN Server ASA Easy VPN Server & IOS Easy VPN Client ASA Clientless & AnyConnect SSL VPN DMVPN IPS Overview, Promiscuous Mode & SPAN IPS Promiscuous Mode & RSPAN IPS Blocking Devices & Custom Signatures IPS Inline Mode, VLAN Pairing IPS Virtual Sensors and Signature Engines AAA Overview, Local AAA, & Role Based CLI RADIUS, TACACS+, & Cisco Secure ACS Configuration RADIUS & TACACS+ Exec Authorization & Accounting TACACS+ Command Accounting RADIUS & TACACS+ Enable Authentication IOS Authentication Proxy
  5. CBT Nuggets - Cisco CCNP Security SECURE 642-637 (Size: 2.54 GB) CISCO CCNP SECURITY (FORMERLY KNOWN AS CCSP) SECURE 642-637 Secure v1.0 Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches Take your first big step towards CCNP Security certification by passing Cisco's 642-637 exam. Why does Cisco CCNP Security certification give you instant job security? Because IT managers, CEOs and corporate shareholders are really nervous about network security. With 642-637 under your belt, you'll be advancing your security knowledge and career, upping your odds for scoring a promotion and building your clout within any IT team. Trainer Michael Shannon covers everything you need to know, from NFP controls to VPN deployment. By the time you've finished this training series, you'll understand Cisco defense-in-depth and how to deploy, implement, and configure Cisco security features. Plus, you'll be ready for the CCNP Security 642-637 exam! Torrent: [Hidden Content] Credit goes to original uploader azazredhat
  6. Source: [Hidden Content] CCIE Routing & Switching Deep Dive Implementing Security Outline :: Runtime 13 hours Module 1 Lesson 1 - Course Intro Lesson 2 - AAA Login Authentication Lesson 3 - AAA exec Authorization Lesson 4 - AAA local command authorization Lesson 5 - AAA Role Based Authentication Lesson 6 - IOS Login Enhancements Lesson 7 - Terminal Line Access Lesson 8 - Std-Ext Access-list Filtering Lesson 9 - Reflexive and Dynamic ACLs Lesson 10 - Time Based Access-lists [*]Module 2 Lesson 1 - VLAN Filtering Lesson 2 - Port Security Lesson 3 - DHCP Snooping Lesson 4 - Dynamic Arp Inspection Lesson 5 - IP Source Guard Lesson 6 - Port Based ACL Lesson 7 - 802.1x Lesson 8 - Control Plane Policing Lesson 9 - CPPr Lesson 10 - Selective Option Drop and NBAR [*]Module 3 Lesson 1 - IGP Authentication Lesson 2 - BGP Authentication and TTL Security Lesson 3 - Flexible Packet Matching Lesson 4 - uRPF Lesson 5 - TCP Intercept Lesson 6 - Context Based Access Control Lesson 7 - Zone Based Firewalls Lesson 8 - IOS IPS Lesson 9 - Private VLANs Lesson 10 - Course Review Magnet-link [Hidden Content]
  7. Source: [Hidden Content] CCIE Routing & Switching Deep Dive Implementing IP Multicast Outline :: Runtime 14 hours 48 minutes Module 1 Lesson 1 - Introduction Lesson 2 - IPv4 Multicast Overview Lesson 3 - IP Multicast Components Lesson 4 - PIM Dense Mode Lesson 5 - PIM Dense Configuration Examples Lesson 6 - PIM Sparse Mode Lesson 7 - PIM Sparse Mode Configuration [*]Module 2 Lesson 1 - Advanced PIM - Auto-RP Lesson 2 - Advanced PIM - Auto-RP Configuration Lesson 3 - Advanced PIM - BSR Lesson 4 - Advanced PIM - PIM over NBMA Lesson 5 - Advanced PIM - Bidirectional PIM Lesson 6 - Advanced PIM - SSM [*]Module 3 Lesson 1 - Inter-AS Multicast - MSDP Lesson 2 - Inter-AS Multicast - MBGP Lesson 3 - Anycast RP Lesson 4 - Multicast Features - Multicast over GRE & RPF Failure Lesson 5 - Multicast Features Lesson 6 - Layer 2 Multicast Lesson 7 - IPv6 Multicast Torrent [Hidden Content]
  8. Hello Everyone! Enjoy this course - MP4 - 9.6GB - 1280x720 INE - CCIE Routing & Switching v5 Written Exam Video Course [Hidden Content]
  9. hello iPexpert's Cisco CCNP IUWVN (642-742) Wireless NextGen 24 videos - 1.61GB - 1280x720 - flv enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  10. Hi Everybody. I need a invitation for signing up to TorrentLeech, in possible scenario Bitspyder invitation is surprise! I appreciate that to anyone who can help me. Thanks for helping...
  11. 12 videos + slides - 3.81GB - MP4 enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  12. serious question guys. I have a friend in Indiana USA and asking if they are allowed to download music from Torrent in his place in Indiana USA? please share some thoughts......
  13. INE CCNP Voice Bootcamp English | MOV | H264 1280×720 @ 342Kbps 25fps | AAC @ 32KHz | 86 hrs 23 mins | 21.55 GB Genre: eLearning This is the full CCNP Voice bootcamp for 8.0. T Release Date – Unkown (But this is the 8.0 Version of the CCNP Voice Curriculum and is the most recent as of 2/12/2012). The CCNP Voice class is an ultimate all-in-one solution for engineers pursuing the Cisco Certified Network Professional Voice (CCNP Voice) certification. This Video-on-Demand course includes over 85 hours of instructor-led content that will fully prepare you for the latest Cisco CCNP Voice exams (642-427 TVOICE v8, 642-437 CVOICE v8, 642-447 CIPT1 v8, 642-457 CIPT2 v8, and 642-467 CAPPS v8) certification exam. View this course on your desktop computer, iPhone®, iPad® or other .mov video file format compatible devices. CCNP Voice Courses Outline :: Runtime 86 hours 23 minutes _=Demonoid.me=_-INE_CCNP_Voice_v8_0_Bootcamp.torrent Credit goes to original uploader booknoy
  14. CBT Nuggets - Cisco CCNP Security FIREWALL v2.0 642-618 (Size: 3.14 GB) Firewalls have come a long way over the years, and the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) firewall has as well. In this "soup-to-dessert" video series, trainer Keith Barker walks you through the entire process of implementing the ASA on the network, beginning with bootstrapping the ASA so that it will allow basic management, all the way to configuring advanced features such as the new Network Address Translation (NAT, which changed between versions 8.2 and 8.3), redundant interfaces, etherchannel, transparent L2 firewall services, multiple-contexts (virtual firewalls), application layer inspection, failover for high availability (HA), and more. By the time you finish this series, you'll be able to return to your network with confidence in the care and feeding of the ASA. This series addresses all the objectives for exam 642-618 (Firewall v2), which is part of the Cisco Firewall Specialist, ASA Specialist and CCNP Security certifications. Plus, a GNS3 Nugget covers how to create a complete ASA virtual lab environment, for hands-on practice. Viewers who have taken the CCNA Security (or has the equivalent knowledge) will get the most out of this series. Exam 642-618 is one of the requirements for ASA Specialist, Firewall Specialist and CCNP Security certifications; pre-requisites for these 3 certifications include CCNA (RS) and CCNA Security. This series is also valuable if you're applying for network/security positions where the employer has ASAs in place and are looking for skilled ASA network technicians and engineers. Torrent [Hidden Content] Credit goes to Original Uploader azazredhat
  15. Hello everyone, As I was looking through the posts/comments made by various members of this forum. Many members post materials but with the links to download from filesharing sites such as extrabit/lumfile/uploading...etc I found that many links either become dead or they ask to buy premium membership, there are many people do not have a premium membership of these filesharing sites Hence some members ask for torrent/magnet links in comments So I decided to start a new topic where people can post valid torrent or magnet links of various CCIE Routing & Switching study materials I request you all to please co-operate with me and help other members. As members post torrent/magnet links, i will update the name of the study material here
  16. Hello everyone, As I was looking through the posts/comments made by various members of this forum. Many members post materials but with the links to download from filesharing sites such as extrabit/lumfile/uploading...etc I found that many links either become dead or they ask to buy premium membership, there are many people do not have a premium membership of these filesharing sites Hence some members ask for torrent/magnet links in comments So I decided to start a new topic where people can post valid torrent or magnet links of various CCNP Routing & Switching study materials I request you all to please co-operate with me and help other members. As members post torrent/magnet links, i will update the name of the study material here
  17. > Note - my internet speed is not allowed me to upload so dont request any material find on google and Pm me Link i will Update This post -Please contribute everyone don't post Hi, hello, thanks kind of replay u r thanks are enough - dont pm me if links are not working If you Are looking for Virtual software for CCIE Sec you might Need to check out this Post Cisco ISE TrustSec Voice Of Engineer (VoE) DeepDive Series [credit- esmaeilmirzaee ] To download all files at once from mega Ctrl +A and right click and download as zip How to :- ISE Training PDF's [Hidden Content] CCIE CERT LINK removed available on btsync CCIE LAB 3 QUE LINK removed available on btsync CCIE LAB 5 QUE [Hidden Content] INE WORKBOOK ONLY DIRECT LINK INE 5 Day Bootcamp + WSA [Hidden Content] INE - CCIE Security v4 Lab Preparation (Compressed/MKV) Instructor: Cristian Matei, CCIEx2 #23684 Format: MKV x 85 Size: 6.3GB The CCIE Security V4 Lab Preparation course is part lecture, part hands-on demonstration, and focuses both on developing a structured approach to CCIE lab strategy and advanced hands-on scenarios. This course will help candidates who are nearing their CCIE lab dates to refine and consolidate their technical knowledge into an organized and effective strategy for passing their lab exams. The goal of this class is for students to finish fully prepared to take and pass their CCIE Security Lab Exam within four weeks of completing the course. More Info: Table of Contents: 01.CBAC Routed Mode 02.CBAC HA 03.CBAC Transparent Mode 04.ZBPF Routed Mode :: Part 1 05.ZBPF Routed Mode :: Part 2 06.ZBPF HA & ASR 07.IOS NAT :: Part 1 08.IOS NAT :: Part 2 09.ZBPF ASR 10.ZBPF Transparent 11.IOS NAT :: Part 3 12.ASA 8.2 NAT :: Part 1 13.ASA 8.2 NAT :: Part 2 14.ASA 8.2 NAT :: Part 3 15.ZBPF Application Inspection 16.ASA 8.2 NAT :: Part 4 17.ASA 8.2 NAT :: Part 5 18.ASA 8.2 NAT :: Part 6 19.ASA Multi-context 20.ASA Active-Active Failover 21.ASH Transparent Mode 22.IKEv1 Overview 23.IKEv1 with Crypto Map 24.IKEv1 with GRE/SVTI 25.IKEv1 VRF Aware 26.IKEv1 with PKI 27.IKEv1 Aggressive vs Main Mode 28.IKEv1 High Availability 29.DMVPN :: Part 1 30.DMVPN :: Part 2 31.DMVPN :: Part 3 32.DMVPN :: Part 4 33.GETVPN :: Part 1 34.GETVPN :: Part 2 35.GETVPN with DMVPN :: Part 1 36.GETVPN with DMVPN :: Part 2 37.IKEv1 Remote Access :: Part 1 38.IKEv1 Remote Access :: Part 2 39.IKEv1 EZVPN Hardware Client :: Part 1 40.IKEv1 EZVPN Hardware Client :: Part 2 41.IKEv2 L2L :: Part 1 42.IKEv2 L2L :: Part 2 43.IKEv2 DMVPN 44.IKEv2 FlexVPN Server/Client :: Part 1 45.IKEv2 FlexVPN Server/Client :: Part 2 46.SSL VPN on ASA 47.SSL VPN on IOS 48.Local AAA OH IOS and ASA 49.AAA with TACACS :: Part 1 50.AAA with TACACS :: Part 2 51.IOS Auth - Proxy 52.ASA Cut - Through 53.MAB Authentication with ISE :: Part 1 54.MAB Authentication with ISE :: Part 2 55.802.1x Overview 56.EAP-Fast AHD ISE Profiling 57.802.1x Parameters 58.Wired CWA :: Part 1 59.Wired CWA :: Part 2 60.Wired CWA :: Part 3 61.Wireless EAP-Fast 62.Wireless CWA 63.Wireless LWA 64.IPS Overview 65.IPS Inline Mode 66.IPS Promiscuos Moded 67.IPS Block and Shaun 68.WSA Overview 69.WSA Access Policies 70.WSA Decryption Policies 71.WOCP Integration :: Part 1 72.WOCP Integration :: Part 2 73.STP Security 74.PVLAN :: Part 1 75.PVLAN :: Part 2 76.VACL 77.DHCP Snooping and DAI 78.DAI and IP Source Guard 79.VPN Troubleshooting :: Part 1 80.VPN Troubleshooting :: Part 2 81.VPN Troubleshooting :: Part 3 82.IPv6 RA and DHCP Guard 83.IPv6 Send 84.Lab Strategy :: Part 1 85.Lab Strategy :: Part 2 [Hidden Content] INE ISE ONE DAY BOOTCAMP [Hidden Content] OR[LINK UPDATED] for quality click hereCredit Goes to :- zulfjutt Netmetric_Ccie_Security-Khawar_Bhutt_CCIE_Security_Workbook_v2 [hide][Hidden Content]] CCIE WRITTEN DUMPS [updated Jan 16 2014] LAB 5 Questions [hide][Hidden Content]] LAB 6 Questions & Solutions [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] CCIE WRITTEN DUMPS Actual test [updated 27 Jan 2015] [Hidden Content] Materials available on btsync Contents: cciecert.com labs; cciesecuritylabs.com lab1, lab2, lab3; cisco Implementing and Configuring ISE: student guide, lab guide and other books; INE lab preparation bootcamp, wsa primer, ise primer, ccie sec v4 workbook and lab, advanced technologies class; Micronics ccie security v4 workbook; Networxx ccie security v4 superlab, guides; IPexpert ccie security v4 video on demand course. SkypeGroup.html - join link. BF4F3CXDAOF2OAFPDEX7NLZWMEK4QV6KB Seed as much as you can so other people can get benefit from it Big thanks to uploader CCIE BOOK LIST Cisco Press Titles Advanced Host Intrusion Prevention with CSA (Asher, Mauvais, Sullivan, ISBN# 1587052520) CCIE Security v3.0 Configuration Practice Labs (eBook), 2nd Edition (Bhaiji, ISBN# 1587140268) CCIE Security v3.0 Cert Flash Cards Online (eBook) (Bhaiji, ISBN# 1587142171) CCIE Security Exam Quick Reference Sheets (Lobo, Lakshman, ISBN# 1587053349) CCIE Security Exam Certification Guide (CCIE Self-Study), 2nd Edition (Benjamin, ISBN: 1587201356) CCSP IPS Exam Certification Guide (Carter, ISBN# 1587201461) Cisco Access Control Security: AAA Administration Services (Carroll, ISBN# 1587051249) Cisco ASA: All-in-One Firewall, IPS, and VPN Adaptive Security Appliance (Frahim, Santos, ISBN# 1587052091) Cisco ASA: All-in-One Firewall, IPS, Anti-X, and VPN Adaptive Security Appliance, 2nd Edition (Frahim, Santos, ISBN# 1587058197) Cisco ASA and PIX Firewall Handbook (Hucaby, ISBN# 1587051583) Cisco Firewalls: Concepts, design, and deployment for Cisco Stateful Firewall solutions (Moraes, ISBN# 1587141094) Cisco Network Security Troubleshooting Handbook (Hoda, ISBN# 1587051893) Cisco Router Firewall Security (Deal, ISBN# 1587051753) Cisco Security Agent (Sullivan, ISBN# 1587052059) Comparing, Designing, and Deploying VPNs (Lewis, ISBN# 1587051796) Designing Network Security, Second Edition (Kaeo, ISBN# 1587051176) Intrusion Prevention Fundamentals (Carter, Hogue, ISBN# 1587052393) IPSec VPN Design (Bollapragada, Khalid, Wainner, ISBN# 1587051117) Network Security Architectures (Convery, ISBN# 158705115X) Network Security Fundamentals (De Laet, Schauwers, ISBN# 1587051672) Network Security Technologies and Solutions (Bhaiji, ISBN# 1587052466) Penetration Testing and Network Defense (Newman, Whitaker, ISBN# 1587052083) Router Security Strategies: Securing IP Network Traffic Planes (Schudel, Smith, ISBN# 1587053365) Routing TCP/IP, Volume I, Second Edition (Carroll, Doyle, ISBN# 1587052024) Routing TCP/IP, Volume 2 (Doyle, DeHaven Carroll, ISBN# 1578700892) The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide (Deal, ISBN# 1587052040) Troubleshooting Virtual Private Networks (VPN) (Lewis, ISBN# 1587051044) Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols (Aziz, Liu, Martey, Shamim, ISBN# 1587050196) Other Publications Cisco Security Architectures (Held and Hundley, McGraw Hill, ISBN# B00005UMKL) Firewalls and Internet Security, Second Edition (Cheswick, Bellovin, and Rubin, Addison-Wesley, ISBN# 020163466X) Internetworking with TCP/IP Volume I: Principles, Protocols, and Architecture (4th Edition) (Comer and Stevens, Prentice Hall, ISBN# 0130183806) Internet Security Protocols : Protecting IP Traffic (Black, Prentice Hall, ISBN# 0130142492) IPSec: The New Security Standard for the Internet, Intranet and Virtual Private Networks (Doraswamy and Harkins, Prentice Hall, ISBN# 013046189X) ISDN : Concepts, Facilities, and Services (Kessler and Southwick, McGraw Hill, ISBN# 0070342490) Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World, Second Edition (Kaufman, Perlman, Speciner, Prentice Hall, ISBN# 0130460192) The Protocols (TCP/IP Illustrated : Volume 1)(Stevens, Addison Wesley, ISBN# 0201633469) The Implementation (TCP/IP Illustrated : Volume 2) (Stevens and Wright, Addison Wesley, ISBN# 020163354X) TCP for Transactions, HTTP, NNTP, and the UNIX® Domain Protocols (TCP/IP Illustrated : Volume 3) (Stevens, Addison Wesley, ISBN# 0201634953) Site: [Hidden Content] Download Here [hide][Hidden Content]] *** Good resources from internet here u can find tons of books *** [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Happy studying updatev3: Added INE Sec Lab preparation Bootcamp Link + unetlab Link Update v2: Added CSL LAB 5 Q + Latest Actual test written dumps Updatev1 :- INE ATC V4 Torrent added
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