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Found 79 results

  1. Hi All, VMware offers 6 months subscription to their Premium Training Package for FREE. GRAB WHILE IT LASTS! Summary: - Format: Subscription - Length: 182 Days Overview: The VMware Learning Zone Premium Subscription gives you six months of 24/7 cloud-based access to VMware’s video library for advanced technical professionals using VMware products and solutions. The VMware Learning Zone Premium Subscription includes access to all Basic Subscription content including monthly updates, as well as access to Premium content including all of VMware Exam Preps Get just-in-time mastery-level instruction focused on effective workflows, best-practices, and common scenarios and issues including advanced configuration techniques, troubleshooting, and tips for those managing highly complex VMware environments. Build on your existing knowledge and keep your skills current through new content added monthly from top VMware experts. Premium Subscription Includes: • All VMware Learning Zone Basic content • All VMware Exam Preps with a comprehensive review of exam objectives for our most popular VCP and VCAP certifications Benefits • Access to all VMware Learning Zone Basic Subscription content library • Over 65 self-paced training titles and over 1300 technical videos from VMware experts and instructors that go beyond basic product installation and administration and help experienced users optimize VMware products and solutions • PLUS access to all Certification Exam Preps (over 650 videos). You can review the latest technical content and get help to prepare for VMware’s certification exams, including our VMware Certified Professional (VCP) and VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) exams. Registration: Click the purchase button above to add this subscription to your enrollments. No payment required, the discount will apply automatically. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Udemy (TrainerTests) | h264, 1280x720 | 3h 08mn | 1.34 GB Created by: Rick Crisci [Hidden Content]
  3. Hello Friends, This video explains how to install and configure the vCenter Server Appliance 6.7.
  4. Hello, I am preparing for VMware vCAP-NV Design (3V0-41.19) certification. Please can anyone share any prep questions or training material? If anyone has taken the exam please can you share the exam certification. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello Friends, This video explains how to upgrade to VCSA 7.0 from VCSA 6.7.No need to change the IP address or DNS entry.
  6. Hi Expets, Has anyone passed VCP exam recently. Please share experience .
  7. Hi, I need to build a lab to prepare for PCNSE cert but I dont know how to use Palo Alto .ova/image in VM/EVE. Please help me or if you know of any resources that can help me in this matter. Your contribution will be appreciated. Thanks,
  8. Hi. Does anybody can share this material please? VMware Certified Professional - Data Center Virtualization 2020 (VCP-DCV 2020)
  9. Hello Friends, This video explains how to upgrade ESXi 6.5/6.7 to ESXi 7.0 with esxcli.
  10. Hello Friends, This video describes how to download the VMware vSphere Hypervisor ESXi 7.0 and VMware vCenter 7.0 from VMware website with free account.
  11. Hello Friends, This video explains how to create VM on Esxi 6.7 and install windows-10 on VM
  12. Hello Friends, Below video describes how to clone VM on standalone ESXi Host.
  13. Hi All, This video explains how to restore operating system to newly created virtual machine from Image using Clonezilla.
  14. Hi, I want to setup home lab for Vmware Data center virtualization certifications. Please share your experiences. Thanks.
  15. Hi anyone have this course please send a torrent link or google drive download. Thanks
  16. Good evening guys, I'm having difficulty with the answers to the following questions, could you give me your opinion? Thank you QUESTION 1 A company has requested assistance with a new cross-site failover design to support business-critical applications. • It has two sites when are very well-connected, and latency is less than 5ms round trip. • The customer requires that its applications be restarted even in the event of a total site failure. • The applications must be kept online even when migrated during maintenance. • Storage arrays at either site support both synchronous and asynchronous replication. Which two options are accurate application requirements for this scenario? (Choose two.) A. The design must ensure continuous application uptime even during a total site failure. B. The design must prioritize application availability. C. The design must ensure application recoverability at the second site. D. The applications are latency-sensitive. QUESTION 2 The hardware operations team is planning to purchase new ESXi hosts for the upcoming budget year and is requesting recommendations on the type of servers to purchase for a web application. The web application consists of hundreds of small virtual machines (1 vCPU and 8GB of RAM) that are members of a software cluster. The solution should have these abilities: - recover from ESXi host hardware failures - zero downtime for a limited number of critical virtual machines (VMs) - migrate running VMs between ESXi hosts without interruption to the operating system - perform these functions using VMware ESXi servers, vCenter Server, and high-speed network interfaces What are the three functional equirements and their associated VMware technologies? (Choose three.) A. automatic restarts of failed VMs (vSphere HA) B. high speed network interfaces (vSphere Distributed Switches) C. ability to migrate running VMs (vSphere vMotion) D. fault tolerance for limited number of critical VMs (vSphere FT) E. VMware ESXi Servers (vSphere Auto Deploy) QUESTION 3 A company has requested a new vSphere 6.5 design that will allow it to finally break the 80 virtualization barrier by virtualizing its resource-intensive application. • The application is highly available by design and includes application-aware clustering software capable of operating as a fully distributed system. • The company’s Application Version 2.0 consists of 386 small applications and middleware with non-persistent storage and 24 database virtual machines at each data center. • When coupled with a proper load balancing solution, this application can continue operating even with the loss of an entire data center, but the small applications and middleware tiers within a data center must exist within the same broadcast domain. The database tier is tightly controlled with a firewall policy that only allows middleware tier access, and is replicated to other sites using a dedicated circuit. Which two application requirements apply to this scenario? (Choose two.) A. The application will require the configuration of an IGMP stub and helper. B. Shared storage is required by the application clustering software. C. The application will require one large subnet. D. The application will require a method of balancing and recovering sessions between sites. QUESTION 4 A customer has requested a vSphere 6.5 deployment design that utilizes vCenter Server and the use of VMware- recommended best practices for securing vCenter Server. Which three actions would satisfy these requirements? (Choose three.) A. Utilizing vSphere CLI and vSphere SDK for Perl scripts. B. Restricting vCenter Server access to only the management network. C. Assigning the default Administrator role to all administrator users. D. Synchronizing time in the vCenter Server with a NTP source. E. Removing expired and revoked certificates from vCenter Server system. QUESTION 5 A company has requested that a new vSphere 6.5 design be created: - The existing environment consists of 32 vSphere 6.0 hosts attached to an iSCSI storage array. - The storage arrays contain external customer financial and medical records used by the company's investment and medical services division. The design must: - protect the company's existing data center investment - expand to a second data center site - introduce process automation - expand to and fail over to public cloud Which two non-functional requirements are applicable for this design? (Choose two.) A. The product of the design must account for regulatory compliance. B. The automation solution must be compatible with the existing equipment. C. The product of the design must feature 3DES encryption at the virtual machine disk level. D. At least two 10Gbps interfaces must be dedicated to storage on each host. E. Every host in the design must have Lockdown Mode enabled for security. QUESTION 6 A company is conducting a technology refresh and has requested assistance with a vSphere 6.5 design. The company has a corporate headquarters and two data centers strategically placed around the country, which provide the bulk of the computer power and storage for their customer-facing stores. The company requires each of its stores to be able to operate independently if connectivity is ever lost. Presently, all stores are configured differently and must be standardized as part of the technology refresh. To support store operations, only a dozen applications are required. Any downtime during store hours could result in significant losses. Any proposed design must minimize cost. What is a VMware-recommended option for this scenario? A. VMware vSAN cluster with a minimum of three hosts B. VMware vSphere cluster with low-cost iSCSI shared storage C. VMware vSAN Stretched Cluster with nearest regional data center D. VMware vSAN Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) with two hosts QUESTION 7 A company’s CTO is very concerned about web server outages that are caused by server hardware failures. Which feature can protect the web server virtual machine from this kind of outage? A. vCenter High Availability B. Proactive High Availability C. High Availability Orchestrated Restart D. High Availability Admission Control QUESTION 8 A solution architect has been tasked with designing a new environment that meets the needs of a growing company, and has obtained this information: - The current capacity will be exhausted in 180 days, and the new infrastructure must be deployed and in production prior to that. - The new severs have a 90-day delivery time. - A data center for disaster recovery has been selected, and it is 20 miles way and connected by MPLS. - The security team will continue to utilize its current investments and VM Encryption for the new environment. - The backup team currently uses Data Domain, and reports show an 8.1 compression and deduplication ratio for backups. Based on the information obtained, which two statements are assumptions for the new design? (Choose two.) A. MPLS will be used to connect the two data centers. B. There is 180 days left of current capacity. C. Data Domain will get an 8:1 compression and deduplication ratio with the new workloads. D. A disaster will NOT affect both data centers. QUESTION 9 A solution architect has been tasked with designing a new environment that meets the needs of a growing company, and has obtained this information. The current capacity will be exhausted in 180 days, and the new infrastructure must be deployed and in production prior to that. The new servers have a 90-day delivery time. A data center for disaster recovery has been selected, and it is 20 miles away and connected by MPLS. The security team will continue to utilize its current investments and VM Encryption for the new environment. The backup team currently uses Data Domain, and reports show an 8:1 compression and deduplication ration for backups. Based on the information obtained, which two statements are risks for the new design? (Choose two.) A. MPLS will be used to connect the two data centers. B. The Change Advisory Board will approve all changes. C. Current back up space will not be sufficient if using VM Encryption. D. The current firewalls will support the additional workloads. QUESTION 10 A company has developers located in Eastern Europe (EE) and a QA Department in Bermuda. The company is planning to create an environment based on a blueprint of 4-8 virtual machines for each of the developers and one for every QA project. The proposed configuration will allow each developer to work independently and be able to collapse and re-create the environment as needed. QA Teams will be able to recreate the environment that is required for a specific application. Individual virtual machines in the blueprint are being continually updated with newly available software packages. The company is planning to use the vSphere Content Library to store images and synchronize them between sites. Which four supported configurations can the company implement? (Choose four.) A. EE and Bermuda libraries that are backed by an NFS file system. B. EE and Bermuda vCenter Servers with Enhanced Linked Mode. C. FTP protocol to transfer data between published in EE and subscribed in Bermuda libraries. D. Published library in EE backed by an NFS file system while subscribed library in Bermuda is backed up by datastore. E. A minimum 10 GbE connection between EE published and Bermuda subscribed libraries is required. F. EE and Bermuda vCenter Servers without Enhanced Linked Mode. QUESTION 11 A customer wants to make its data available with a RPO of 10 minutes. Replication to the second data center will be done using the network. Which type of storage configuration should be used? A. NFS datastore on ESXi 6.0 with vSphere replication appliance 6.0 B. VMFS datastore on ESXi 6.0 with vSphere replication appliance 6.5 C. vSAN datastore on ESXi 6.0 with vSphere replication appliance 6.5 D. VMFS datastore on ESXi 6.0 with vSphere replication appliance 6.0 QUESTION 12 A database administrator is operating a virtual machine (VM) configured with 16 vCPU and 64GB of RAM. A recent performance audit has indicated that this virtual machine is oversized and is using less than 60% of its configured CPU and memory capacity. The ESXi host that contains this VM has 2 physical processors with 10 cores per processor, and 128GB of RAM. This physical host’s architecture is split into two equal NUMA nodes. Which vCPU and RAM configuration for the VM allows for the most resources, but also provides the performance benefit of local NUMA access? A. 16 vCPU and 32GB RAM B. 4 vCPU and 16GB RAM C. 10 vCPU and 64GB RAM D. 12 vCPU and 64GB RAM
  17. Hi everybody Here a youtube channel for free network tutorials + all with ansible automation cisco , juniper , cumulus and .... please subscribe [Hidden Content]
  18. i am looking for student guide for VMware vSAN: Deploy and Manage [V6.6] Can someone help in providing the vmware student guide. [Hidden Content]
  19. Hi All, I am looking for study group and solution for VCIX6-NV, I have found that no more VCIX-NV certificate is available as it's now changed to VCIX6-NV [Hidden Content] Also by holding CCIE DC or CCIE RnS you can directly appear in VCIX6-NV
  20. Hi I have two vouchers for the vcp foundation exam and also two for the vcp (valid for any track!) Foundation for $100 VCP for $200 The vouchers valid until mid 2018! I accept paypal as a payment Thanks!
  21. Here the official Course for VCP6 (2V0-621) . [hide] [Hidden Content]]
  22. Hi Certcollection Citizens, If you wish to save 25% off you VCP (or VCA and VACP) exam fees go to vmware store: [Hidden Content] click on "Education Offers" then "Shop Now" then "exam vouchers" ..and take advantage of the 25% discount. Hurry, Black Friday sale is only for a few days Good luck with your exam!
  23. hello, guys I have voucher valid for any vcp exam, code valid up to 2 exams untill 31 dec 2014, This voucher cannot be used with appointments scheduled after 31 Dec 2014. if you interested only on papers I can point you where to get valid dumps overall payment for vcp exam will be 47-52 USD with that discount I accept VISA/Webmoney/SKRILL/payoneer the price 50USD PM me directly or live request here, thanks I am interested in Juniper 100% voucher for JN0-960 valid till end of the year too, or sell for very less price... I dont need them at all... just hurry up lil`bit, 3 days left
  24. Hello all i look for a white paper or some advices, in the goal to setup a clean networking switch port configuration for a vpshere cluster. i set up a basic configuration for vmotion, management vmnic, but i don't know if it's very useful to add some features. for example: a basic configuration g0/1 switchport mode trunk switchport trunk allow vlan XXX,XXX description "esx1_vmnic0" storm control broadcast level XX.XX XX.XX storm control unicast level XX.XX XX.XX storm control action trap no cdp enable should I add one of theses features ? Or it's not very necessary. switchport nonegociate spanning-tree portfast trunk spanning-tree bpdu guard spanning-tree guard root srr queue limit bandwitch. Thank a lot for your advices
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